Martin, Reiff, DeCastro, or Adams?

Oh, the eternal questions. Who would best suit Kansas City's offensive line? Who would best fit in our scheme? Who would best compliment those around them? Who might allow us to pick up ANOTHER free agent/draft O-lineman potential starter? Almost all of the Mock Draft thread comments show that we pretty much all agree that one of these three guys needs to be our first-round pick. Or that we need to trade the house for Luck or RG3, or the occasional Trent Richardson lover, or the VERY occasional person who says we should pick someone aside from those 7.

Without further ado, let's analyze the 4 and decide who could be the best fit.

David DeCastro



Pros: There is no doubt in my mind that DeCastro is the best O-lineman prospect in this draft (aside from Matt Kalil). He's got ideal NFL guard size, is great in pass-protection, uses his hands well and has great footwork, is physical in the run game and has the confidence and athleticism to devastate a linebacker in the open field or keep his feet moving and drive an opposing D-lineman into the ground. Looks like Steve Hutchison 2.0.

Cons: To be brutally honest, there really aren't any that have to do with him directly. The only thing I could think of is that if we drafted an O-tackle as opposed to DeCastro, we could then pick up Grubbs/Nicks in the free agency for an already proven monster guard.


Jonathan Martin



Pros: Very smart player, with the athleticism, strength and nastiness to make him a force at RT or even LT in the NFL. He finishes his blocks, manhandles his defenders and punishes them once he's got control. Mean streak aside, he's an intelligent guy that can predict an opponents moves and memorize rushing patterns that uses his hands well and has quick feet.

Cons: Only real concern is that he sometimes is a little too aggressive in pass-protection which occasionally causes him to whiff on blocks. Could definitely stand to gain some weight, too.


Riley Reiff



Pros: Without a doubt the most physical and nasty offensive guy in this draft. His run-blocking is superb, extraordinary even. He plays to the whistle, maybe even a little after. He finds delight in seeing an off-balance defender at putting them on their butt. He has the mobility to play as a guard, too. Definitely the kind of attitude I'd like to see him bring to KC's offensive line.

Cons: His pass-blocking needs some work. He oftentimes forgets to move his feet. Short temper causes some unwanted penalties. And he's much too lean, as well. This line needs some beef, and a RT that's just under 300 pounds isn't gonna do that for us. I'd like to see him gain like 15 or so pounds.


Mike Adams



Pros: Good all-around player. Great, imposing frame. Good, dominating pass blocker with huge, engulfing hands. When he locks up with someone it's oftentimes too much for them and he can drive them halfway downfield. Great upper and lower body strength. Looks like an almost exact replica of a far-away Chiefs named Jared Gaither.

Cons: 6'8/9 frame can occasionally keep him from getting enough leverage. Doesn't have fast feet and can get beat by speed rushers. A little too quick to resort to holding.


But don't take it from me, look for yourself.

David DeCastro...

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Jonathan Martin...

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Mike Adams...

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