possible qb candidates i would like to see come in NOW.

none of these are probably going to happen because pioli is a doucher. but hey, a man can dream right? let me first say that id like to pick our own qb in the draft and have them starting for us day one (cough cough Geno Smith cough cough). lets see what guys i can come up with.

colin kaepernick.

i know im dreaming but a trade for this guy would be absolutely ideal. even if its a couple of second rounders. hes young, had a crazy strong arm (threw a pass way over 50 yards and out threw moss yesterday according to, is accurate, and HE CAN RUN. he goes through his progressions too which cassel has never done. come to think about it, cassel hasnt ever had any of those things (except for the young part....and ive been there too). at least try to entertain the idea of trading for him. give san fran cassel and 2 second rounders and youve got a solid starter that will only get better.

ryan mallett

i dont care about the patriotness he has right now. couldnt care less about those ties. hes a big strong qb that can be great. call it a gut feeling or what you will, i think mallett would make a great chief. perhaps billy boy would be willing to get rid of him for a couple picks.

kirk cousins

i dont know what washington will want for him but hes worth looking into too. ill be honest i dont know much about him and am too lazy to do research, but from what i hear he's looked good in the preseason and in practices and as a backup already to rg3 hes a good possibility. i do remember liking him during draft time.

vince young

i know im going to be ridiculed for this one but when was vince really that bad? he was a winner in tennessee when he was the clear cut starter, can still evade enough for defenses to have to prepare for it, and has a good arm. accuracy issues maybe but thats why we have bowe and baldwin (man i hope that guy gets his shit together back to preseason form). not to mention he's be super cheap. sign him to a short term deal (like a 2 year thing) and for not much money. he didnt look good in philly but he was also a back up which meant he wasnt playing with the number ones. he has a mouth on him, but ill gladly take a mouth if it means having a shot at winning.

donovan mcnabb

dudes old. i get it. looked like crap when he went out. i get that too. but who did he have as a viking that was a receiving threat? not much, thats who. kc is a completely different team than minn. sign him to a 3 year deal for cheap and see what the old man has left. if nothing else, it gets cassel off the field. also is a pioli friendly move because hes a veteran that can be signed for cheap.

got any more dudes you wanna see in kc that could be a realistic option?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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