How does Pioli do it?

Last year if you would have asked me for a mock draft, I would told you I am dead set on:

1. OLB, Akeem Ayers

2. NT, Stephon Paea

3. WR, Leonard Hankerson

4. NT, Jerelle Powe

5. CB, Shareese Wright

5. RB, Roy Helu

6. Tyrod Taylor

7. Shane Bannon

1. Pioli moves back in the draft 5 spots and gets a free 3rd rounder out of it. With the 26th pick we take Baldwin. In Scott Pioli's book, entitled War Room, he talks about the Falcons trade up for Julio. Falcons GM calls Bellichick, who taught all Falcon's GM what he knows, and asks, "Hey im thinking about trading up for Julio, what do you think?" Bellichick says, "No! you have a great WR were you are currently drafting in Baldwin." So he then calls Pioli and asks him what he thinks and Pioli's response? "Yeah it sounds great! Baldwin is overrated where you are picking." Just a funny story I would like to share.

2. Rodney Hudson, a great lineman with versatility. A great player to develop into a center or guard of the future.

3. (from Cleveland) Justin Houston. This is essentially a free pick for how Pioli worked his magic to get Baldwin. Not to mention Houston was a projected 1st round pick but fell drastically for drug use. IMO this is his loss and our advantage. And its not the worst thing if a player smokes a little dope.

3. Allen Bailey, this is also a projected late first round early second round pick. He fell and Pioli picked him.

4. Jalil Brown, versatile corner and he excelled at special teams this year. Id like to see him in defense. He could be a diamond in the rough.

5. Ricky Stanzi, why is it that in all of the mock drafts Stanzi isn't picked till later in the draft. He falls to the fifth then once Pioli drafts him, he could potentially be a very good starter.

6. Jerelle Powe, he is a major draft day free faller. He is also one that they say if he has time could develop into a major NT

7. Shane Bannon, I remember when the Chiefs worked him out pre draft. He was a beast in the IVY league and could have been the one two punch with Charles.

What do I see? Pioli reached in the first round in most of his drafts. IMO Pioli is not that great in the first round. That is why he tries to trade out of the first in most of his drafts. Also, in almost every other draft pick, he looks for free fallers. I think he is so hard to predict, so why do we try to mock him every year? Don't be surprised if Pioli trades away our first round pick for extra picks. Such as his trade last year to aquire Justin Houston for free. Tell me what you think how does Pioli do it?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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