"Suck for Luck" vs "We suck, so why not Luck?"

It's the obvious hot topic around here.  Should the Chiefs throw away the rest of the season in an attempt to snag an untested rookie QB?  Should we give another untested rookie QB already on the roster his shot?  Should we stick with our Pro Bowl QB and quit being so negative?  Should we play out the season and just see what happens?

Well, for me at least, it boils down to this.  The 2011 Kansas City Chiefs are not a very good football team.  In fact, we kinda suck.  In fact, we may very well be the worst team in the league this year.  Maybe not on paper, but on the field it certainly appears so.  So, I look at it this way:  The first "sure thing" QB since Carson Palmer, and the most highly praised since Peyton Manning is set to be available in this year's draft.  Boy, a Carson Palmer or Peyton Manning in KC sure does sound pretty good to me.  But, of course, there is no guarantee on any draft pick.

That leads me to my real point.  I don't believe in tanking a season, so no, I don't support the "Suck for Luck" campaign (by the way, there are several of those going on around the NFL).  I consider myself a "We suck, so why not Luck?" follower.  I've watched him play and it's impressive.  I've heard him speak and it's impressive.  I've read the reviews and it's impressive.

A quick review for those so inclined:

It's like trying to find fault with Mother Theresa.

The kid seems to have it all.  Strong arm, accuracy, mobility, sound decision making, intelligence, grit, leadership, pedigree, and the right coaching to pull it all together.  But, I'm not about to just turn this into a cult worshiping post of some kid not even out of college.  The biggest (and maybe only) snag on the kid is simple:  He's done exactly what in the NFL?

So, that being said, what other options do we see?

1. Trust in Cassel.  Hey, maybe he'll right the ship.  Colin Cowherd made mention on his show Monday that Cassel was playing with a bad "soup bone" for the first two weeks.  That could very well be the reason things have started so poorly for him.  He certainly did look better against San Diego...until that last play obviously.  Maybe the play-calling has just been that bad?  I don't agree with that, but it is certainly something to consider.

Problem:  He's never looked "great".  He's never been considered a "franchise" QB.  It's tough to rally behind a guy who doesn't really seem to rally behind himself.  If you can't be confident in yourself, then don't expect others to be.  There are some persistent holes in his game that many Chiefs fans are very quick to point out.

2. Hand the reigns over to Stanzi.  Our own "Captain America" Ricky Stanzi is on the sidelines.  He looked good in the preseason, and the Hawkeye faithful (myself included) had nothing but praise for him coming out of college.  He's got that Brett Farve kind of grit where he may be down, but never out.  He's always the underdog.  A comeback king.  And, he's a rookie, same as Luck will be next year, so why not take the risk on that kind of thing now?

Problem:  He is still just a rookie, and with our current injuries, throwing him in there might not be fair.  A running team without its star RB?  An almost brand new O-line and WR corps?  That's asking a lot of almost any QB, especially a brand new one.  Also, while he was amazing his senior year, he had Iowa fans cringing a lot his junior year.

3. Trade/Free Agent:  There's always somebody available.  And we could pursue any of them once the season is over.  A veteran is almost always a safer bet than a rookie.

Problem:  Who?  Who in the market would really be an upgrade over Cassel?  Would we be improving, or just changing?

4. Palko.  ......

Problem:  Uh, Palko?

So that brings me back to Luck.  Considered a "sure thing" by almost everyone.  He's going to be the #1 overall pick this year, and everyone knows it.  Heck, he was going to be the #1 pick last year.  Even if a team that just drafted a QB high (Cincy) had the pick, they'd trade it away for 2-3 players/picks.  Now, I don't support us being a team that trades up to get him.  I don't know that he's worth 2-3 solid players, especially with some of the other QB talent coming out this year.  But I do believe that the Chiefs have a strong chance of finishing in that spot.  And finishing in that spot probably means that both Cassel and Stanzi weren't able to get the job why not Luck?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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