Mock Draft Thread 1/2/2012-1/15/2012 (plus my Mock w/ trades/resigns/and CUTS)

Ups had posted an Official Mock Thread, but it has already been pushed off the main board before gaining the proper amount of Reckage. So here is another. And I thought while I'm at it, I might as well throw some ideas into the mix, complete with trades and resignings.



We all can agree we'd like a QB of the Future and that it is a need going forward. Will we draft one or get one by next season? Doubtful. I see Orton in our future for awhile. And sadly, I'm afraid we could possibly see Josh McDaniels as our OC too. I don't like it personally. If it happens I think it shows Pioli is committed to the idea that he can recreate the Patriots and refuses to think for himself or outside the "Patriot-Way" box (I hate that term). However, this is about the Draft and FA, not Pioli and his potentially career jeopardizing decisions.

*I will say though, that one of the biggest things this team needs to succeed, is continuity. Whoever our next HC, OC, DC is, they need to stick with them and give this team the chance to grow and succeed. Under Crennel our Defense has begun to grow and resemble some very real promise. Our offense has potential promise, but can also be a horrifying, eye-gouging, coma inducing once-a-week nightmare when opportunity arises. Or even when opportunity doesn't arise. Continuity is key, and we sure could use some here. Especially on Offense.


Following in the mold of subtle resignings, I think Pioli acts quickly to retain our current In-House talent. That means in no particular order:

- Le'Ron McClain FB (no brainer)

- Brandon Carr CB (no brainer)

- Dwayne Bowe WR (I never thought I'd want this guy back, he drives me nuts, but Orton needs him to make this offense thrive. Plus, Bowe, regardless of drops, commands respect from opposing D's and is a terrific downfield blocker as well. We need to retain him, despite his inconsistencies...I still can't believe I'm saying this)

- Kyle Orton QB (I'm not sold on Orton for obvious reasons. He may be able to throw all over the field, but if he can't score points I don't see how he's much different than Matt Cassel. Just my persoanl opinion. At any rate, he looks good throwing the ball to our WR's, and given the talent we possess on offense, I think he is a suitable stop-gap QB while we look for our future guy/develop Stanzi).

- Barry Richardson OT (provides a solid swing tackle, good depth, and man-handled Clay Matthews...he should be retained for that reason alone. Before I get crucified for saying that, he provides quality depth along our OL, and that is something we desperately need. I am by no means suggesting he should start).

-Jovan Belcher ILB (quality depth at the ILB position. He can fight for his position in training camp. Definitely a position we could upgrade)

-Jon McGraw S (solid special teamer and depth at the S position. He is not starting material, but he is head and shoulders above Langford, Sabby, and Washington. Which speaks volumes about the depth at this position, and how badly we need to address it).

- Corey Greenwood LB/DE (solid special teamer)

- Wallace Gilberry DE (semi-brainer)


-Thomas Jones

-Casey Weigmann

-Kelly Gregg

-Jerhme Urban

-Rashard Langford

-Sabby Piscitelli

-Tyler Palko (he needed cut like the day before yesterday)

- Anthony Becht TE (release or move to practice squad)

-Jake O'Connell TE (release or move to practice squad)


- Matt Cassel for a 4th-5th round pick. If you paid attention to this season you may have noticed the serious need for a quality backup QB. And Matt Cassel is exactly that. There will be several teams willing to make this trade and I think its more than an affordable asking price.

- Glenn Dorsey for a 3rd round pick. 4-3 teams will be eager to jump on this opportunity. Dorsey has experience in both the 4-3 and the 3-4, and can play DE or DT. His versatility paired with his ability will make someone (Gunther) salivate to have him on their team. I don't see moving Dorsey for a 3rd round pick being exceptionally difficult. SF/TB/IND/WAS/DET (whether Detroit would make that trade given the bad blood there I don't know. But with Gunther there, and the potential departure of Cliff Avril to FA, I think Dorsey could draw some interest there for sure).


- Carl Nicks OG (No reason to believe this is impossible. It will cost us, but it is a brilliant move in shoring up a struggling offensive line. This move will be the start toward a bright young, dominate OL)

- Jason Snelling RB (at 5'11 234lbs Snelling is a big, physical back that would be cost effect and provide us a great compliment to Jamaal Charles. In addition to Snellings' size, he is also an excellent receiver, making him all the more versatile. This would be a terrific addition to a team stocked with weapons)

- Aubrayo Franklin NT (WTF? Everyone wanted him last year, me included, and instead we passed him by...and he has been awful in NO. So why would we want him here? Our chances of acquiring Garay or Soliai are slim at best. Franklin is still young enough to be productive for another few years and represents a solid value (something Pioli is known for) because we could sign him on the cheap. Crennel has a habit of getting the most out of struggling/troubled players (see Shaun Smith/Shawn Rogers) so with this cost effective move, we can cut our losses if he sucks, or potentially gain a stud, run stuffing NT. Either way, this signing presents a low risk/high reward value for us. I'm on board all the way.

