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Kansas City Chiefs football is depressing. Truly, truly, depressing. I've stayed quiet on the Chiefs struggles for the first 6 weeks, but this blowout loss, to a bad Buccanears team, was crossing the line. There is way too much talent on this team to get blown out 4 out of 6 games. It's unacceptable. But what has to change?

No, it's not Scott Pioli. No, it's not Romeo Crennel. I understand fully that the team has been unprepared in every aspect of the game for 4 of the past 6 games, but I disagree with anyone that says the blame falls on Romeo Crennel's shoulders. The defense was horrendous in the first two games, came back a little bit in week 3, went back to being horrendous in week 4, was great in week 5, and wasn't terrible today, but it was far from good. But the main reason the Chiefs are struggling is because of the Quarterback position. And Romeo Crennel has no other options other than to start one of the three terrible Quarterbacks on the roster. There's no one out there on the market better than Matt Cassel (Yes, including you David Garrard), and today showed that Brady Quinn doesn't have the tools to be a starting Quarterback. Maybe not even a quality backup Quarterback.Now that does fall on Scott Pioli, I'll give you that. But Matt Cassel was expected by a lot of us football fans to be better than he has been playing. I didn't expect him to be anything great, heck, I didn't even expect him to be average. But all we are asking him to do is protect the ball and he has failed every single week at that! That's nobody's fault but Matt's.

What I'm saying is this: The main thing that needs to change on this team is the starting Quarterback, and there's nothing that will change my mind about that. If you would put a QB that was just a bit above average on the Chiefs and gave him the normal training camp to work with his offense, the results would drastically change. All they need is that, a decent Quarterback who can protect the ball. There's enough weapons in the offense to win, and I expect Scott Pioli to add more this off season. I'm sick and tired of building up excitement throughout the week, and then have Matt Cassel and the Chiefs suck the life out of me! Something needs to change, and that thing is the Quarterback.

Who Are The Options For Our 2013 Starter?



Yeah, yeah, I know it's early to be talking about next year, but I don't want to make every Chiefs fans mood worse by harping on how bad they played today, so I thought I'd try to lighten it up a little bit.

Unless an unexpected release of a starting Quarterback comes about, I think that Pioli and the Chiefs are going to have to look to the draft. The only notable name out there that is due to be a free agent is Joe Flacco, currently starting for the Ravens. I'd love to have him come to KC, but reports have clearly stated that the Ravne shave no intentions of letting him go. But, Joe Flacco is the exact type of Quarterback that the Chiefs need. He's proven that he can win big games, he doesn't turn the ball over too much, and he can make plays when he needs to. He's no superstar, but he's shown that he can play at a high level and lead his team to the AFC Championship multiple times. That's what I thought Matt Cassel was going to be, but I whiffed on that one. Well, too bad he won't hit the market for a while, but here is a list of the notable Free Agent Quarterbacks from

As you can see, there is nobody on that list that makes me say, "Wow, I'd love to have him" Other than Flacco. There's always the possibility that a Quarterback of starting capabilities gets cut, but that rarely happens in the NFL at any position, let alone the Quarterback. Also, there's that possibility that we can roll the dice and make a trade for a Quarterback, but that's highly unlikely given Pioli's history with taking chances. Unfortunately, there's no Carson Palmer-type players on the block. There's guys like Matt Moore, but he definitely isn't a franchise QB.

The Draft:

Ohhhhhhh yes, the draft. The topic that fellow AP readers argue and bicker about day in and day out, and then are disappointed on draft day, because the front office made another dumb decision. But this year, I really think that there's a high chance that we actually draft a franchise quarterback in the 1st round. The draft, as of week 7 in the college season, even though it's early, is filled with great arms that could be starting in the NFL 1 year from now. (I'm getting more and more excited as I type this) And if there's one silver lining on the Chiefs losing miserably, it's that they are tied for the worst record in the NFL, and that means.............*Que the drumroll*.............. The Chiefs might have the #1 pick in the Draft. And that means, a Franchise Quarterback. There's a lot of possible options, since there's a lot more games to be played in the 2012 season, but there's 3 QB's that have really stood out so far. Then again, it wouldn't really surprise me if we were set to get the #1 pick on week 14, and then won three straight games to take us back to picks #8 or so. That really would be like the Chiefs, wouldn't it?


Geno Smith, West Virginia- 6'3- 215 LBS



Geno Smith is projected to be the #1 pick in most mock drafts right now, ahead of USC QB Matt Barkley. The game that really brought Geno Smith to the National Stage was his performance vs. Baylor, where he threw for 656 yards, 8 touchdowns, and was 45-51. He broke many records, and was a big story all around sports. But some still questioned his ability to excel against a better defense. Then, the next week vs. Texas, Smith led WVU to a victory, nothing TOO spectacular, but still picked apart The Longhorns Defense with ease. Smith can also scramble and run very well, which is something the Chiefs haven't had in.....well....... for a while. He'd bring a lot of attention of Jamaal Charles, and would likely be able to come in and win some games, given that the Chiefs can obtain an above average Offensive Line, and keep Dwayne Bowe at Wide Receiver.Smith has thrown for an astounding 2,271 yards, 25 touchdowns, and 0 INT's. The 0 INT's is the most important part of his stat-line, because that is the real problem that Matt Cassel and the Chiefs have. I read up a lot on Smith, and there's definitely proof that he can make all of the NFL throws, and is poised in the pocket. He's taken hits while running, and being in the pocket, can change the game instantly with his running ability and his great arm, and is a great thrower on the run. All of those fit the Chiefs offense very well. Our past QB's (Cassel, Palko, Croyle) weren't/aren't very poised in the pocket and cared about getting hit a little bit too much. But to Cassel's credit, he's done a good job of getting the ball to his WR's and taking big hits.

