Restructuring not Rebuilding

After 3 years, improving from an extremely sucky team to a playoff team, then degenerating to a sub-par team. At this point there are players who we must keep, cut ties with, or trade if the price is right. My mock off-season after the jump...


  • Gary Gibbs promoted to DC.
  • Maurice Carthon promoted to OC.
  • Nick Sirianni promoted to OL Coach/Quality Control
  • Jim Zorn promoted to QB Coach/Assistant Head Coach
  • Thomas Jones signed as Assistant RB Coach/Assistant Weight Room Coach
Re-sign: Dwayne Bowe - 6 Years, 45 Million Guaranteed Jovan Belcher - 3 Years, 8 Million Guaranteed Brandon Carr - 6 Years, 36 Million Guaranteed Kyle Orton - 2 Years, 4 Million Guaranteed Le'Ron McClain - 3 Years, 9 Million Guaranteed Jackie Battle - 1 Years, 1.4 Million Amon Gordon - 2 Years, 2 Million Guaranteed Travis Daniels - 2 Years, 1 Million Guaranteed Leonard Pope - 1 Year, 1.2 Million Jon McGraw - 1 Year, 1 Million Wallace Gilberry - 2 Years, 3.5 Million Guaranteed Reshard Langford - 1 Year, 1 Million Free Agency: Carl Nicks 5 years, 51 Million Guaranteed Benjarvus Green-Ellis, 3 Years, 13 Million Guarranteed
My Mock: 1. Trade down with Browns, then Pats(through Saints), picking up an extra 2nd and 3rd. And with the 29th selection in the 2012 Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select...

Dontari Poe DT
Memphis rJr 6-5 350 5.36 40 Time
NT's like Poe do not come often. His size, ability to command double teams, and 2a.

Zebrie Sanders OT Florida State Sr 6-5 307
5.25 40 Time
A ZBS RT to push and eventually replace Barry Richardson.

Vontaze Burfict ILB
Arizona State Jr 6-3 250
4.67 40 Time

A tough, physical SILB who can push and eventually replace Belcher.


Antonio Allen SS
South Carolina rSr 6-1 202 4.57 40 Time

Safety Depth


Senio Kelemete OG
Washington Sr 6-3 302
5.23 40 Time

Interior Line Depth


Ladarius Green TE
La.-Lafayette Sr 6-6 236 4.64 40 Time

Gives us the Gronk-Hernandez TE Combo


Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma rSr 5-10 188 4.52

WR Depth


Mike Daniels DT Iowa rSr 6-0 280 4.84

DE Depth


Devon Wylie WR 34 Fresno State rSr 5-09 186


Burner WR, might as well take a flier.

Depth Chart:

Offense: (31 Players)

QB: Cassel, Orton, Stanzi

RB: Charles, Green-Ellis, Battle, McCluster

FB: McClain, Bannon

TE: Moeaki, Green, Pope

WR1: Bowe, Copper, Newsome

WR2: Baldwin, Horne, Wylie

Slot: Breaston, Broyles, McCluster

LT: Albert, Maneri, Mims

LG: Asamoah, Lilja

C: Hudson, Kelemete

RG: Nicks, Lilja, Kelemete

RT: Richardson, Sanders

Defense: (30 Players)

RDE: Dorsey, Bailey, Bair

LDE: Jackson, Bair/Gordon(Situational), Daniels

NT: Poe, Gordon, Powe

WOLB: Houston, Studebaker

WILB: Johnson, Williams, Greenwood

SILB: Belcher, Burfict, Siler

SOLB: Hali, Sheffield, Miller

CB1: Flowers, Daniels, Arenas

CB2: Carr, Brown, Arenas

Nickel: Arenas, Allen, Washington

S(Scheme doesn't have a strict "free" and "strong" safety): Berry, Lewis, McGraw, Allen, Langford, Washington

Special Teams: (3 Players)

LS: Thomas Gafford

K: Ryan Succop

P: Dustin Colquitt

The roster has 64 men. 16 camp invites are handed out notably to...

  • Chase Ford, TE, Miami Florida
  • Darron Thomas, QB, Oregon
  • Bryce Brown, RB, KSU
  • B.J. Coleman, QB, Tennessee-Chattanooga
After camp, the following players are cut...

After Eli Manning, gets injured and is out for the season, the Chiefs trade Matt Cassel to the Giants for a 2013 2nd/3rd conditional pick. They Name Kyle Orton as the starting QB.
Practice Squad: 53 Man Roster(54 with QB rule[Healthy Scratch])
Offense(25 Healthy, 5 Scratched): QB: Orton, Stanzi, Coleman RB: Charles, Green-Ellis, McCluster, McClain FB: McClain, Bannon TE: Moeaki, Green, Bannon, Maneri, McClain WR1: Bowe, Copper WR2: Baldwin, Horne Slot: Breaston, Broyles, McCluster LT: Albert, Richardson, Maneri LG: Asamoah, Lilja,Kelemete C: Hudson, Kelemete, Lilja RG: Nicks, Lilja,Kelemete RT: Sanders, Richardson, Maneri
Defense(26 Men, 4 Scratched): RDE: Dorsey, Bailey, Bair LDE: Jackson, Gordon, Bair NT: Poe, Powe, Gordon
WOLB: Hali, Sheffield, Miller
WILB: Johnson, Greenwood
SILB: Burfuct, Belcher
SOLB: Houston, Studebaker, Miller
CB1: Flowers, Daniels, Arenas CB2: Carr, Brown, Arenas NB: Arenas, Allen S: Berry, Lewis, McGraw, Allen, Langford
Special Teams(3): LS: Gafford K: Succop
P: Colquitt

Let me now what you think...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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