Ruminating or Monkey Poo

Romeo Crennel gets the reins in Kansas City and his horse of course is Matt Cassel. Ricky Stanzi and somebody will compete for the Backup QB spot this off-season. So, onward with other interesting positions of need/want/dreams of Glory for the Kansas City Chiefs. In this scenario Scott Pioli goes Wild on the trade downs with swaps to Cincinnati and Baltimore and selects with the 27th pick in the 1st round picking up another 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th round picks. Not bad to have to settle for our pick and 4 other dudes.

Mock courtesy of

1 1 Indianapolis Andrew Luck QB Stanford
1 2 Washington Robert Griffin QB Baylor* Trade
1 3 Minnesota Matt Kalil OT USC
1 4 Cleveland Trent Richardson RBF Alabama
1 5 Tampa Bay Morris Claiborne CB LSU
1 6 St Louis Justin Blackmon WRF Oklahoma State
1 7 Jacksonville Michael Floyd WRF Notre Dame
1 8 Miami Riley Reiff OT Iowa
1 9 Carolina Devon Still DT43 Penn State
1 10 Buffalo Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama
1 11 Seattle Quinton Coples DE43 North Carolina
1 12 Cincinnati Alfonzo Dennard CB Nebraska* Trade
1 13 Arizona Mike Adams OT Ohio State
1 14 Dallas Courtney Upshaw OLB34 Alabama
1 15 Philadelphia Luke Kuechly ILB Boston College
1 16 NY Jets David DeCastro OG Stanford
1 17 Baltimore Jonathan Martin OT Stanford* Trade
1 18 San Diego Zach Brown ILB North Carolina
1 19 Chicago Juron Criner WRP Arizona
1 20 Tennessee Whitney Mercilus DE43 Illinois
1 21 Denver Mark Barron SS Alabama
1 22 Cincinnati Montee Ball RBF Wisconsin
1 23 NY Giants Don'ta Hightower ILB
1 24 Houston Levy Adcock OT Oklahoma State
1 25 Cleveland Jared Crick DE43 Nebraska
1 26 Detroit Peter Konz OG Wisconsin

Kansas City Chiefs select:

Vontaze Burfict Highlights (via MrCww88)

Yes, the Mad Man across the Middle
Vontaze gets to be that Mike Linebacker that just BLOWS things up. Quarterbacks, Running backs, Tight Ends, or Officials it just doesn't Matter. Scott Pioli set precedent for this move last year in the Jon Baldwin move. Talent trumps character. The Chiefs pick up that 4th starting Linebacker to rival the Chiefs of Old.

Vontaze Burfict, ILB, Arizona State. Previous Rank: 22
1/6/12: Burfict decided to skip his senior year to enter the NFL. To end a disappointing season, he was mostly benched in his bowl game against Boise State, recording only one tackle in his final collegiate contest. In 2011, the junior had 68 tackles with seven tackles for a loss, five sacks, three passes broken up and an interception.

Burfict's best game this year came against USC when he had five tackles and a tackle for a loss. Burfict made a game-changing play when he intercepted Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley in the red zone and returned the ball to just past midfield. Including his outing against USC, Burfict did not have a game all season where he recorded double-digit tackles. Too often, Burfict was quiet and did not make an impact in the ground game.

The 6-foot-3, 250-pounder is still developing, and has the skill set be a special player in the NFL. He made some big plays this year, but seemed to hold back some of the aggressiveness that made him such a presence in his first two seasons. Burfict is big, strong and fast. He is a very good pass defender who understands zone concepts well in coverage but is also a dynamic blitzer. If Burfict lands with the right team, he could be a difference maker.

8/24/11: At 6-foot-3, 250-pounds, Burfict has ideal size with excellent speed to play linebacker in any pro defensive scheme. He runs around the field like a missile that is constantly looking to knock out an opposing player. Burfict had 90 tackles last season (54 solo) with 8.5 tackles for a loss and two forced fumbles. As a freshman, he had 69 tackles and seven tackles for a loss. Burfict is an excellent run and pass defender who intimidates opposing players through his violent play.


Vontaze Burfict can be that guy for the Chiefs defense to dominate every Sunday or whenever we hit the field.

Round 2

A Target of Opportunity
Who made whom down there in Waco Texas? Well we didn't get Lucky and pick up Robert Griffen so let's grab his playmaking Slot Wide Receiver.

