Just Some Questions: Matt Cassel Edition

Alright, I'll do these every so often just for people to discuss if nothing else.  I find these make some great conversations in the comment sections.  I'll just ask some questions and you post your answers/opinions to them.  it is pretty simple and I'll answer my own questions.

So if you are bored and want to answer some questions feel free.  There is also a nice link to a video from last year against the Bills.  It will get you ready for this Sunday! 

1.  What do you think is Matt Cassel's best quality on the field is?

I like a lot of things from Cassel.  The one thing that I just love that he does so well is his play action/fake handoff.  The other night against the Packers he made the defense bite so hard.  The cameras were following the RB along with my eyes.  I forgot what quarter or exact play but I was shocked.  It was probably one of the best fake handoffs I have ever seen.  I also like his leadership and raw emotion on game day.

2.  Do you honestly think Cassel can lead the team we have now to a playoff win?

I think that if he doesn't lead us this year then next year for sure.  We have such a young team that has overcame a lot.  I'm not sure Cassel will ever become a 4,000 yard passer with 30 plus TD's but he really doesn't need to with our run game.  We have a really tought schedule but anything can happen.  I predicted 10 wins this year but of course like last year I'm a homer--even though I was right last year.

3.  What is your favorite memory of Cassel thus far?

I actually have two.  One is after a big run by Cassel at the Rams game last year.  He got up and was just so fired up--not even two weeks after his surgery. 

The second one is in this video at 2:55 - Cassel Fired Up!

Also, that whole video is just awesome against the Bills last year.  Haley's classic quote:  "I tell my wife I take the garbage out, sometimes I don't."  If you can't view the video due to facebook restrictions just add Red Tribe Cinema.  Then go to videos and you'll find it.  Inside the NFL against the Bills.  There are also just so many cool videos to view.

4.  Who does Matt Cassel remind you of?



5.  What is your biggest concern with Matt Cassel headed into this season?

Obviously, it is if he can stay healthy behind our line.  He is really tough but there is a line between tough and crazy.  I don't want him to further his progress but I also don't want to look at our other two options at QB--yet.  Let's hope he heals up and stays upright all season long.

6.  Who is the better QB:  Matt Cassel or Ryan Fitzpatrick?

I stated before that I think Fitz has more potential and upside.  However, as of right now he is not the better QB.  Cassel isn't too far ahead of Fitz though.  Let's see how this season turns out.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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