Chiefs Fans Let's Get Arrowhead Rocking Again!!!

Time for us fans to bring our title back as the LOUDEST in the NFL and Show our Support as the 12th Man KC.

OCT. 28th and beyond lets show why we KC Fans are the best and get LOUD up in there!!!!!!!

With all the negative surrounding Arrowhead with the comments from EW to all the turnovers and further to the win loss column Chiefs fans we need to show up our next home game on October 28, 2012. We need to show the national media how wrong they were by embarrassing us fans to the world by grouping us in with a very select few cheering injury to our own. We need to show the new guy EW what KC Fans really are about not the perception of a select few. We need to show our team we stand behind them through adversity as we have done in the past. In short lets show the whole organization we love our team and are patiently waiting and believe we are championship caliber.

Have we ever let down this organization? Have we been let down? Are we done and fed up with the losing? I say let us fans do our part in giving them our support and be the 12th man out there. Let us rally behind Brady Quinn, Matt Cassel, and Ricky Stanzi and show them we believe. Let's show J. Charles, D.Bowe, J.Baldwin, and the rest of the Offense we trust them. Let all Chiefs fans show D.Johnson, Tamba (Hawk) Hali, B.Flowers, and the whole Defensive unit we can get LOUD up in there. Lets cheer our special teams like Copper, Colquit, Succop and the rest that we know they can perform at a top level.

Hands down (or rather up in the air) we need this our team needs this and we might just might come out with a win just before Halloween. We can send the Raiders back home to trick or treat with the rest of the Rocky Horror Picture show wannabe's. We might show this team that they can win and get us in the playoffs and beyond. The Chiefs just might have proved to themselves that they want it worse than the fans of this great city. They may want to come out and be the Kansas City Chiefs not the Brady Bunch show a nastiness and not so nice. Brady may be his name but Football is the game and it is time to PROVE to the Nation, the media, the critics, the fans, and especially themselves they are contenders. Time for Us to show them how LOUD we can get in Arrowhead and bring back our title of the LOUDEST in the NFL.

Either way the season ends whether it be another losing season, or an almost impossible playoff berth and beyond let us KC fans ROCK ARROWHEAD and do our part despite the outcome. These Players and our team need us in a BIG WAY let's HELP them win and let's show opposing teams why we are KC Chiefs Fans starting OCT. 28, 2012 against who better than the Oakland Raiders.

Raider Hater Rivalry let us show we are PROUD & LOUD!!!!!

I believe our 1 & 4 record does not reflect our Chiefs...

I Believe

I believe that we can win

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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