Maybe This Will Help...


So it’s hard not to notice a certain amount of… how shall I say it… tension around AP as of late. 

Now let’s face it, there are a lot of very, very good reasons for this. 

After all, the best thing we can currently say about our record is that it’s "unblemished."  (which, BTW, is how I choose to think of it.  We’re not winless.  We’re unblemished.  Just a little tip to keep you from bashing your head into a concrete wall)

Our starting QB has played roughly one and a half quarters of watchable football.  Our best offensive player is gone for the year.  Our best overall defensive player (yeah, I said it.  Berry took the step to being our best OVERALL defensive player last year in the playoff game.  Tamba’s better at one aspect, sure, and more dominant in some respects.  But no one on our D had more of an overall impact against the pass and the run.  Sigh…) is gone too.  Our second-year-borderline-stud TE?  Yep, down for the count.

The first two games were horrific.  The last one was heartbreaking, even more so given just how WINNABLE it was (has anyone ever felt so bad for a defense?  I mean, c’mon, they CARRIED us for that game, without Berry and without Flowers for much of the game.  They treated Rivers like their personal punching bag.  They forced turnovers.  And it wasn’t enough).

Anyways, things are tense.  For everyone.  And like any group with its back to the wall, we’re starting to turn on each other.  House against house, brother against brother.  It’s getting flat-out Biblical around here.  I don’t know how to fix every single schism here (I mean honestly, let’s face it, no one is brokering piece between Aiken and H2E anytime soon), but I do know one thing that can help…


One of the biggest argument-starters as of late is the whole "what is a fanpost" debate.  Basically, it goes down like this… someone makes a fanpost that is either poorly edited, too short, unentertaining, or kicking a horse that died sometime in the last year or so.  Following said post, several people comment on how much they dislike the post.  Chaos ensues.  More Biblical drama follows.  The women and children have to flee the area.  Battle joins.  Someone throws a trident.  You know, the usual.  It goes from calm day to...

Epic Battle


I'm not going to go too far in depth with what makes a good fanpost, because I'm not in charge around here and opinions vary.  But I've got a 2-pronged set of suggestions.  First of all, here's a set of things to look at when you're writing a fanpost IF you don't want to have people focus more on your post than your point.  Also, look here


(Important note: no matter what you do, someone is going to hate what you wrote.  I’ve worked my tail off on fanposts and had people tell me it sucked.  That’s life.  You can’t please everyone.  Well, maybe you can.  I know I can’t.  Then again, some would say that’s more my fault than anything else.  But I digress.  The point is, these are tips, not the Gospel.  I’m inserting more religion into my post than normal today… Moving on…)

First of all and most importantly, be original.  Introduce a new idea.  If you’re re-hashing an idea that’s already been talked about a good deal, present it in an original way.  Don’t just be one of a hundred fanposts that can’t be told apart because they say the same thing in the same way.

Second, figure out what you’re doing and stick with it.  Are you trying to inform?  Persuade?  Entertain?  All of the above?  I know that sounds like eighth grade English advice, but there’s a reason those "rules" exist (primarily, if you don’t follow some overall scheme in a paper or fanpost, you don’t usually wind up making much sense).

Third, be funny.  And if you don’t think you can write to be funny, at least try to avoid being completely unfunny (was it craig or H2E who said this?  I can’t remember, so h/t to you both).

Forth, a few pictures never hurt a fanpost.  I don’t fall in with the crowd that says they’re absolutely essential.  But they do help.  See?


Fifth, find some way to break down your post to where you aren’t writing giant paragraphs.  Trust me, people WILL skip over those and WILL be more likely to bash you (again, these rules are for those of you who care about that.  If you don’t, have at it).

Sixth, don’t rely on others to carry your post.  A question and a survey isn’t a post, it’s a fanshot.  You want to ask a question or have a poll?  Great.  But for the love of God, put your own thoughts in as well.  It’ll make the post way more interesting and probably lead to more debate. 

Last, remember that you’re typing, not talking.  People can’t see you.  They can’t hear your tone.  And generally, people tend to err on the side of "he’s being a jerk!" rather than "he’s making a joke!" when interpreting what you’ve written.  Why?  I don’t know.  But it’s something to keep in mind while you type.

All that said… originality is where it’s at.  Keep it fresh.  Will Smith would approve.  (the actor, not the player.  Darn you, autotag)

Some of you might think, "Well crap, MN, we suck right now.  There’s only so much to talk about.  Not all of us are parentheses-abusing blowhards who can babble endlessly with no point." 

Fair enough.  So for those of you who currently want to talk, but can’t think of anything to talk about, how do these grab you? (major h/t to TRS for the bulk of these ideas from a great comment he made. He’s a man among boys, that guy.  Here's a pic of him with a buddy)

Some Topics

BRich looked terrible in preseason, but he’s showing signs of settling in now. Legitimate starting RT, or should we be looking to upgrade?

