Rhymes about Chief Times

Man, not making the playoffs really sucks. Yet another year without a playoff win, and another off season of 1,567,235,647 mock draft threads/stupid hypothetical trades. Should we tag bowe and trade him, scott pioli, and our next 5 first rounds picks to indy for their #1pick? Then trade berry, jamaal, two waterboys, and hali to the rams for their #2 pick this year? Then we draft Luck and RGIII and let them battle it out in camp? Before you scream on me, I know we can't trade berry and jamaal due to them being on the IR, it was a joke and a dumb one at that. Anyway I wrote a lil poem, to break up the monotony of all these draft threads.

There is a football team in kansas city, some weeks they play well, other weeks really shitty.

They started the season 0-3, then went four weeks in a row with victories.

But the beginning of the year just wasn't fair, with each passing week a new ligament tear.

Our depth chart looked like how I like my ladies downstairs, completely barren naked and bare.

All the injuries and first 3 losses brought me to tears, then we started to win and grew epic beards.

Then four more straight losses and lots of bronx cheers, followed by mass consumption of beers.


But do you remember Halloween Night? Man that was sick. Thanks to Phillip Rivers, that bundle of sticks.

He fumbled the ball, basically bricked, victory in OT off of a Succop Kick.

Phillip said it was the worst day ever, how tragic(srcsm), Another victim of MNF Arrowhead Magic.


Who could forget the firing of Todd Haley, who loved to cuss and scream at the team daily.

They said he didn't get along with pioli, but we will never know the true story.

I think part of the reason that he had to go, was due to his man crush on Tyler Palko.

Maybe it was his work ethic, or long sexy hair, either way NFL QB talent just wasn't there.

Todd thanks for everything you truly are owed an adieu, and always know your my boy blue!


With Haley gone, we got interim Head coach RAC, who had the daunting task of playing the undefeated Pack.

The Defense played to show they had Rac's Back, and Kyle Orton had the offense on full attack.

It was a crazy to see old beard neck, get a victory over the discount double check.

We were still in the playoff hunt according to the math, and romeo got his first gatorade bath.


And then we lost to the ray duhs. Damn it man. It is really hard to forget the fact that we only needed one more victory to win the division. Sunday without chiefs football is so beat. Well, there is always next year. And as chiefs fans, we gotta be used to that by now. I look forward to watching you guys next year, and am proud of you guys for sticking in there against all the adversity you faced this season. The defense really came together, the offense showed minor flashes of greatness, and I feel coach RAC is gonna be back, and put the boys on track. 2012 is our season!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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