Interesting Chiefs Draft News for Jan 13



Who is this guy?

But Wait, we got some other topics first.

Reiff vs Kalil

Overall, Kalil will be a high pick. Because he has a tendency to play tall, I would want to work him out to see just how good his lower body flexibility is. Though there are lesser athletes playing left tackle in the NFL, his best position may be on the right side where he could become a dominant player. If I had to choose today without the knowledge of the combine, medical exams and a workout I would choose Reiff over Kalil. Reiff may not be as nasty but he is a better athlete with a stronger and more consistent overall game. Both will become excellent NFL players and start early in their careers.

So the overall 2nd or 3rd player drafted in 2012 might be a RT?

The Best TE for the Chiefs? Who knows but IF these two were Scott's Object of Desire in 2012?

Dwayne Allen TE Clemson

Possesses a slightly above-average get off for his size when lined-up with his hand on the ground. However, doesn't do a great job avoiding contact. Allows himself to get upright and isn't overly shifty when trying to avoid a bump. Also, has a tough time as a route runner with defenders who want to get physical with him. Doesn't use his hands well to be physical and leave a defender before getting out of his breaks. Either extends his arms and is called for pass interference or allows a defender to be draped all over him. Looks more explosive off the line when split out, showcasing the body control, foot quickness and fluidity to snap out of his breaks on sharply breaking routes and create separation. Builds speed as he goes down the field. Isn't a burner, looks like a 4.75 guy, but sells his routes well and looks natural with his first step burst to the post. Snaps his head around quickly and knows how to find the football. Extends his arms well down the field and can pluck off his frame. Possesses good hands, but will get caught being forced to double catch at times.


Coby Fleener TE Stanford

Isn't used a ton as an in-line guy in the run game. More of a motion/move tight end who looks natural in space pulling into the second level and hitting a moving target. Doesn't do a great job breaking down however, gets a bit overextend at times into blocks, but can reach defenders off his frame. Has the ability to gain leverage in the run game, but just lacks the great strength in his lower half at this stage to routinely get a push. However, his strength should improve with time. Displays natural balance in pass protection on the rare occasions they do keep him in and can hold his own reaching the corner and anchoring initially with some consistency on the edge when helping with the double

I was suprised, I expected Allen to be the premiere TE in the 2012 draft.

Surprise, an LSU player shows up on the Chiefs draft board :)

Michael Brockers DT/DE LSU

Pass rush: Generates a good bull rush using his powerful legs and has the quickness to be used to get outside on twists. Does a nice job of playing to the outside allowing the defensive end to get wide around the edge. Has shown an advanced knowledge of how to use to his frame to get skinny and work through the gap. Would be able to make his most immediate impact as a five technique on a three-man front.

So, everyone in the pool!

Geaux Chiefs

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