Shawn Rogers NT (WTF? Didn't we just sign Franklin? We don't need another NT. Rogers is capable of playing both DT and DE. He's familiar with Crennel and gives us depth and insurance if Franklin can't regain his former status. He is also someone we can get for cheap. There is a theme here, savvy?)

- Chase Daniel QB (he doesn't fit the Pioli mold, he's too short, he's from MU, he's blah blah blah. Chase is a stud and I'd dare to say he could potentially be a star in the league if given the chance. Learning behind one of the best QB's in the league, who just also happens to be undersized, Chase could easily compete for a starting spot here. NO could easily resign him, but they have a multitude of offseason players they have to make moves on. Drew Brees being the biggest. Acquiring Chase would give us great competition, quality depth, and hope that Pioli is willing to overlook the NFL status-quo, and recognize solid talent. This would be a smart FA addition, and a sound marketing one as well. MU fans would love this, and Daniel jersey's would sell like hotcakes.

*I will mention that I would like to pursue Jacob Tamme TE as well. I don't know that we would be able to persuade him to our cause, but we could use some quality help at the TE position. If we can't get Tamme then we draft our TE instead.

With these Free Agent acquisitions, I think we begin putting the pieces of the puzzle together that give us the best chance to succeed. Carl Nicks will be the most expensive piece, but well worth the price tag. We gain some immediate starters and instantly improve our depth across the board.

In FA we pick up a QB, RB, OG, and a NT. Through trades we get an additional 3rd (Dorsey) and 5th (Cassel).


1. Jonathon Martin OT I get so tired of everyone clamoring for a franchise LT. "Move Albert to LG or RT", it gets so old. Albert has done a good to great job at LT, and he should stay put. I reference the above statement I made "we need continuity". Albert stays at LT. Currently, we need help at RT and LG. Nicks solidifies the LG spot, while Martin decidedly improves the RT position.

2. Dwayne Allen TE Why a TE end so high? Look around the league. TE's are having more of an impact than ever before (see Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski). Even now a TE is on his way to breaking Jerry Rice's reception record....I think we all know who that guy is. But we have Moeaki. Sure, and Moeaki has a history of terrible injuries. We need another go to guy that is not named Leonard Pope. Having both Moeaki and Allen provides another resourceful tool both on the line of scrimmage, and in the open field as receiving threat. Dwayne Allen can catch, block, and has the intangibles to be a terrific player for us for years to come. Allen routinely asked Dequ'an Bowers (Clemsons' top rated DE, a projected top 5 pick entering the 2011 Draft) to line up against him so that he could improve on his blocking. Allen possesses the skills, work ethic, and desire that will make him an asset to our OL, and provide another terrific weapon for our offense.

3a. Bacarri Rambo S Rambo not only has a great name, he's been a great player for Georgia. He replaces McGraw on the depth chart and gives us much needed help in an area of dire need.

3b. Kevin Zeitler OG More quality depth. Zeitler is another, in a long line of Wisconsin road-graters, that have opened gaping holes for a terrific collegiate rushing attack.

4. Tank Carder ILB Carder needs to add some bulk, but he is a high motor, high intensity guy with good instincts and a terrific tackler. Great depth/starting competition for Belcher/Siler.

5a. Grant Garner C Garner started the entire 2010 season at C and has provided Brandon Weeden, Kendall Hunter, and now Randel, the blocking they've needed to get their high octane offense flowing.

5b. Blake Gideon S Gideon is a big, experienced Safety capable of playing against physical receivers and TE's. I would take Gideon here in an effort to address quality depth at the S position. The less I see of Donald Washington in our backfield the happier I will be. Might as well give the other team a 12th man.

6. Ethan Johnson DE Johnson is projected as a 3-4, 5 tech DE. He has room for improvement, but has good size at 6'4 300lbs. A project for Crennel.

7. Brandon Bolden RB Bolden is a big, physical, power guy with great hands to boot. He was the go between for Dexter McCluster at Ole Miss, and could provide good depth at the RB position.

I can only speculate on what the Colts are planning with the firing of Bill Polian and Son today. So who knows, maybe Manning will hit the market and make this Mock is for naught. At any rate, this scenario is highly unlikely and all of the Cassel lovers will probably get their wish and watch as he regains the starter reigns next season.....or maybe Pioli will step up and "do better at his job." Either way, we'll still be Chiefs Fans. GO CHIEFS!!!

PS: PLEASE REC for the new Official Mock Thread! Thanks!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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