Opinions are like a**holes

Everybody has one.  But regardless of what we have been taught since we were children, an opinion can be wrong.  In fact, opinions are as flawed as democracy is as a concept. That's right, I said democracy is a stupid concept.  Democracy gives my jobless and politically clueless neighbor down the street, the exact same voting power as a well informed, well educated (and no, I do NOT mean university or college educated) constituent who cares more about the process than degrading it down to a popularity contest.  Sorry for the little rant there, local elections coming up.  Back to the opinions.

My current rant about opinions on here stems from the Suck4Luck movement.  With all due respect to those people that are clearly extremely enamored with Andrew fact "Jim Jones"ish kind of admiration,  please stop.  You're giving me a headache.

I can't come onto this site to even read a post that is completely unrelated to our QB position, or the lack of success of our offense, without seeing a TON of "Hey, at least we'll get Luck", or "Let's lose the rest of our games for Luck" posts.  Get OVER it already.  I'm not questioning anybody's devotion as a fan here, but come on already.  You really want to be the laughing stock of the league again, just so we can get a draft placement favorable to picking this guy?  Really?  REALLY???  We just climbed out of the disrespect pool last year, and you guys are just jumping back into the deep end like freakin lemmings! 

So again, with all due respect to your "opinion", it's stupid.  Seriously.  Look back at the number one picks over the last 20 years that are QB's.  For ever Michael Vick and Peyton Manning, there are a lot more Tim Couch, David Carr, and JaMarcus Russell's.  

I get that most of the people behind this moronic mantra aren't actually wishing that the Chiefs would lose, but it's not right to take solace in the first pick overall either.  Having seen how the Chiefs operate under Pioli the last few years, what actually makes you think that he would draft Andrew Luck in the first place?  And what happens if (and the odds are likely), he turns out to be another NFL disaster, or takes years to develop?  What if, God forbid, he tears his ACL in the pre-season, or on opening day?  Not like THAT doesn't happen around here.  

Seriously people, he's not Jesus Christ in shoulder pads.  And even if he was, he would have to walk on water WHILE carrying half of the team and healing their injuries to solve all of the problems on this team.  

Now I know that I'm going to be blasted with a ton of negative comments for calling you guys (you know who you are) out, but I don't care.  This is MY opinion.  But out of respect for the people who come to AP for news, and thoughtful insight...please stop.  

We're begging you. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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