Does Todd Haley have a Mental Disorder

The most infamous start of Haley's career was his argument with Anquan Boldin. Within a year of coaching, he broke a golden rule of NFL coaches and refused to shake hands with Josh McDaniels. This was not McDaniels first outing against Haley. However, during this outing Haley accused Josh McDaniels of spying / cheating on the Chiefs and their gameplan. His warning to McDaniels was that everyone was on to him.

This is a sign of paranoia. But it has its own right. McDaniels was part of SpyGate. But so was Pioli, the man who hired him.

Todd Haley refuses to shake Josh McDaniels hand (via astroph)

During the Famous Monday Night Overtime Win, Haley decides to chew out whatever coach is on his headset (most likely it is Steve Hoffman, the special teams coach ) saying the F-bomb clearly to a fellow coach. Again, even the most controversial coaches treat their fellow coaches like they are on the same team. This is another sign of him not acting like a leader but a spoiled child.

This is how Todd Haley talks to his coaches. (via seahawks4life34)

Haley clearly picks a fight with Bill Muir in this video and walks off. Muir, a veteran coach, seems furious at Haley's childish actions at this point. Haley went through 4 Offensive Co-ordinaters in 4 years. It became apparent in the offseason , after Weis left, that no assistant coach wanted to be in Kansas City with Haley.

Taking it one step further, Charlie Weis notified the press that he would become the Offensive Coordinater of Florida 2 weeks before the playoffs began. Why?

It would make sense if Weis was going to become the Head Coach of a college team with re-cruiting. But Florida and Weis making this knowledge public showed that Weis had enough of Haley and the Chiefs.

Todd Haley Bill Muir Sideline Exchange (via mattgrbac)

According to several first hand blog reports (all which came on different sights around the same time), Haley was at the Cigar Box and drunk with his friends. A group of Chiefs fans were in the table near-by and Haley felt that they were giving him and his family funny looks. Haley errupted on them and started to pick a fight. The police were called in and no report was made. The Chiefs PR team stated that Haley and his family just happened to be near an encounter despite the rumors that Haley was actually involved.

Buzz about Haley and incident at Cigar Box (via NBCActionNews)

Then there was an incident involving John Harbaugh during a pre-season game. One where Haley was trying to pick a fight w/ his fellow AFC Coach about how he was doing his job (after the Chiefs were beaten by the Ravens 2 consecutive times). Again Haley's mind wasn't where it should have been. It was at the blame of someone else instead of taking it in internally.

Nestor asks Harbaugh about Todd Haley's angst (via WNST)

Perhaps Haley wasn't made to be a head coach. He was simply a man that didn't have the mental capacity that a head coach of a promising franchse? Even the tiny details... Haley's appearance as a bum on the sideline during practices and meetings. His quietness during halftime. His lack of motivation to take Tyler Palko out of the game.

Haley said in various interviews that he felt like he was going to get fired last season. And after the Baltimore game. He let Jim Zorn take over the QB coaching. In THE WAR ROOM Haley notes that he isn't able to coach a quarterback. That Zorn was the answer.

But during this argument look at Zorn and look at Haley. Look at McClain , not telling his Quarterback to settle down but his coach. There weren't small issues with Haley coaching the Chiefs. There were MAJOR ones.

Haley-Cassel Sideline Spat.mpg (via MrIcefroggyfrog)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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