With Roster Cuts Made, 10 Things To Remember About Chiefs Offense

KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 26: Ricky Stanzi #13 of the Kansas City Chiefs looks to pass against the St. Louis Rams during a preseason game at Arrowhead Stadium on August 26, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri. The Rams beat the Chiefs 14-10. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs made 27 roster moves yesterday to come up with their first 53-man roster of the year, which you can see here. With so many moves in one day here are a ton of things to talk about and I'm making my way through all those story lines.

We'll start on the offense first. I think the biggest story line in this group is the offensive line, which doesn't look very intimidating. We'll see how this shakes out but I should say that I wasn't a fan of the offensive line heading into the 2010 season and they ended up being vastly improved from the year before so that's something to keep in mind.

Here are 10 things to remember about the Chiefs offense as it stands now:

This is a much better team than last year. Take a look at the current (unofficial) depth chart and this one from the Seattle Seahawks game last year.

For now, the Chiefs go into the season with three quarterbacks. This is the first time Todd Haley's exited training camp with more than two quarterbacks. Does KC pick up a third quarterback just a week before the season? At one point, I thought they would but now I'd bet against it.

Just seven offensive linemen. Bill Muir told us up in St. Joe a few weeks ago that, in a normal year, they'd keep eight offensive linemen. Just three offensive tackles and two guards. You gotta think there's some movement here in the coming days.

C Rodney Hudson could be a busy man. He's listed as the Chiefs backup center and is the only reserve guard as well. Rudy Niswanger and Jon Asamoah combined to fill those roles last year and, for now, the Chiefs consolidate those spots into one man.

WR Jerheme Urban enters the season as the No. 2 receiver. He went on IR last year before the season started and a lot of us simply forgot about him. He returns and may end up being the starting receiver opposite WR Dwayne Bowe.

The two guys who didn't play last year -- OT Jared Gaither and WR Keary Colbert -- make the roster. I'm not sure if this speaks to the Chiefs depth or if GM Scott Pioli and Co. can find a hidden gem. We shall see in the coming weeks.

RB Jackie Battle makes the team after his fumbles in the preseason. It seems the Chiefs think he's too valuable on special teams to let him go but more than a few people thought his fumbling issues would get him released. He won't be carrying the ball much in the preseason either.

Speaking of guys making preseason mistakes and making the team....WR Terrance Copper made it. He had two key drops in the final preseason game. Even Ms. Primetime knew enough about football to ask if he was safe. Before the cuts I wasn't sure if he was, despite his special teams prowess, but he makes it.

Lots of turnover at fullback. The Chiefs had FB Tim Castille and FB Mike Cox last year. Castille wasn't totally healed from an injury and Cox was released this week. Their replacement: FB Le'Ron McClain. Not a bad trade off if you ask me.

Chiefs keep seven receivers but it might really be six. Dexter McCluster is still listed as a receiver even though the Chiefs have publicly acknowledged he's moved to running back. It doesn't really matter where he's listed, as he lines up in both spots, but officially he's still listed as a receiver.

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