Jon Baldwin, and 7 others who need to breakout.



Anyone possibly remember this play? Though looking moderately homo-erotic, this is the play of Jon Baldwin's short career, and the reason why I think Jon will develop into something. Not a lot receivers in the league could do this. But let's not kid ourselves, Jon makes rookie mistakes. We all try to turn our heads when he drops a ball that would've been a first down, or runs out of bounds as opposed to using his 6'5, 230 pound frame to fight for some extra yards. Yes, they are ROOKIE mistakes, as are expected. But they happen so often that they're unavoidable. But I still have high hopes for Jon. He missed alot of the season due to the fight, and is just a little nervous going into the NFL. He obviously has great ability (shown by his vertical catch during the Monday Night versus San Diego game, and the picture above), I think we just need to sit back and watch him develop into something. I'd love to see him erupt into our redzone threat like Calvin Johnson, a towering receiver that you can just lob it up to and put 6 points on the board, but we'll just have to wait.

Hopeful breakout season #2, Glenn Dorsey.

Call it a hunch, but I just have a gut feeling that next season Glenn is going to show why he was the 5th overall pick in 2008. Some have been calling for him to be traded, and I think it's ridiculous. He's a 3-4 defensive end, he's not necessarily supposed to get sacks or rack up tackles. I have a feeling he's going to show us that he deserves to stay here in Kansas City next season.

Hopeful breakout season #3, Branden Albert.

Don't get me wrong, I think that Branden is a great tackle, possibly Pro Bowl material. But his potential at guard is incredible. He's already one of the best linemen in the league on the move, and at guard he wouldn't have to deal with speed rushers anymore. I think he could be a perennial All-Pro player, 2010's All-Decade team kind of guy. If we can't get Carl Nicks in the free agency, I want KC to get a franchise LT and move Albert to guard, get an RT in the free agency or draft, and possibly even move David Mims to RT. Which brings me to...

Hopeful breakout season #4, David Mims.

This one is a bit more hopeful. I've watched Mims play in college, and at his level he was incredibly dominant. He's obviously got the size we want (6'8, nearly 340 pounds), and he's a physical run-blocker and surprisingly good pass-protector. Despite his massive gait, he's also surprisingly nimble, with quick hands and feet. His straight line speed is nothing outstanding, but I think he has potential to be a guy like Donald Penn, came out of a small school, undrafted, and starts and becomes a Pro Bowler. I'm anxious to see him play at this level and see what he can provide us.

Hopeful breakout season #5, Le'Ron McClain.

I'm not necessarily hoping for a "breakout", being as he's already probably the best fullback in the league. What I want is for him to be used more, like a lot more. I would like to see a lot of two back sets with him and Jamaal, and I'd like to see him get at least 170 carries next season. I would like him to take the role of Thomas Jones and be the workhorse, getting the majority of the carries and keeping Jamaal fresh. If we use sets with both him and Jamaal in the game at the same time a lot, it would keep defenses off balance and keep us from being so predictable. Will Le'Ron take the ball and plow forward? Or will Jamaal take the ball with Le'Ron lead blocking? Or, since they both have great hands, will they just go out for a pass?

Hopeful breakout season #6, Tyson Jackson.

We all know the sad story of Tyson Jackson. Was supposed to be the next big defensive lineman, fell to us at 3rd overall in 2009 and the rest is history. Or is it? Just like Glenn Dorsey before him, he had a meaningless rookie season and follow-up season, Dorsey then had a decent season in 2010, and is improving since then. So that's 2 bad seasons, 1 good season and is improving since then. Tyson had 2 bad seasons, and had a pretty good season this year. Could that mean he is just now getting into a groove? I think he will develop into at the least, a solid lineman that we can use as a good starter or great backup to...

Hopeful breakout season #7, Allen Bailey.

Allen impressed me a LOT in his rookie season this year. He's big, fast, strong, and smart. He made tackles in the backfield, chased down running backs from behind, and for being a 3-4 defensive end is a devastating hitter. he'll develop into a Pro Bowler, mark my words. I think he could be the next Neil Smith.

Packers replay 8 (via bjsvids1)

Sorry, just had to throw that in there.

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