The "Patriot Way"

When the end of King Carl came we all rejoiced in the fact that the 5 year plan was finally over. The days of making it to the playoffs and getting beat in the first round were gonna change into playoff wins. The days of being cheap and turning some of our better players against us and having them leave were ending. There was to be a new era of football in town, a winning era. This was all supposed to have been started by the hiring of a true winner. A man who had won awards and had been part of possibly the greatest team in recent history. This man was Scott Pioli, former Vice President of the New England Patriots. Now as a joke, or more of just making up a name, the nickname "The Patriot Way" was formed. Now this "system for building a winner" was supposed to be what Pioli was bringing from NE to KC. Now let's dive into what the "Patriot Way" is.

Alright so lets get deep into what it is that makes the Patriots a consistent Top 5 team? Now I know you probably are thinking of one or two reasons. Those being of course none other than, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Now yes having a coach who has been there for years and knows the NFL as good as anyone is a big bonus for a team. But I'll get into the coaching a little later on. So, this guy named Tom Brady? He's pretty good isn't he? Well he might be getting one of those fancy statues of himself in that one kind of important building...but who really cares? Ok now seriously a franchise QB who is a leader and one of the best QB in the league is going to definitely help your team. So lets take a deeper look into the kind of players that fit the " Patriot Way".

Obviously the whole offense starts with a great QB who is a leader and most important a winner. Drew Bledsoe was a pretty good QB himself before old Brady came around and stunned the league. So obviously we can all agree a QB is number one on the list of players for "The Patriot Way". Ok so then you move further in the backfield. What do you find? Rb's is the correct answer, forget FB's they are great but I can't even name a true FB to be on the Patriots. How many Rb's have the Patriots had in just the Tom Brady era? A TON. So we can clearly see that RB is not a key position in the Patriot way and that QB is....Hmm anyone else kinda wondering how the current Chiefs team is built then? Anyway lets overlook that we have a great RB and a crappy QB...

Alright lets look at what I like to think is probably the hardest position(s) to fill on an offense. The Oline, now many people even around here agree that you can find O lineman anywhere. Ok so please explain to me why we had Barry Richardson, Casey Wiegman,at 40 years old, Ryan Lilja, and an older Brian Waters, as our best line since the great line we all remember from the Trent Green era. So now we have a lot of youth and yes we lost our young promising Center for the year. But honestly did anyone notice we kinda sorta suck at blocking? I've seen a whole of missed blocks, guys getting dominated at the line and very little to no holes open. Don't try and say BUT BUT Charles is having a ton of yard. Come on the guy is part cheeta and has great vision and is a freak of a RB. But look at when Hillis runs up the middle and has ZERO hole. That's not the "Patriot Way", the Patriots can take a RB off the street and make him look great, now this also is an effect of a great passing game, but also great veteran blocking. Also look at how there is a U around Brady when he passes, and teams know he is passing, then look at the broken mess that is around Cassel and tell me we have a great Oline. No not defending Cassel, I've never wished we had kept THIGBONE more than when I watch Cassel. Alright lets flip sides and look more at the "Patriot Way".

Defense wins Championships....... You've seen it, you've heard all sorts of NFL coaches say it. Now Look at the defense for the past 5 Super Bowl Champions and tell me it doesn't.... But we are on the "Patriot Way" that was supposed to be implemented in KC. Alright so the Patriots ran a 3-4 for their Championships and still to a degree run it. Now see the Patriots had this guy Romeo Crennel as their DC at the time of their rings. He ran his 2 gap system pretty well in NE.... Now to fully understand the difference between KC and NE, you have to look at how the league has changed since then. Since then we have seen the passing record be broken, Rb's no longer carry the load by themselves, and great QB's seem way more common now, along with all the crazy rules the league has changed. SO what have the Patriots done? Adapted. What have the Chiefs done? Nothing. Hmm who would have thought you have to adapt to the league... Now I could talk about Dorsey, Jackson, Poe, Berry, Hali, Johnson, Houston, and Flowers...and that's just to name players we've drafted in the first 2 rounds....and yes Houston was drafted 3rd but we all know why. Ok so the patriots have NEVER EVER in the time of Belichick drafted that many people for the defense that early in the draft. But hey get talent however you can right? So THEORETICALLY we should have all the talent in the world just on pure statistical probability of drafting players early in the draft. So what went wrong? I really have no answer other than I bet that it's probably not a talent related problem on defense, maybe on offense but not defense.

Now one thing that has really bugged me for a long time is, how can a guy who came from a passing team implement a running team? I mean just like bringing in Todd Haley....he was a passing offensive minded coach.... But he was "wanting" to have a running team???? I really never got why we wanted to be a running team? Now I love JC but this is a passing league and the "Patriot Way" is a great QB slinging it around and a great offensive line making any RB look awesome.... So how can a guy whose never been in charge of a running team build a running team? I mean I probably won't want Lenny Dawson coaching the RB's...

Now back to the "Patriot Way" of coaching. Clearly stated it is Bill Belichick and that is all. It's not his DC or his OC that are any good. Look at all of their records after they leave to coach elsewhere.... Romeo,Weis,McDaniels....ugh yeah all failures as HCs.... Also there is a reason they were all unemployed after they left the Patriots... Also hiring a pretty much unheard of coach as your first HC probably not the best plan I've heard of. But hey, HCs have to come from somewhere I suppose.

So if you are still reading you are probably thinking a whole lot about what Pioli has done for this team. My opinion is we never got the "Patriot Way" we got the "Pioli Way" and one is a winning formula made by a great coach, and the other is a losers formula that is outdated. Hey Pioli was a great hire, if and only if he was gonna bring what he had learned with the Patriots to KC, not try and re-invent the wheel. How can a guy has been part of an organization that does things one way leave and do things a totally different way and expect to succeed? I really don't know but it's time we abandon the "Pioli Way".

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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