END OF YEAR 3 : Scott Pioli's Career

This is a close look at the Chiefs TOP 30 players from the END of 2009 to the END of 2002. Basically it's a list of what he was given and how he's changed what has happened. The TOP 30 comes from a sports philosophy that the TOP 30 players of a Team end up seeing the majority of the playing time.

End of 2009


1. Damon Huard
2. Brodie Croyle


1. Brandon Flowers
2. Jarrad Page
3. Patrick Surtain
4. Bernard Pollard
5. Brandon Carr
6. Jon McGraw
7. DaJuan Morgan


1. Tamba Hali
2. Glenn Dorsey
3. DeMorrio Williams
4. Derrick Johnson
5. Tank Tyler
6. Jason Babin
7. Andy Studebaker


1. Brian Waters
2. Branden Albert
3. Damion McIntosh
4. Rudy Niswanger
5. Wade Smith
6. Adrian Jones
7. Barry Richardson


1. Larry Johnson
2. Tony Gonzalez
3. Dwayne Bowe
4. Mark Bradley
5. Jamaal Charles
6. Devard Darling
7. Brad Cottam


End of 2012

1. Matt Cassell
2. Kyle Orton


1. Brandon Flowers
2. Eric Berry
3. Brandon Carr (UFA)
4. Kenderick Lewis
5. Javier Arenas
6. Travis Daniels
7. Jon McGraw


1. Tamba Hali
2. Derrick Johsnon
3. Tyson Jackson
4. Justin Houston
5. Glenn Dorsey
6. Javon Belcher
7. Allen Bailey


1. Brandon Albert
2. Jon Asamoah
3. Ryan Lilja
4. Rodney Hudson
5. UFA Barry Richardson
6. Steve Marneri
7. David Mims


1. Dwayne Bowe (UFA)
2. Jamaal Charles
3. Steve Breaston
4. Tony Moeaki
5. Jon Baldwin
6. Dexter McCluster
7. LeRon McClain


1. 12 of the [I]Top 30[/I] returned to the Chiefs. And of those 12, many are in the Top 3 on their list. Pioli let Carl's final draft class grow.

In 2009 many people thought that the Chiefs would be a "gutting" job.

2. The Chiefs [B]QUARTERBACKS[/B],[B]FRONT SEVEN[/B], and [B]OFFENSIVE LINE[/B] were the weakest components of the team when Pioli took it over. Most People would say that the Chiefs [B]QUARTERBACKS[/B], [B]OFFENSIVE LINE [/B],and [B]UTILITY PLAYERS[/B] are the weakest part of the team.

QUARTERBACKS - Cassel / Orton are improvements over what Herm and Carl left us with but both are at risk of being replaced.

DEFENSIVE BACKS - The Gem of the Chiefs. They are both young and still have potential to grow as players

FRONT SEVEN - Since the loss of Jared Allen (or Perhaps even Derrick Thomas) this unit didn't see much promise until the 2nd half of Pioli's 3rd Season. It still has room to grow but is much prettier than what Herm or Carl Had

OFFENSIVE LINE - Struggled this season. Is a mix of New and Old. The New will need to improve to Keep Their Jobs.

UTILITY - Dwayne Bowe is 33% of the offense. Jamaal Charles lead the AFC in rushing. Chiefs have 2 WRs in Breaston and Bowe. Might have 3 once next season starts w/ Baldwin getting a full training camp. Moeaki looks good. McCluster looked stronger at the end of the season.

3. The Chiefs are still a young football team 22 players out of their Top 30 are still in their first 4 years of the league. 16 of the Top 30 in 2009 were within their first 4 years.

4. Scott Pioli has only signed/traded for 7 players that are within the Top 30 at the end of 2011. ( Matt Cassel, Ryan Lilja, Steve Breaston, LeRon McClain, Travis Daniels, Steve Maneri )

5. 12 of the Top 30 players were drafted by Pioli at the end of 2011. 17 were drafted by Peterson in 2009.

6. The only players that are still relevant from the list of players no longer on the Chiefs is Jason Babin and Brian Waters. Babin didn't improve getting CUT by the Seahwaks and then signed and cut again by the Eagles after only putting up 2 sacks. His time with the Titans blew him up into the Pro Bowler he currently is. Despite making the Pro Bowl, Waters was realized due to his cap hit and the fact that Jon Asamoah was waiting in the wings. Gonzalez has done well but is still aging in Atlanta. Larry Johsnon, Bernard Pollard, Tank Tyler, Brodie Croyle, Mark Bradley, Jarrad Page are not missed as much.

7. The majority of the CHIEFS problems come from the fact that they are young and had a year of being unhealthy. Pioli's three biggest moves - Hiring Todd Haley, Trading for Matt Cassel, and Drafting Tyson Jackson seem to have shown their cards. Jackson is turning into a fine player, but he is not a pass rusher which hurts Pioli's status as well.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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