Chiefs 2012 Mock Draft: Realistic, Best Case Scenario


Since it's hard watching other teams win in the playoffs, and constantly play well, I thought I'd look forward to the draft, and this is probably the best case scenario, that is realistic, so here we go.

1. Jonathan Martin OT Stanford- The Chiefs have a lot of holes, but the most glistening one, was the Offensive line. Barry Richardson was horrendous, and just to mention his contract is up anyway. He can possibly be kept for depth, but not as a starter. Martin can give the Chiefs a real big, tackle on the right side, next to Jon Asomougha. It'd definitely help Whoever the Chiefs QB is next year, and

Give the quick Jamaal C

harles and Dexter Mccluster room to run around the edge.

2. Vontaze Burfict MLB Arizona State- After the Chiefs extended Brandon Siler's contracct to another year, (Siler was sidelined since the preseason with a torn acl) you might be thinking why they would need Derrick Johnson, Brandon Siler, and possibly Javon Belcher who's contract is also up and will be an Unrestricted Free Agent, But Siler and Belcher would be quality Linebackers to split time for the first year or two of Burfict's career so they can develop. With pro bowler Derrick Johnson, and then the two above average MLB's with Belcher and Siler, and lastly the rookie Burfict with a ton of potetntial, they would have an even better, more stellar Line Backer group.

3. Dontari Poe NT Memphis- With Pioli completely wiffing last year in free agency with the aging Kelly Gregg, they need someone who can help Tamba Hali and Justin Houston with the pass rush. Jerrell Powe was drafted last year also, and although he has potential, he is far from a "sur

e thing star" Poe on the other hand also has a ton of potential as well, he is 6-5, 350 lbs, and can really contribute to their growing defense,. and help stopping the run too.

4. Jayron Hosely CB Virginia Tech- With this pick, I am not saying that Brandon Carr is not coming back, and when/if he does come back, I think they still should draft Hosley here. Javier Arenas was sitting behind top CB's Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr, and he has shown that he cannot cover. At all. Whatsoever. Whenever the ball is thrown his way, he always behind the receiver, and he constantly gave up big plays this year. Not saying he should be cut or released, because I like him, but they need help there, Jalil Brown hasn't shown anything to =make anyone think he should be 3rd on the chart, and Travis Daniels is playing well in the nickel, and plays well when he is asked to, so I think he should stay there. Hosley would help out the Chiefs growing defense, and with the picks earlier with Poe and Burfict, they should be even better in the passing game, stopping the run, AND the pass rush.

5. Orson Charles TE Georgia- Orson Charles had a great year, with 44 receptions for 572 yards and 5 touchdowns. He was a big down field target and made a lot of big plays for the Georgia Offense. The question you probably have is "Why do we need a TE with Moeaki?" Because

1. TE duos are becoming a big part of the best offenses


2. Tony Moeaki was really unjury prone at Iowa in college, and once again got hurt in preseason, and was out for the year last year,

He has a ton of spark, and strength for their offense over the middle, but they can't rely on him to stay healthy. With Charles, who is a fairly fast Tight End, and is a similar player to Moeaki, can be a good compliment to Tony, and he can also be relied on if Moeaki goes down.

6. Dan Persa QB Northwestern- Dan Persa is a half running, half throwing QB, but really, he has a great arm, and made throws when he needed to. But when I look at him, I can see him being a type of player like Brad Smith in Buffalo. He's a good weapon to have, because when you bring him in, he can run, or throw, he can run the option, and he even has a little potential to be a good all around QB. People Like Persa are always good to have on the team, because he's a weapon, just another guy, who can contribute to their offense that is fully loaded with weapons. He threw for 17 touchdowns, and only 7 interceptions, while he missed the first 3 games of the season due to injury.

7. Risard Matthews WR/PR Nevada- This kind of seems like a deja vu pick of Quinten Lawrence, but Matthews was the top receiver at Nevada, and had 91 receptions, for 1,364 yards, He's also a good punt returner, and he was an explosive weapon, and really, if he's not an Nfl WR, he can be a good Punt Returner. If he doesn't pan out to anything, it wouldn't be a big loss, since he's only a 7th round pick.

Depending on What Happens with the whole Kyle Orton, Matt Cassel thing, the Chiefs can earn a complimentary draft pick, if Orton goes into free agency. the pick would only be around a 5th or 6th, but they ca use that for a De, and a Center, to help with depth, and even a starter, if Pioli strikes jackpot late. So there's my version, of The Chie4fs best case, realistic scenario, for the 2012 draft. Feel free to leave any of your comments, thoughts, or mock drafts in the comment section. Go Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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