RG3...Am I crazy?

(made an excessively long comment and decided to make it a fan-post too. don't know if it will get rec'd but here's some food for thought).
I usually grow tired very quickly of fans who pick their favorite college play-maker and then insist that the chiefs should go get him, regardless of need, scheme, and deficiencies at other positions.

Yet, I feel myself really wanting the Chiefs to trade-up to get RG3. Am I nuts? Just tell me if I am, but this kid seems like a complete badass who would fit well in our offense.

So here’s the scenario:
I’m going to assume that he’ll fall to 4 as the Rams won’t give-up on Bradford and the Vikings won’t give-up on Ponder.
We would have to trade, according to the value chart above, our 12th pick (assuming we lose the flip), our second-round pick, and an our third-round pick, although I think we would mix-in some picks from next years draft. That’s a fortune, but here’s why it might make sense (assuming my sanity for just a moment)…

Cassel isnt’ working-out. His best moments have been paired with inconsistency in most games. He has trouble routinely check-down to 3rd and 4th options as he locks-on way too much, and his accuracy mediocre. I’m not an avid hater — I think the offense could do satisfactorially with him at the helm next season — but he’s not going to be the overwhelming reason why we win if we do. A 2012 playoff chiefs team that has Cassel at the helm will win because of its defense and JC playmaking/ball-control on offense, not Cassel torching defenses.

RG3 might just be the truth. I like his maturity and attitude more than anything else. Already has his masters, nearly gave the bird to the NFL so he could go to law-school, super-brainy, very mature, family-oriented kid. His athleticism is terrific as well as his accuracy. Understands and embodies the difference between arrogance and confidence. I don’t think that anyone who has seen more than 2 minutes of interview with this dude can make the case that he’ll have trouble understanding NFL playbooks.

Furthermore, RG3 may be the key to unlocking a lot of talent we have on offense:
1. Our o-line is very quick and athletic — what they lack in raw-strength (and they lack a lot of that), they make-up for in shiftiness and agility. The potential to consistently move the pocket and create a lot of lateral play-action in the backfield with JC would weaponize the OL’s agility for the QB’s feet as well as the draws and funky-pulling plays we use to create space for JC. Cassel has some mobility but not big-12-champion-hurdles mobility. I think back to when the Falcons had Vick and Warrick Dunn — a fake stretch play would result in the defense, for a .2 seconds, not knowing where the ball was yet having to account for a HB with elite speed running left and a QB with elite speed running right. Very hard to defend.

2. We have a lot of playmaking available at WR — much of it is lost on the failure of the coaching staff/QB to produce synergy between the weapons we have. Bowe and to a far lesser extend Baldwin are big, physical guys who can penalize single-coverage. Breaston and to a lessor extent McCluster have speed and playmaking ability. With those 4 guys on the field, a secondary is hard-pressed to match-up talent-wise, but for some reason its not coming together. It may likely be the case that that is a coaching, not a QB’ing, issue, but a dynamic player at QB that forces defenses to account for his running ability may unlock a lot of that potential talent at WR. Plus a QB with more accuracy and field-awareness could help.

3. Our defense is better in its nickle package than its base — we have fixed this in part with Gordon and Gregg, but for the most part, our defense is better when whichever make-shift NT we have is on the sideline and Arenas is in the game. Thus, playing with a lead tightens the noose around the opposing offense’s neck. Our defense is going to be good next year but playing with a lead will make it much better. I know, I know, every defense is better with a lead but I think this is uniquely true for the chiefs given our personnel, specifically our secondary.

Obviously, the costs of getting RG3 would be tremendous:
1. We still have to pay Cassel — the rookie wage scale may make employing both somewhat easier to stomach but its still bad for fiscal efficiency. (though I’m not sure what the nature of Cassel’s contract is, I’ve heard conflicting reports — what would we owe him if we cut him tomorrow???)

2. It is at least 3, if not 4 picks for 1 — This would be the Julio Jones move of this year. (Though notwithstanding a couple of hamstring set-backs, I think the Falcons have been vindicated for that decision). We still have a lot of other needs. Although, I don’t think they are nearly as numerous as they used to be. We have a predominantly young and talented team, if there ever was a time to sacrifice player quantity for quality, this could be it.

3. the browns may just tell us no — if he’s such a hot commodity, we may just not be able to pry the brown’s hands off of that 4th pick which either means (a) this is all academic or (b) we’d have to move-up to #3 to get him which is more like 5 picks for 1 guy.

Anyway, tell me I’m nuts and — if you have a second — tell me why.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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