Thinking outside the box Chiefs Mock Draft

This draft Pioli pulls, well, a Pioli. Our best option since Pioli wont trade up for RG3 is to trade down, at this point I am not going to predict that happens although the Bengals make a great trade partner.

"With the 12th pick in the 2012 draft, the Kansas City Chiefsselect......Mark Barron, strong safety University of Alabama".

Lets wake up and smell the coffee, this team is not being built to be the Patriots unless we luck into Tom Brady 2.0, were being built to be the Ravens(everyone keeps looking over that Pioli spent 6 years in the front office of the Browns/Ravens with Ozzie Newsome, Belicheck's original wingman).

Barron allows us to slide Eric Berryto FS and with the resigning of Brandon Carr we have the baddest secondary in the NFL that allows us to clamp down and with another year of experience for Justin Houston blitz even more. We will need it with our new OC late of the Dolphins, Browns and Patriots Brian Daboll.

So our draft is:

#11/12 Mark Barron SS Alabama
#44 Zebrie Sanders OT Florida St
#76 Chris Polk, RB Washington
#110 (?) Brandon Weeden QB OK State
#144(?) Rhett Ellison, TE USC
#180 Akiem Hicks, DT/DE Blame Canada
#216 Chris Galippo, ILB USC

Depth Chart:

QB-Ricky Stanzi to replace Matt Cassel by week 4, while we have beefed up our offense and our defense plays well enough where 20 pts wins a game give him a shot, Weeden to compete as well.

FB-Shane Bannon/Jackie Battle, long story short LeRon McClain is going to Denver, I will exp later in the year when it happens.

RB-Jamaal Charles, Chris Polk, Dexter McCluster, Jackie Battle

TE-Tony Moeki, Ellison, His holiness

WR-Dwayne Bowe/Marques Cholston, if Bowe wants to go back to LousyAna let him, we have $50 mil under the cap to get a comparable wr.

WR-Healthy Hands Baldwin

Slot-Steve Breaston, depth at all 3 Haleys 22 guys off the street

RT-Zebrie Sanders, Maneri/Richardson/O'Callagahan winner

RG-John Asamaoah

C Chris Myers, need to sign hiom to get a vet to anchor our line

LG Rodney Hudson, take him to Gates to beef him up

LT Branden Albert, Sanders

NT-Brandon McKinney, Jerrel Powe, Amon Gordon, NT Akiem Hicksby comittee continues

DE Tyson Jackson-Hicks

DE Glenn Dorsey, would love to use Dorsey as trade bait to a 4-3 team, Gordon and Bailey provide depth

OLB Justin Houston, Andy Studebaker

OLB Tamba Hali, Cameron Sheffield

ILB Derrick Johnson, Chris Galippo

ILB Justin Siler, Jovan Belcher

SS Mark Barron, Jon McGrawful/Donald Washington winner

FS Eric Berry, Kendrick Lewis

CB Brandon Carr, Jalil Brown

CB Brandon Flowers, Javier Arenas, Travis Daniels

If everyone stays healthy and we have just the slightest amount of imagination on offense and actually hold Sacred Cow Matt Cassel accountable 10 wins is possible, especially with Steve Hoffman gone, get off the post season snide too, probably not SB but Pioli needs something to save his hide with only one year left on his contract and no extension in sight.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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