Smith does have some weak spots too, he's not superman. He has shown that he has the accuracy to fit the ball into small windows, but he tends to force the Ball into tight spaces, and the end result isn't good. He also likes to stare down one receiver and stay locked on him for too long, which would definitely cause a lot turnovers at the NFL level. It hasn't at the college level, but with the game speed increasing in the NFL, it will happen. Those are too parts of Geno Smith's game that he needs to improve on.

If he can come in, and protect the ball, make some plays, and simply hand the ball off to Jamaal Charles, he'd fit very well in the Chiefs offense. Since he can run well, and late in the year last season the Chiefs ran the Play Action very well, I'd think that Geno Smith would excel in our offense. He would bring a 3rd dimension to the Chiefs offense that they haven't had since Joe Montana was here, and that's a great passing game. With Charles in the backfield, and Smith under center, the Chiefs offense could be very scary for opposing teams.

Matt Barkley, USC- 6'2- 230 LBS



Matt Barkley, who coming into the season was expected to be the #1 pick, easily, hasn't been so spectacular this season. He's been good, maybe great, but he hasn't played like a no. 1 overall pick should play. He can move a bit, but not too much, but has a great arm, great accuracy, and has all the traits that a Franchise Quarterback needs. Last year, before it was known that he was returning to USC for 1 final year, he was projected in the first round and some expected him to be drafted by KC. So far this season, he has thrown for 16 TD's, 6 INT's. and 1,475 yards. Pretty impressive, but some expected more from Barkley this far into the season. Geno Smith has much better stats, easily though. Barkley has shown that he has the ability to make NFL throws, and has shown that he can stand tall in the pocket and make the tough throws that you like to see your Quarterback make. He isn't scared to take chances.

After looking at some Scouting reports on Barkley, he does a great job at handling pressure, and taking hits, and also makes sure to go through all of his reads, before making a bad decision that could affect the game. Lastly, it's good to take note that Barkley's has the intangibles to be a franchise QB. He is a great leader, cares about winning, which was the main reason he came back for this season instead of entering the draft, and makes good decisions over the course of the game. He looks like, and plays like an NFL Quarterback, and if you've seen him play, I'm pretty sure you'd agree with me that you'd like him to be sporting #7 for the Chiefs next season, instead of Matt Cassel.

One of the flaws in Barkley's game, is that he has always had great players around him, and may struggle if he's put into a situation where he doesn't have many weapons around him. That shouldn't be a problem in KC, unless Bowe leaves, and there is nobody taking his place other than Jon Baldwin. Still I don't think that should be a problem. Also, although Barkley does have a pretty good arm, and above average accuracy, he tends to miss deep on a lot of passes. Deep passes aren't a big part of the Chiefs offense, but it's still something to take into consideration when you're looking for a QB to last you 10-15 years. Lastly, he isn't very mobile. He isn't an exact staue in the pocket, but he does struggle getting out of the pocket when pressure comes. For me, I like a QB that can move around and run a little bit, but that's just me. I think if Barkley can put on some muscle and touch up on a few things, he can still be the no. 1 overall pick when the Draft comes around.

I'd take Smith over Barkley, but Barkley may be more prepared to come in and win right away. Either way, both are great options, and I think that as the season comes to an end, there will be a clear answer for which QB is better: Geno Smith or Matt Barkley. Only time will tell.

Tyler Wilson, Arkansas- 6'3- 220 LBS



Ahhhh. The 3rd wheel. Tyler Wilson. Wilson is like that one friend that just hangs around with the best couple in school. That "Best Couple" is Matt Barkley and Geno Smith, and Tyler WIlson is just on the outside looking in. I haven't seen much of Tyler Wilson, but his highlights and other articles show that he looks like an NFL QB. One of the worries of Tyler Wilson, is that he has failed to show up in some big games for Arkansas. But, he does have great arm strength, and puts a lot of nice touch on the ball to hit his receivers. He stands in the pocket well, doesn't crumble, like we've seen Cassel do many times. But, from reading a couple scouting reports on Wilson, his mechanics aren't NFL Ready, and he struggles to throw on the run when pressure is near, and tends to hang onto the ball too long at times. But, don't make the wrong assumption on Wilson. He;s a great leader, has a great arm, isn't afraid to take hits, and has great accuracy. He reminds me of Ryan Tannehill a little bit. He isn't the same type of athlete that Tannehill is, but his arm and mechanics remind me of Tannehill at A&M. So far this season Wilson has thrown for 1,943 yards, 14 TD's, and 5 INT's.



There's an obvious reason the Chiefs are losing games, and it's the Quarterback position that you have to blame. If/When Scott Pioli decides that he wants to pick a Quarterback in the upcoming draft, him and the rest of the scouts and coaches should soak themselves in notes, scouting reports, and game tape. Because as a GM, you usually only have one shot at drafting a franchise Quarterback, and if you don't pick the right one, you'll be getting the boot. But who do you THINK the Chiefs will end up with, if they even do end up with anybody? Not Want, but think. There were a few QB's left out here, such as Aaron Murray, Tyler Bray, Landry Jones, so they are also in the poll below. Vote, Comment and share your thoughts!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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