Kendall Wright Slot Wide Receiver 5'10 190 Lbs 4.3 forty
Impression: In the same mold as a number of Pittsburgh Steelers receivers (Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders) and can be effective both inside and out making plays down the field at the next level.


So nice let's do it twice

Zebri Sanders and Andrew Datko make up the Offensive tackle tandem for the Florida State Seminoles. So we decided to promote both from Seminole Warriors to Kansas City Chiefs.

Andrew Datko Offensive Tackle 6'6 321 Lbs
Impression: Is a solid athlete who can bend, re-direct and block in space. However, has had some struggles with power and staying engaged through the play this year and is currently out for the season following shoulder surgery. Looks like a potential NFL caliber tackle, but might need a year to adjust and get stronger.

Zebri Sanders Offensive Tackle 6'6 307 Lbs
Impression: A natural athlete who can bend, is coordinated and patient into contact. Possesses a good amount of upside as well and looks like a starter on either side of the O-line.


He's No David Decastro

Amini Silatolu Offensive Guard Midwestern State 6'3 324 Lbs

Impression: He has some technique flaws that needs to be fixed and will need to kick inside at the next level. However, he's a wide-bodied athlete with a powerful/explosive frame, good foot quickness and can really pull from the backside. Might need some time, but is one of the top guards in the class with as much upside as any.


You want some more Beef

Trevor Guyton Defensive End 6'3 280 Lbs California

Impression: A guy who can fill a number of roles on a defense, but he's a naturally powerful kid who can anchor and overwhelm vs. the run game. Needs to improve hands and awareness, but the upside is there for him to move up boards in a big way with a strong senior year.


Some Help for Jamaal

Thomas Jones is probably done in Kansas City and Jackie Battle might be replaceable. We have room for some new Backs in our Committee.

Robert Turbin 5'10 216 Lbs running back Utah State

Impression: Physically, he reminds me some of New York Jets RB Shonn Greene. But as a runner, he looks more natural as a zone guy who he can use his cut back ability to pick his way through traffic, square his shoulders and then attack daylight. Has the skill set to mature into a starter at the next level, but because of his lack of a great burst, he doesn't strike me as a guy who is ever going to have a real gaudy yards per carry average. Nevertheless, he should be able to keep you ahead of the chains.


Dan Herron 5'10 205 Lbs running back Ohio State

Impression: Isn't dynamic really in any athletic and/or physical aspect. However, he runs with a strong base, has impressive short area quickness and a natural feel between the tackles. Can certainly contribute early in his NFL career in a rotation and will create for himself if he has to.


Sadly his name is not Brandon

Trumaine Johnson 6'2 204 Lbs 4.5 forty Cornerback Montana

Looks like a low 4.5/high 4.4 guy and runs well for his size. Showcases the ability to be physical in coverage and when asked to get a bump on receivers down the field in cover two does a nice job adjusting his drop depending on the leverage and getting a good punch on receivers while staying balanced in his drop.

Was arrested by police for trying to break up a party back in October, and does have some character concerns attached to his name.

Impression: A talented kid who physically/athletic reminds me a lot of Jimmy Smith (Baltimore Ravens). Now, he's not as experienced as a pressman as Smith was, but has the same type of upside and can be a similar player if he commits himself fully to the game at the next.


Scott Pioli drafts the obligatory TE in the 6th and another body to challenge at WR.

1 27 Kansas City Vontaze Burfict ILB Arizona State
2 43 Kansas City Zebrie Sanders OT Florida State
2 59 Kansas City Kendall Wright WRS Baylor
3 76 Kansas City Andrew Datko OT Florida State
3 85 Kansas City Amini Silatolu OG Midwestern State
4 106 Kansas City Trevor Guyton DT34 California
4 117 Kansas City Robert Turbin RBF Utah State
5 139 Kansas City Dan Herron RBF Ohio State
5 154 Kansas City Trumaine Johnson CB Montana
6 171 Kansas City David Paulson TE Oregon
7 203 Kansas City DeVier Posey WRF Ohio State

Not to bad for passing on the premier OG or 3rd most talented OT and we collect solid depth or at least competition for the 2012 pre-season.

Wow , no LSU Tigers or SEC at all

Geaux Chiefs

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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