Free Agents Who Should Be Targets for The Chiefs


The Chiefs Playoff hopes ended with a gut clenching, heart breaking, dreadful loss to the Division Rival, The Oakland Raiders. Today, the Defense was lights out, as it was for the remainder of the 2nd half of the year, but there are a lot of holes in the team. You can share your thoughts, opinions, targets for the Chiefs, and really anything in the comment section. Here we go.

My List:

  • Brandon Lloyd WR- Rams- There are rumors about Rams OC Josh Mcdaniels coming to KC for over a year, and they have really heated up since Todd Haley has been fired. Today, The Rams officially fired their head coach, Steve Spagnuolo, and that pretty much sums it up, that Mcdaniels is going tio be leaving, also. Now to Lloyd. Earlier last week, Lloyd said that, he will probably go wherever Josh Mcdaniels goes this year. Lloyd is due to be a FA, and really is right now that the season is over, but he obviously cannot be signed, yet. Two things, are very convincing, when you talk about Lloyd in KC. He grew up in Kansas City, and he has had his best years, with Chiefs QB Kyle Orton in Denver. If Mcdaniels (who has had a great history with Chiefs GM Scott Pioli) comes to Kansas City, It seems that WR Brandon Lloyd will be coming too, especially since St. Louis can't be a too comftorble situation for a top fo line wide-out in the prime of his career. Then Brings up the main thing, the Chiefs already Have a good WR group, with Dwayne Bowe, Jonathan Baldwin, and Steve Breaston. Bowe's contract is up and will be a FA if not re-signed, but they can easily place the Franchise tag on him for a year, so rookie Baldwin can develop into the star he could and should be, and then release Bowe and then Have Lloyd Baldwin and Breaston. Honestly, that's the most realistic option, but if I'm Scott Pioli, I would sign Lloyd and Hire Mcdaniels, because you can't have enough weapons on that side of the ball. And the Chiefs do have the Money to pay all of them respectfully.
  • Aubrayo Franklin NT- Saints- Going into the 2011 season, the Chiefs were interested in DT/NT Aubrayo Franklin, for great reason. He was coming off of a great season with the 49ers, and the Chiefs had a big gap in the NT position after loosing Ron Edwards. This year, veteran Kelly Gregg, who made a very limited impact this year and really played not poorly, but far from what expected, is expected to retire, or be released. I'd be stunned if he is on their roster next August. So, Aubrayo Franklin played through his contract year this year, with decent stats. He racked up about 30 tackles, which is pretty well considering that the NT's job is to eat up blockers, and make a couple plays on the run. I think that with Amon Gordon, and Rookie Jerrell Powe, Franklin would play a good role as the 1 or 2 year answer. while Powe can develop into a started and learn from a veteran in Franklin.
  • Ryan Grant RB- Packers- Just so you all know, This is on the very bottom of the list of needs for the Chiefs. I know that they do not need a ton of help, and this is very unrealistic, but I thought that I would put it down to see everybody's reaction. Personally, I think that Grant would be a great addition for the Chiefs, because with Jamaal Charles possibly needing to have somebody to share carries with, as he did with Thomas Jones in 2010, Ryan Grant is perfect for that. He will most likely not get re-signed, since the Packers have rising 2nd year back James Starks. With Mccluster, who showed what he's capable of doing today, with great explosiveness and speed, Jamaal Charles who has everything you want in a franchise RB (speed, big play ability, the strength to break tackles) and Jackie Battle who should be re-signed, who runs hard, and can get a first down and would be good around the goal line, they will be all set with the addition of Ryan Grant who can catch passes out of the backfield, run between the tackles, make big plays, and give Charles a break, the Chiefs would by far have the most dominant running game that the NFL has seen in years, if they have ever seen something like this before.
  • Terrell Thomas CB- Giants- Some of you reading this, are probably thinking, why do they need a CB when they have Brandon Carr and Brandon Flowers, dominating anybody on the field? Because 1. Brandon Carr may not get re-signed this off season and 2. They don't have a good 2nd string CB. I do think that Brandon Carr deserves that money that he will probably demand, and that they should give him the money and the contract because he has played very, very well this year. Beyond that, if he is, or isn't re-signed, they need just a little help there. Just a little. Javier Arenas has been getting picked on all year, and has showed that he is not somebody you can rely on during the course of a season. (I'm not saying he should be cut or not on the team, he's a great kick returner and can still play, but he's not a good coverage man.) Thomas suffered a season ending injury, and he may not attract a lot of attention this off season with a lot of the big names out there in the defensive back section. He's stellar against the run game, and can cover too, he'd be a great pickup for the Chiefs.

I think that the Chiefs biggest hole, is in the O-line, and they should address that with the 1st pick of their draft. And they also may need some help to compliment Pro Bowler Derrick Johnson. Javon Belcher, who played alright this year, can be a great backup, but in my eyes he isn't their starter. His contract is also up this year. I think he should be re-signed for depth, along with Brandon Siler, who was hurt early in training camp, who got a 1-year extension yesterday. I think that, that should also be taken care of through the draft. With the Matt Cassel and Kyle Orton controversy, this is my opinion. It was reported that The Chiefs will try and re-sign Orton, who in my opinion is the better QB and will win the training camp Battle. Matt Cassel should be traded for Draft picks to a team in need of QB, and that would help the Chiefs improve a lot, considering that Cassel could go for even a 3rd round pick and a 5th, or a 4th and 5th.(For those of you thinking he won't get those picks, remember Charlie Witherhurst, a backup went for a 3rd rd. pick to Seattle) That's my list of the Chiefs targets in free agency, leave your comments, thoguhts, your list of targets, and anything in the comments. Go Chiefs!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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