Chiefs-Chargers: Breaking Down Plays With Video Clips

I didn't get to watch the game this week from the normal spot I frequent in San Diego. This time I watched the game up close and personal at Qualcomm with the wife and in-laws. Had a great time at the game and it made re-watching this game for these clips a little more interesting because although we had great seats right behind the Chiefs bench, some things were a little tough to see. Also had a chance to grab a beer this past weekend with the notorious H2E, and all that can be said about said meeting is - funk records.

Most of you know the drill with these posts but for those of you that don't. I ain't no genious with this here film stuff but me like to watch plays and try and figure what's a goin on that makes these here plays work, or no work.

There's 11 plays from this weekend that we can all watch and discuss thanks to Bfett.

First play. This play has been discussed and even posted in threads this week on AP. I'll start off by discussing the obvious that it's 3rd and 6 and even if this pass to McCluster was completed, it wasn't going to be for a first down. Second, Dex has 14 catches this year for 40 yards, that's an average of 2.9 yards per catch. That's not very good so maybe we should mix it up a bit, maybe throw a wheel route one of these days. Just a thought. Oh yeah, the second replay shows an open WR down the field. Pausing that play at 27 seconds, you can't blame to OL, Zorn, or the WR's inability to get open, Cassel missed this one bad with plenty of time, a clear throwing lane and a wide open WR.

Second play. In case you missed Kalo's breakdown of the front seven I would check that out here. This is one of the good examples of what Tyson Jackson can do for this defense. He doesn't always jump out and help make the tackle like he did on this play, but he is doing his job more often than not. Most people when they watch the game only notice the guy who makes the tackles, but when you go back and watch TJax specifically, you'd be pleased with what he's doing out there. I also like what McGraw did on this play. If you've checked these clips out before on past posts you've seen Sabby be hesitant to initiate contact. You'll see McGraw go right at the tight end and blow up this play.

Third play. You can't win the KPM "Player of the Week" with only one good play ya know. Another example of Tyson Jackson doing his job, and doin' it, doin' it, and doin' it well. Also, Trying to put Jacob Hester on Tamba Hali? Child please.

Fourth play. This is a great look at the infamous "pick play" that so many teams run. Derrick Johnson gets sucked underneath the route and gets kicked out by the center for a big gain on the screen pass to Matthews. You can see the wide receiver change his route to run directly at Johnson and the center is right there waiting for him. Also, it looks a lot like holding by the left tackle on Sheffield but oh well.

Fifth play. This play is very frustrating to watch. While I know we are facing a 3-wide formation, they are on the 2 1/2 yard line on 2nd down and we have Allen Bailey in there with Glenn Dorsey on the DL. Bailey is lined up between the right guard and right tackle. I just don't understand not having run-stopping DT's when you're 2nd and goal from the 2 yard line. It's not Bailey's strength and the Chargers went right at him.

Sixth play. We're going to continue to talk about the Chiefs run defense in the nickel/dime defense as long as I see plays like this one. It's 2nd and 10 and the two down defensive lineman are Wallace Gilberry (close to us) and Allen Bailey (top of screen). They both end up on their backs, Bailey to his credit lasted a little longer though. Derrick Johnson did completely miss his gap and that was a big key in this run, but it's still not a good sign when your two DL are flat on their backs before the RB has crossed the LOS.

Seventh play. Some might call this picky and some might agree with me. But these are the things that have me down on Cassel. Steve Breaston was going to get hit on this play regardless, but the inaccuracy of this throw is alarming. This is not a tough throw and the second replay gives you a good look of Cassel's footwork on this play when he's got a nice pocket to throw in. I was always told in baseball that an errant throw has more to do with your feet than with your arm. This wasn't a great throw and his footwork is disturbing. Also, in the live shot you'll see Bowe on the 27-yard line on the far left of the screen after the throw is made. Weddle comes into the screen later but if the throw was made on time it seems like it would have been for a bigger gain. Hard to tell without the other angle.

Eighth play. A name you haven't heard much this year, Demorrio Williams. This is one athletic-ass play by the backup LB in the middle of the screen. He's got Ryan Matthwes on this play and shows a suddeness in changing direction and making a huge tackle in what could have been a bigger gain.

Ninth play. What happens when you pull the RG and bring the TE in the backfield to cut across and block the backside of the run? You get two Chiefs linebackers going in the complete wrong direction. Doesn't seem too difficult to see who the reads were for these two players right here.

Tenth play. Where the HELL did this come from? Best pass of the year thus far. You can tell from the beginning of that play that Cassel knew exactly where he was throwing that before the snap. Just a nugget for those who might want to watch the play again. Was Pope the smarter option there across the middle? It's just for conversation for all those whose blood pressure is rising right now. Relax. I loved the result, but just as you can defend Cassel for a pass that wasn't terrible that had a negative result (Lions INT's), I can discuss a questionable decision that had a positive result. Works both ways.

Eleventh play. Damnit.

There it is people. Have at it. Hopefully next week we're talking more about Tyson Jackson and possibly Jerrel Powe's debut? Fitzie, Stafford and Rivers. Now we're facing a predominantly running team so maybe we'll need some more beef to try and stop the beast that is Adrian Peterson.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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