A few notes ive picked up on so far this season (and today)

just a couple of things ive picked up on today and i want your thoughts on everything Chiefs. keep in mind they're in no particular order either...

1. Bowe not showing up

is it just me or does bowe seem to be not putting much effort into the game until the very end of the games when the chiefs are out of it? you dont seem to hear his name called much until were down by 20 with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter. i know thats when were passing more and that means a POSSIBLE more bowe targets. but at the same time, the other team knows when we throw we go straight at bowe. so really youd think youd hear baldwins name called more later in the games. i have no statistics to hold this true, just a personal thing ive noticed.

2. quinn is MUCH better than cassel

the wr's are having a hard time catching the ball. hes got a rocket arm which cassel clearly does not. hes taking command of the team both on and off the field. when was the last time you saw cassel talking to people on the sidelines? the guy just sulks in himself by himself. at least quinn is trying to pick the team up and figure out what to do differently.

hes also going through progressions (when he has time to). it seems most of the time theres guys running around our offensive line. but when quinn has time, hes looking at option 2 or three. when he is under pressure, he gets a solid look at the wr hes targeting and is able to step into the pocket to either make a second read or to get the pass off. if those arent there still he can actually move his feet to move chains.

all in all id much rather have quinn over cassel. give him the bye week to run with the first stringers and he should be set to command this team this season. im not saying hes going to look like rodgers last year or anything but he can at least manage the game and get the best he can out of this team.

3. our wr's cant hold onto the ball.

this is more of just this game in general. that very well could be due to the fact that quinn throws three times as hard as cassel, but its still no excuse. ball hits your hands, you should catch it. if youre a big wr and its thrown to you higher and you get hands on it, you should come down with it. seems like we're dropping balls more than we used to.

4. our d is getting going.

i know this game really doesnt seem that way as the score is really REALLY bad. but if you watch the beginning of the game (when our offense was keeping us still around a little) our guys were in position to make plays. the ball just couldnt bounce our way today. this has been coming along as the season has gone on. i really think routt is a step up from carr. hes always in position and covers man way better than carr. he's just been unlucky so far. hands in the defenders face, ripping at the ball, stepping in front of throws...but somehow the wr still seems to come up with it. flowers falls into this boat as well. today we just couldnt get anything to go our way.

5. houston is rapidly catching hali

houston is a beast. no questions. but this season dare i say hes better than hali? hes pressuring more, and is able to drop into coverage. hali is a one trick pony (although i think any nfl team would love to have that trick) but houston is damn near better than hali at that trick now. they switch sides too so the argument that hali is going against better players doesnt exist. double teams? maybe. thats the grey area here. but numbers wise and pff wise, houston is blowing everyone away this season, which im ecstatic about.

6. belcher BLOWS.

hes by far the weakest part of our defense. costly penalties when they shouldnt be (ie knocking the shit out of someone when theyre out of bounds) and missing tackles (which he seems to do all the time). i cant stand the guy. special teams? sure. back up mlb? sure. starting lb? HELL NO. we need to find a way to draft a top tier qb and move up for te'o in this draft. we need someone that can play with his energy and knows how the game of football works. we dont need someone else to eat up blockers like belcher tries to do. he should be able to get to the qb, drop into coverage, and stop the run on any given play with how the guys around him are playing. the only one of those you can argue he does decently is stopping the run (and that hasnt happened this season). we need a change at mlb.

7. our dl is HUGE.

these guys are doing their job. dorsey is showing his uselessness and jackson is showing why we need to keep him, poe is rapidly coming around to play almost every down and be effective doing so, and pituitoa (sp) is so energetic and exciting to watch. plays with jared allen-like heart. back those guys up with powe and bailey and youre pretty well set at dl. i say cut/trade dorsey by next season, and draft someone late next year thats a project. this is one place i feel we can afford to draft for pure depth and potential on this team.

8. romeo is not a head coach

he just isnt. i would love to just keep him at dc and let him focus on that. hell, move the waterboy to head coach. we'd be better off that we are now. we seriously need a head coach change by the start of next season and make it someone that will put their foot down on mistakes. its not always ok as a professional team to "go out there and see how it goes." romeo's a defensive guru and is the guy i want on the d. but hc is seriously lacking.

9. daboll is too bland

speaking of coaching problems...this guy is driving me nuts. he doesnt trust ANYONE on the offensive side of the ball. including charles. 15 yard run? take him out. 20 yard pass? what the hells that? havent seen one of those this year. he takes zero chances down field, and does nothing to keep teams from bringing what seems like 15 guys every play. charles is great and can still get average numbers with other teams expecting him to get the rock on most plays. but it would be a ton easier if we could stretch the defense a couple times a game. even if theyre incomplete passes, a 50 yard bomb still makes the other team think thats what our plan is. do it 2 times in a row and theyll back up. give our guys some breathing room to make it easier.

10. we have very little heart.

it seems when theres a great play, the guys donw get very excited. we cant play with momentum. bowe catches and runs for 30 and a td what does he do? point to his back. classless. its not all about you, bowe. get your team fired up. go to your defense on the sidelines and bounce around a little bit. get them fired up to go get it back for you. qb threads a needle- first down signal at most. WILL SOMEONE ON THE OFFENSIVE SIDE OF THE BALL GET EXCITED PLEASE? charles with a great run and hes taken out. i mean come on. kills any momentum. the defense at least seems to get excited about sacks or a pick. but a good break up or run stuff and no one really gets pumped. no one is yelling at the other team. no one is doing ANYTHING to get this team going (other than quinn talking about thing on the sidelines but thats not pumping players up). im tired of being more excited about big plays than the players EVERY. SINGLE. SUNDAY. they need to get arrowhead rocking again because this isnt chiefs ball.

thats all ive got so far. let me know what you think.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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