Your matchup with my Bills on Sunday

As we all know, our teams play each other Sunday.  While some are predicting a blowout in your favor, others are saying u are ripe for an upset.  The truth is that these teams are close, very close.  There are reasons on both sides why each team can win.  

Let me state that I am not here to trash talk u guys.  You have a good team and I respect your team.  They are fast and not that real life is like Madden, but, I play the chiefs a lot in ranked games.  Your team speed is scary.  What I want to do is focus on some reason why u can win and why we can win and then what I think it will come down to.  I won't predict a victory b/c we all know who I will pick, and all that will be focused on will be who I pick and it will turn into a feeding frenzy of fans.  That is not my intent.

Why the Chiefs could win:

1. Your team is experienced.  You have the better starters.  They have been to the big dance and want more.

2.  Charles is a beast.  If he runs wild on Buffalo, it will be a long game for the Bills.

3.  You had a decent draft and got some good free agents for your team.

4.  Cassel has been a starter for a few years and this, in theory, would be the year he takes off.

5.  You haven't lost too many men to IR and have only lost 1 starter.  Some teams like the giants have lost up to 4 or 5 starters, that is hard to take in the preseason.  I know the players don't want 18 games, but, it would mean if they are lost, it won't be in the preseason and it would count for something if they were lost for the year playing in "real" games

6.  You ran wild on the team last year, so, in theory, since u were the best rushing team, it should continue.


Bills reason:

1.  they are much bigger and built to stop the run and rush the passer with 4 men.  They are bigger then most teams in the league and have a nasty attitude to boot.  Some have been cast offs and feel like they have to have a chip on their shoulders.

2.  They are even healthier then you are with no starters lost, as of yet

3.  We took u to OT last year with a horrible D and a game u HAD to win.

4.  These players know this is their chance to prove those teams who cut them were wrong and sometimes, that is greater motivation then some realize.  

5.  Dareus and Williams give us 2/3 of a dominant DL and Dwan edwards is healthy, as is Merriman.  Whether or not Merriman can last a whole game is a huge factor, if he can dominate for a whole game, Cassel will have a nightmare.  Our front 7 is good, Edwards, Dareus, Williams, Barnett, Merriman, and Davis with Morrison and Shepperd as backups is scary for u guys.  Oh, and Kelsey as the tweener 4th lineman/lb.

6.  Cassel has a bad rib.  I have no clue how bad it is, but, I have had a broken rib and IT SUCKS!.  It is painful and if he gets hit hard a few times, he will really feel the pain.  

7.  No matter how bad we were last year, this team never gave up on a game.  I know a few teams were shocked at how hard we play even when down by several scores.  If this team has the heart of a lion, since they are much bigger, it can really wear down other teams on both sides of the ball by beating them up physically.

What i think it will come down to:

1.  How will the bills deal with the crowd noise?  They dealt last year, so, not sure how much worse it can get.

2.  Turnovers.  Whoever wins this battle will win the game.  I mean, if there are 3 total, the team with 2 loses, no matter what.  These 2 teams are very close to each other.  The difference between 4-12 and 10-6 is not that great.

3.  Pressure without blitzing.  Whoever gets better pressure with their base D will have a huge advantage.  It will help in the run game and make it much harder to pass.  If both defenses dominate, then it will come down to:

4.  Field position.  It could be that simple.  Special teams on punts could be the difference and both our punters are good.  Punts inside the 20 could determine this game.  1 breakout return could too.  


I am predicting a very close game as you can tell.  Even if one team gets up early, I think the other team will continue to fight.  I think this is the perfect week 1 game for both teams.  Both fan bases think that they can win this.  Parity is alive in the NFL.  The biggest difference is we are in the ultra tough East and you are in the softer West.  I expect the West to be better then most do, but, they won't win as many games as the East will.  Denver was hit with a lot of injuries and with Von and Elvis, wow, that is a scary thought.  Orton is good.

Okland is, well, Oakland.  u never know what u will get, but, with a new coach, I expect them to take a step back.  They were lucky with not many injuries to starters, law of averages.  of course, SD is loaded with talent.  Only their coaching staff keeps them just above average.  It will be a crazy NFL no doubt, some will rise, some will fall, but, all will be on a wild ride!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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