Kne..Recap, Hooplah and Cardiac Cats

Oh what a year. I sit here fixing to get drunk off my ass because I legally can now thinking what the hell.

We end up losing three players in three consecutive weeks to ACL tears (seriously what are the damn odds we lose three of our best players to a freak injury), are front runners for Andrew Luck, go on a winning streak, get our doors blown in 5 times, fire our HC, cause a whole lot of hooplah, blow the defending Super Bowl Champs doors in and are one blocked FG from going to the playoffs.

More Hooplah after the jump...

Romeo Crennel was the best choice for the job. We knew the Don was not going to hire a high profile coach. Not his style. As far as I am concerned as long as he didn't get blown out against the Faiders and Jackasses, the job was his after taking the Packers to the cleaners.

Kyle Orton 23/31 299 Yards 0 INT, 0 TD

Mr. Discount Double Check 17/35 235 Yards 0 INT 1 TD

Enough said.

Chiefs fans were hoping for Romeo's former DC in Cleveland Mel Tucker to come here. That was not going to happen because Gene Smith's job depended on it. If they let Mel go, it would have been the equivalent to letting Romeo go.

They swapped OC's with ATL and promoted Atlanta's OC to HC and brought in Atlanta's QB Coach to be their OC. To clarify, the Jaguars essentially traded Dirk Koetter for Mike Mularkey and Bob Bratowski. Then promoted Mike to HC and Bob to OC. Considering that these two have a history of developing young QB's (Mike molded Matt Ryan and Bob molded a certain Raiders QB that they received in a trade). And they gave Mel Tucker a promotion to Assistant HC to ensure that the only way he leaves Jacksonville is for a HC job.

And people say Pioli has a problem with taking from a franchise he is familiar with.

If I were Pioli, I would have done EXACTLY what Gene did. Use that connection to the Falcons to the best of your ability. You know that the Chiefs need help on the offense. I don't give a rats ass that the Falcons didn't put up a damn offensive point against the Giants. You do what you need to do to succeed.

Gene knew that he needed to help develop his first round QB and so he got two guys that could help do that. He also knew that he needed help coaching WR's and their "Pro Bowl" TE and got a guy that could do that (Mike Mularkey was a former TE and Bob Bratowski is a former WR Coach as well as QB Coach). He saw the problem, he knew that Khan would throw money to help and he used his connections (the Falcons HC was the Jaguars DC before Tucker) to get the problem solved.

People call Clark Hunt cheap BUT he gave Pioli a blank check. It is actually Pioli being the cheap one.

Had Pioli done exactly that and kept Crennel as DC, we would be in better shape.

I have hope that the Chiefs can cause a WHOLE lotta

Hoopla! (via Marioman9612)

in the future.

PS: Sorry if this sounded like a rant but I didn't want to make two posts and so yeah.

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