Hopeful depth chart, 2012


Pretty straight forward post, what depth changes (including free agents and draft picks) would you make to our current depth chart?


Here's mine, feel free to critique as much as you would like.

QB: Kyle Orton. I can't help but think he's the best QB readily available to us who might actually be able to do something in the playoffs.

HB: Jamaal Charles/Peyton Hillis. Just bring Hillis in, see how he plays out. He wants to doesn't want to play nice, draft pick Chris Polk takes his place next season.

FB: Le'Ron McClain. Obvious choice to resign. Needs more carries, too. However, I do feel like Crennel utilized him more than Haley ever did.

WR: Bowe, Breaston, and Baldwin. The 3 B's! All talented receivers (or potentially talented) who know how to catch a ball and convert a 3rd down or 8.

TE: Tony Moeaki/Dwayne Allen. Moeaki's a given, and many of you will want Finley or Fleener over Allen. But if Allen falls to us, we have GOT to take him. Big, physical, amazing blocker, with reliable hands and decent after the catch ability. Kind of looks like Gronkowski 2.0.

LT: Branden Albert. No reason to move him. He's had a great season at LT, handling many of the best DE's in the league (Freeney, Allen, Peppers). He stays where he's at.

LG: David DeCastro. The best guard prospect in years. Ideal guard size, very fast and mobile, and has a real nasty streak. Great at pulling and moving around, but has the leg drive and upper body strength to manhandle big defensive tackles while power-blocking. Amazing in pass-protection as well, giving Orton a pocket to step up into for once (Look at the best passing teams in the league. They all have great interior lines. Coincidence?).

C: Rodney Hudson. Wiegs, I love ya'. But you are too small and too old to start anymore. Rodney adds the necessary beef to be the spearhead that will strike fear into defenses for seasons to come.

RG: Jon Asamoah. Jon really blossomed this year, if he wasn't a tad bit inconsistent. He's really fast by guard standards, and has a lot of strength compacted in his body, too.

RT: Kareem McKenzie. Barry's gotta go. Obviously Kareem's not a permanent fix, but by what I've sen from New York games he's still an above average RT. He's basically the same as B-Rich in run-blocking, but is a much better pass-protector. Just a temporary deal until we find a young RT somewhere or develop one ourselves.


DE: Tyson Jackson (no matter how fat he may be) and Glenn Dorsey/Allen Bailey. Tyson is a great run-stopper, so we're good there. Dorsey was unimpressive this season, and Bailey REALLY impressed me on the few snaps he could get. However, Shaun Rogers has the potential to come here and play NT or DE, as well.

NT: Paul Soliai/Shaun Rogers/Jerrell Powe. I just want big people on this team. Anywhere. I don't care if we have a freaking punt returner that's 300 pounds, I'm sick of being everyone's b*tch.

OLB: Tamba Hali and Justin Houston. Hali's got his Doctorate in Beast, and Houston's a rising premiere pass-rusher.

ILB: Derrick Johnson and Dont'a Hightower (stretch), DJ is arguably the best LB in the league not named Patrick Willis. Hightower is a stretch to get him in the draft after DeCastro and Allen, but it's whatever. Once again, going for some meat here.

CB: Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr. Both great, young cover guys who are good tacklers for their positions.

FS: Kendrick Lewis. Always around the ball and knows how to lay a hit on someone. Has GREAT coverage skills.

SS: Eric Berry. Who knows what we'll see next season, but I can't wait to find out.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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