It’s that time of year again, the days are shorter, the weather colder and the Chiefs are done for the year. While others fans get to cheer their teams on in the playoffs we discuss free agency and the draft. We have had our hopes raised by certain players and yelled at others through our televisions. We have had solid play from a majority of the team, but it is obvious there are major holes that need to be filled. With the right planning the Chiefs organization could fill nearly every single position with a quality player through a combination of free agency and the draft.

Obviously, the biggest need for this team is a QB, and as it looks we don’t have a chance at Luck or Griffin. With that in mind we now only have a few to pick from. It appears as if we only have 5 realistic options, Matt Cassel, Kyle Orton, Peyton Manning ( depending on what the colts do) Matt Flynn and Jason Campbell.

Cassel- I would not mind him being on the roster next year, as long as he’s the backup. He just doesn’t have the tools to take this team deep into the playoffs

Orton- Gave us some hope this past year, he was able to actually drive the team down the field and give the defense the rest it needed avoiding three and outs. I would not mind seeing him back, but he may want a guaranteed starting position.

Manning- Again, this option is only there if the Colts allow him to walk. A combination of Manning and Charles gets me excited, teams wouldn’t know what to do. It also gives the Chiefs time to draft a QB of the future in next year’s QB heavy draft to learn under Manning for a year or two.

Flynn- He has had a few monster appearances and looks like a superstar when he plays. Picking up Flynn would be a flashback to picking up Cassel after his Patriot year. This more than likely doesn’t happen.

Campbell- This is a wildcard pick up, thinking that Campbell would be better for this team than Cassel

WINNER: The clear winner in this is Peyton Manning, but being realistic Kyle Orton is the best option at QB for 2012.

The Chiefs still have Jammal Charles on the team, but there is a need for a bigger back to share time with Charles. There are some great options in free agency that would complement Charles style. Some options include Hillis, Lynch, Bush and Tolbert. Most of these would be a great fit for the team but I see most of these players re-signing with their current teams.

WINNER: The best bet for the Chiefs would to pick up a power back from rounds 4-7 of the draft.

The Chiefs seem to be set when it comes to the WR spot. Bowe is a free agent and may want to move on. If Bowe does walk there are a decent amount of other FA WR's that we could bring in

WINNER: If anything Keeping Bowe,

The Chiefs also have a pretty good TE in Tony Moeaki, but as its well-known does have durability issues. There are decent TE available in free agency this year. Some of the better options are Greg Olsen, Mercedes Lewis, Jermichael Finley and Fred Davis. I think the only one the Chiefs have a chance at is Greg Olsen, but the better option would be to take a TE in the draft.

WINNER: Drafting a TE rounds 2-7

There are a few positions on our OL that could use some upgrading, LG and RT. There are not a bunch of options in free agency at replacing the RT spot other than Demetrius Bell. While at the OG/OC there is a pro bowler in Nicks and Grubbs and a pretty good player in Myers from the Texans. With the money the Chiefs have to spend I could see them pulling Nicks away from the Saints. There are also some great options at C/G in the draft as well.

WINNER: Chiefs are unable to grab Bell, Nicks, Myers or Grubbs so they must turn to the draft rounds 1-7 for help

There could be some upgrading done along the defensive line, many are not happy with the way Dorsey has played even though he is one of the best run stuffing DE’s in the league. Jackson will continue to hold down the other side, while Kelly in the middle more than likely will not be part of the team next year. We as fans have been looking to the answer at NT for years now and still are looking. We drafted Powe last year but we still need more. We do have some options to fill the middle, Soliai, Franklin, Garay and Pouha. Playing in a 4-3 Defense with the Saints may have hurt Franklin’s stock, but The Chiefs are able to get him cheap because of it. Dorsey is in the last year of a contract and the Chiefs want to get something out of him before he walks. With this in mind the Chiefs end up trading him to the Vikings, Browns or Rams for their 3rd round pick. To take his spot the Chiefs pick up Calais Campbell

WINNERS: DE-Calais Campbell NT- Aubrayo Franklin

Fullback is a no brainer, re-sign McClain


We have a pretty good lock on the LB spots, the only position that could use an upgrade is the ILB spot next to Johnson. The Chiefs have Siler and Belcher, but may look to the draft for a replacement.

WINNER: It will be a fight between Siler and Belcher but don’t be shocked if the Chiefs draft an ILB in the first 4 rounds.

The secondary is young and great on this team, the only thing we should worry about is getting Carr back and looking from some depth at the SS/FS spots. WINNER: Re-sign Carr and drafting depth rounds 3-7

After the Start of free Agency the Chiefs are able to pick up QB- Kyle Orton, DE- Calais Campbell, and NT- Aubrayo Franklin while keeping FB- LeRon McClain DB-Brandon Carr and having to franchise Bowe. Chiefs trade Dorsey to the Vikings for their 2012 3rd pick.

The Chiefs now can look to the draft to start filling the few remaining holes on the team.

Round 1- The Browns snag RG3 for their future and with the Chiefs on the clock at 11 and Trent Richards still on the board, The Browns call the Chiefs offering 22 and 36 to grab him

With the 22nd pick the Chiefs select- David Decastro/ Peter Konz OL- If Decastro is still on the board it’s the pick, but the odds are unlikely. The Chiefs take Peter Konz and push Hudson to the OG Spot.

Round 2- The Chiefs get an extra 2nd pick from the browns Trade, with this pick the Chiefs find their RT

With the 36th pick the Chiefs select- Zebrie Sanders- OT-Florida State Comes in and finishes off a line that looks to be solid all the way across.

Round 2- The Chiefs use their original 2nd round pick to add some more offense to help move the ball. With their original pick the Chiefs select Coby Fleener-TE-Stanford with Moeaki having health issues we need a backup, and if Moeaki can stay healthy we have our Gronk and Hernandez. Fleener also has a basketball background which we all know from TE’s like Gonzalez and Gates really helps block out defenders.

Round 3- With the pick from the Dorsey trade, the Chiefs Audie Cole- ILB- North Carolina State. Audie has good size and athleticism, could very well fight for a starting role.

Round 3- The Chiefs select Harrison Smith- FS/SS- Notre Dame can play both spots and would be solid depth or even take the FS spot away from Lewis.

Round 4- Omar Bolden-CB- Arizona State coming of an injury, but at one point and time was one of the best CB in the country, well worth the risk at this point

Round 5- Brandon Bolden-RB- Mississippi The replacement to Thomas Jones, has good size and decent speed. Bolden also has developed into pretty good receiving back as well.

Round 6- Ryan Broyles-WR-Oklahoma A great player, again coming off an injury but an explosive slot WR and special teams player

Round 7- Case Kennum-QB-Houston Pioli says he wants to pick a QB every year…here it is

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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