I'm kinda sad, but whatever

Another tough loss, another tough week.

i want to give a big "fuck you" to Pioli, or Hunt, or Crennell or by boycotting the games and not buying Chiefs gear but I'm not gonna do that and we all know that no matter how mad we are now we probably won't either. It's not even that this team sucks, its how they are fucking doing it.

this is 7x the team that we had in 2008, and they're playing just as shitty. This is the most talented football team I have ever seen be absolutely awful. They have underachieved more than maybe any team in NFL history. I think this is a great, great collection of players but an awful, awful football team. There is no reason they shouldn't be 3-3 at least right now. They just don't play as a team. Each of them will have a decent amount if talent, but none of them can click every game, the secondary may have a good game one week but guess what? Jamaal fumbled 7 times. Next game, Jamaal runs for 200 but what? The secondary allows 400 yards and 3 touchdowns now. There is absolutely no consistency, and speaking of consstench, can we talk about arguably the most bipolar offensive line in pro football? They had a good game against the Falcons Week 1, got buried by Buffalo week 2, put up a 275 yard rushing game against New Orleans next week, manhandled by San Diego, bury Baltimore, shot down by Tampa (and on that note, does the bye week count? Or do we get to manhandle the Raiders?).

but it's not even the inconsistency or gutless,underachieving play that makes me so mad. It's the fact that I don't care anymore. I just don't think this team deserves my fandom. Nothing shows me that a lot of these guys aren't just playing for the paycheck. I don't want to cheer for my beloved Chiefs anymore and it just doesn't matter if they win or not to me right now. And that totally blows, because their is seriously nothing I love more than watching the Chiefs play football. But now, I could honestly take it or leave it. I just can't love this team is they don't love me, or love their jobs, or at least love money enough to give me a spectacle.

so as much as I just ranted and raved, I'm gonna go on the bright side and try to list some of my favorite things about this organization and team, and then I'll rant some more and list some bad.

I love Nate Eachus. Bless that boys soul, he is playing his heart out and his team can't match him.

i love Dontari Poe. He seems like a very nice young man and I think he will be a very good future defender for us.

I love Romeo's voice.

I love Jamaal Charles, because he's really fucking fun to watch.

i love Puff Puff Pass Rush, the nickname and those two. They've brought their best every game.

i love Matt Cassel's smile and personality.

i love having 200 yard rushing games, again. I missed those.

i love Jeff Allen, and Cyrus Gray.

i love that being a Chiefs fan brought me to this website, where I got to meet some of my favorite people from the interwebz.

i love the uniforms.

i love Peyton Hillis, I don't give a shit if he's injured.

i love Steve Maneri, because he's really big.

i love Mims, same reason.

i love Derrick Johnson. He's very good.

i love Pioli and how he can get unheard of guys (Ro, Shaun Smith, Gordon, Copper, Draughn, Eachus, Edgar, Belcher) and turn them into solid contributors.

i love how Romeo turns nobodies into good, starting quality defensive linemen.

i love what Draughn has become.

i love hats. Hats are pretty cool.

i love the logo.

i love the play style and philosophy of the franchise.

i love how the Chiefs have more Man of the Year awards than any other NFL team.

i love Christian Okoye.

i love neck rolls. Not necessarily Chiefs related but neck rolls make a player at least 70x more badass.

i love Arrowhead Stadium and everything that come with it

i love our offensive line, when they're on a good week.

i Iove Edgar and Copper. Them, Eachus and the edge guys are the only ones worthy of being captains.

i love how fuck Phyllis Rivers

I love that our hardest games are behind us.


i hate how we can't make halftime adjustments

i hate the turnovers

I hate how we can't get into the end zone.

I hate how Brady Quinn looks sad all of the time.

i hate Ricky Stanzi's hair. Get a fucking job, hippee.

i hate Belcher in coverage. I bet you Dontari would be better.

i hate how fuck Phyllis Rivers.

i hate how we'll probably get a first round QB and I guarantee you he fails.

i hate all the bad breaks. They get more awful breaks by the refs and other teams than anyone.

i hate having to explain to be people who don't know football about how the Chiefs aren't that bad.

i hate Romeo at press conferences. Say something worth anything.

i hate how people want to tank the season.

i hate how I wouldn't really mind that much at this point.

i hate how we're the worst team in football. Yes, we are. Potential doesn't matter now, we just suck.

i hate how, once again, I don't care now.

i hate being humiliated because I'm a fan if a team that I have no control over.

i hate that refs and commentators hate us.

i hate how FUCKING CLEVELAND is better than we are.

i hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.


Go Chiefs, I guess.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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