Wiegmann is getting handled. Time to toss Hudson into the fire and get the rookie mistakes over with now? Or keep Wiegs in for his veteran leadership while the team is struggling to right the ship?

Flowers is probably our best open field tackler, and may miss this weekend’s game. Peterson is one scary dude toting the rock. Can our D cope without its two best tacklers (Berry, Flowers) against a runner as stout as AD?

If Baldwin plays, will our offensive scheme in gametime situations change? Will we see more 3 WR sets with Bowe / Baldwin / Breaston on the field at the same time? Especially considering the revolving door at TE right now – possibly more Dex/McClain in the backfield and the 3B lined up out wide with no TE? Flies in the face of the E-P offense that Haley is trying to establish, but may be our best bet to move the chains.

TJAX! He looked solid in preseason and wasn’t bad the first two games – and was very good (possibly shining star on defense) in this most recent game. Legitimately making his 3rd year jump that we’ve all been hoping for?

QB pressures by our defense – we were in Rivers’ face a lot last week. What did we do different that we weren’t in the first two weeks?

Defense coming around as a whole? When Berry went out, we all freaked out (myself included) just absolutely being sure that everyone would pass all over us for 50 TD’s / game. Turns out, we’re just now coming off a game where we held Phyllis Rivers to 0 TD’s and 2 INT’s. Romeo = badass? Or are the Safeties and depth DB’s stepping up in this time of need?

More carries for McClain, please! (This may be repetitive, but I’m biased because it’s such common sense.  This would be an example of a topic in which you’d want to find an original way to say it)

If the unthinkable happens and Charles doesn’t come back very well from this injury, what options are there at HB? And should we be pursuing those options anyway with Jones obviously being in his last season here?

Are we going to ever have Powe activated on game day? I thought he did well in pre-season, what’s with the lack of sideline time / rotational snaps for the big guy? Gregg won’t be here forever.

Speaking of D Line – How about Ammon Gordon? Looking pretty solid, but not spectacular. Did we find our Shaun Smith 2.0 in him? (minus the comedy)

What exactly changed at halftime vs SD that had us going downfield a lot more in the second half? Why didn’t that change happen in the first two games? Was Cassel dinged up more than was let on from the ribs? Or were the play callers being too by-the-book in sticking to the game plan?

Bowe’s TD catch at SD.  thing of beauty. Probably should be posterized.

Is there any good legitimate analysis on what the best teams in the NFL at converting third downs are doing that we’re not? What can we do to address it? (and is it more a problem of execution, personnel, play calling – or equal parts across the board?)

Is the Zone Blocking Scheme style offensive line we’ve assembled going to be the boon that we’ve hoped it would? Or are the really big strong bruiser D Lines like OAK and BAL too much for us to handle, and we should reconsider our O Line build?

Our next three games are very winnable. If we go on a 3 game win streak (we had 2 of those last year), we’re back at .500 – how would that change everyone’s perceptions, if at all?

No really, how the crap is the team with the most missed tackles in the NFL so far this year going to stop Adrian Peterson? (mentioned a second time just because it bears repeating)

Is DJ continuing to step up? Or has he faded into background just a bit so far this season? We need our D leaders to really step up now with the team struggling. Especially in the absence of Berry.

Is Kendrick Lewis our long term solution at FS? I really like the guy, and I think he was a steal where we drafted him. But he still misses more tackles than I’d like to see from a safety who is the last line of defense before a breakaway TD, though his coverage skills aren’t bad.

Has Belcher made the next leap to securing his starting spot? He had a long way to come from his small school college days. He’s gotten better each year so far. But is it enough?

The Colts are in a shaky situation. If we bring a lot of pressure against their QB next week, we can cause them a lot of trouble. I think we can bring it, if we stop subbing out Houston on passing downs. Agree / disagree / other solutions?

The Titans started the 2009 season 0-6 then went on a tear, finishing the season 8-8, missing the playoffs by one game. We’re 0-3 right now, is it quite possibly too early still to throw in the towel?

The hiring of Bill Muir was obviously not a long term solution for OC here at KC, but was done more for continuity through a screwed up truncated off season. Assuming we still have Haley next year, who gets the nod at OC, that we can hopefully keep around for the long term and finally end this revolving door situation for the good of our current and future QB’s.

What’s Justin Houston’s ceiling?  Does he show start potential?  And why is Sheffield taking pass rushing snaps instead of him?

How awesome is Asamoah?

What OTHER quarterbacks are in next year’s draft who aren’t named Luck?

Is Breaston capable of making a big time impact?  He seems to have the skills.  Why haven’t we seen more from him?  Playcalling?  Cassel?  Is he just not that good?


You were saying about nothing to talk about?


Look, the Chiefs aren’t playing well right now.  There’s going to be be tension around here.  However, taking a suggestion or two from this can help us at least avoid fighting over the fanposts themselves.  After all, WWJD?  Yep, still bringing the religion.  

Oh, and one more thing that may help the tension...


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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