2012 Off-season: Free-agent Running backs

About a week ago I did a FanPost about free agent O-linemen, so now I'm doing one about free agent running backs. With Thomas Jones inevitable retirement and Jamaal needing a counterpart, free agent or maybe draft should be turned to. I'm going to include the only ones who I think could actually go on to free agency without getting instantly resigned. Without further ado, let's continue.

Ryan Grant, HB, Packers



He's a good fit for Kansas City. Bigger guy, doesn't fumble too much, and is fast enough to not give away a play when he comes in as opposed to Jamaal. Hell of a pass-blocker and receiver as well. My only problem with him is that he's injury-prone, and what's the point of having someone to keep Jamaal fresh if he's just gonna get injured himself?

Cedric Benson, HB, Bengals



Cedric has been a consistent force in Cincy, normally getting at least 1,000 yards a season. He's a one-cut, physical runner with a bit of a pass-catching ability. Another little fact, he's statistically the best pass-protecting back in the league (fullbacks and halfbacks). However, he's used to power-blocking schemes (Cincy's line is the heaviest overall in the league, as opposed to our lightest in the league), and has had some run-ins with the law.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis, HB, Patriots



I can't really see New England letting the guy go because he's such a good fit there. Great pass catcher and blocker, can grind out tough yards and a little unknown fact is that he has one of the lowest fumbling percentages in the league.

Marshawn Lynch, HB, Seahawks



The only thing Marshawn Lynch is really know for is the playoff game-ending run depicted above. But he's done some good things in his years with the Seahawks and Bills, and he was a Pro Bowl alternate this season. If we somehow stole him from Seattle, we would have the best group of RB's in the game. But a lot of Seahawks fans would be PISSED.

Matt Forte, RB, Bears



Forte had a breakout year this season up until Derrick Johnson ended it. Whether it was the O-line finally stepping up or he just decided to play to his potential is beyond me. He's not your prototypical workhorse back to compliment Jamaal, but he does have a shitload of talent. He's a great receiver, great at reading blocks, and has a nice shake to go along with a fairly large body. A very versatile player. However, I'm sure he'll be expecting to start and get starting money.

Jason Snelling, HB/FB, Falcons



Snelling is a nice fit for Kansas City. Big, physical back. Doesn't get hurt, doesn't fumble, has been used as a fullback so he can help us get some depth there. One of the best pass-catching backs in the league, too.

Peyton Hillis, HB/FB, Browns



The Browns management have made it clear that Hillis' future in Cleveland is uncertain. The former Denver fullback come Cleveland messiah had a breakout season last year, only to be plagued by injury this year. He's had some good games the times he did play, and I think he could be a good addition in KC, as a fullback or halfback.

Michael Bush, HB, Raiders



We all know who this guy is. Do I even need to explain why we might want him?

Earnest Graham, HB/FB, Buccaneers



Graham has been one of the unsung heroes in Tampa Bay, and fills in just about everywhere. He began his career as a fullback, goes to halfback when Blount or whoever gets hurt, has been the Bucs third-down guy since his signing, and even plays slot receiver. I think his versatility could fit in KC.

Mike Tolbert, HB/FB, Chargers



We all know this guy. He's a little tank with flashes of breakaway speed and oftentimes used as a fullback or third down back. Strong, tough to bring down and a great player. He'd be a good pickup.

Brandon Jacobs, HB, Giants



It's not too often that you find a guy like Brandon Jacobs, who is oftentimes likened to Christian Okoye. Over six feet tall, well over 260 pounds, but still runs a 4.5. He's older and his physicality is wearing him down, but he's a known emotional leader in the locker room and a veteran that could help us out.

Owen Schmitt, FB, Phillidelphia



Despite an incredibly successful college career, Owen has been under-utilized in the NFL and is mainly known for either the above picture of him smashing his own face with a helmet or destroying Shawntae Spencer with a devastating block on Sunday Night football last season. He's been used primarily as a blocking back (an exceptionally good one at that. If you ever watch the Eagles you already know that), and has silently been producing and helping LeSean McCoy along to the NFC's rushing championship. Vonta Leach said he was one of the best fullbacks he's seen, and a lot of linebackers would tell you that, too (Lance Briggs, for one). He's a phyiscal guy with a crapton of attitude. He's done some crazy stuff (most notably bending over 6 facemasks during his college career due to his ferocious hits), and that's just the kind of guy we need in KC. Not to mention he was mainly known as a runner in college and could be a successful runner in the NFL, but has never got the chance.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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