The perfect offseason

The Kansas City Chiefs will have three big offseason topics to worry about. Although they played well considering a tough schedule and crucial injuries, there seem to be a million holes in this team. Head coach, (if the last one is Romeo) defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator, quarterback, #2 running back, Right tackle, left guard, nose tackle, #2 middle linebacker, safety depth. Wow! Its amazing how they ended up with a 7-9 record!


Head Coach: Although the general consensus points the finger towards Romeo Crennel, a new option has suddenly appeared. Iowa's Head Coach Kirk Ferentz. Kirk is considered the next great NFL head coach. Im sure Scott Pioli is all over the idea of hiring this guy but I think we all know Romeo is the next Head Coach in Kansas City.

Offensive Coordinator: The favorite for this vacancy is Josh McDaniels. McDaniels spent years with Scott Pioli in New England where they had great success together. This guy can be very successful, but his only downside is he runs a very complicated system. A system that Kyle Orton has already run. Also, Brandon Lloyd will be traveling with Josh which means we get a stud receiver for cheap that already knows the system.

Defensive Coordinator: Obviously, if Crennel doesn't get the Head Coaching job he will have his old job back. However, if he is promoted to head coach, this job is wide open. It may not be too realistic but I would love to have Rob Ryan. I don't like the guy or any of the Ryans for that matter but lets face it. The guy knows how to run a defense.

Free Agency.

Guard: Ben Grubbs from Baltimore. Lets face it this guy is a bad ass. Finally we could have a dominant guard to help out our underperforming offensive line.

Right Tackle: I think I am the only one in this state that like Barry Richardson, but I will admit we need to look for a replacement for him. I think the best option is Giants Tackle Kareem McKenzie.


1st round: trade to New England for their 1st round pick and 2nd round pick. With their pick, take QB Landry Jones. This will hopefully solve our quarterback issue. Jones will not likely be a franchise quarterback but he could be a solid one

2nd round: OT Mike Adams. This guy has the body and the skill set to be an NFL tackle.

2nd round: G Kevin Zeitler. I like this pick. He has quick hands. Quick feet. Good size. He will be a good NFL guard.

3rd round: ILB Tank Carder. This guy is a football player and an athlete. Have you ever heard Pioli say he drafts for skill not size. That describes Tank Carder. First round talent but too short. He could be a real steal

4th round: S DeVonte Holloman. It has been hard trying to watch Sabby, McGraw, Langford, and Washington try to start at safety. We really need some depth here.

5th round: QB Kellen Moore. This is just a starter or bust pick. He is a great college quarterback and if he can transfer it to the pros he will be a great starter. If he can't, he will struggle to be on a roster.

6th round: RB Jeff Demps. This guy can fly. He runs a 4.18 and has a great eye for an opening in the defense. Struggles to stay healthy but he could be worth it.

7th round: RB Terrance Ganaway. He is the biggest back in this years draft class. He was part of an explosive Baylor Bears offense. He could be a great one two punch with jamaal and Demps.

7th round: C T-Bob Herbert. With Casey leaving we need some depth at Center.

I have spent a long time going through the players on this draft and even developed my own big board. It took a lot of time. However I feel strong that these players in my mock draft will succeed in the NFL. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think of it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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