Playing with Poetry

Alright fellow AP members, I am seeing new cliques forming throughout the ranks. I will not get into the granularity of any of the numerous discussions that have been beaten to death already. I will just state my case and say that I am all about winning. I would love to have a QB that is getting the praises of Luck, but I do not want to see our beloved Chiefs lose that many games to even be in the running. I would rather see Cassel miraculously turn on a dime, the light goes on for him, and he becomes an elite quarterback. Will it happen? Probably not, but that does not mean I am not praying for it to happen. If the light does not come on, I would love to see what we have with Stanzi. I was somewhat impressed with him in the preseason and would like to see what the kid can do under fire. I will now step down from my soapbox and treat you to what I refer to as a poem. I am bored at work and with nothing better to do, thought I would share with the class. Enjoy!!!

The turmoil discussed pushed me near wit's end,
the lockout tempted me to write off an old friend.

Yes, the NFL has always been a good pal of mine,
but money drives greed and that's the bottom line.

It finally ended and my friendship rekindled,
my hatred towards football had finally dwindled.

Preseason was near and my hopes began soaring,
visions of Arrowhead with crowds screaming and roaring.

Not enough time left Haley no plan,
treat preseason like practice, surely he can.

We'll condition our boys, gameplanning be damned,
the door to see progress was soon quickly slammed.

Game four against the Pack, we'll play starters not sit,
turned out a bad move, where's Moeaki, oh shit!!

Game one against the Bills, our asses handed to us on platters,
Berry down as well, this season no longer matters.

But wait, there is still hope, I can still stand tall,
we have the best RB in Charles, just give him the ball.

The Lions whup our asses, so further we fall,
son of a bitch, down goes Jamaal.

Down three superstars, now where do we turn,
fire Bill Muir and the playbook we'll burn.

Our playmakers are now gone for the season,
why God why, please give me a reason.

Now 0-2, off to face Miss Phyllis,
a game-ending pick, whachu talkin' bout Willis?

With the game on the line and our first win in sight,
Muir calls in yet another screen pass, surely they'll bite.

But bite they did not and we're left o and three,
missed field goals, bad playcalling, what can it be?

How do we adjust and get this season on track,
is it players, execution or coaching we lack?

Some folks are chanting "Our season is over, the Chiefs plum suck,
lose them all so that we can draft Andrew Luck."

I beg to differ with those folks from above,
watching the Chiefs win is something I love.

There are 13 games still yet to play,
so to Arrowhead Pride I beg the question, whaddaya say?

Can this season be saved, or are we dubbed the NFL's turd?
win a few games or draft the kid from Stanford?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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