Why Halloween will be a treat for the Chiefs

Enough of the negative talk around here, we're 0-3 lost some key players, shit happens. The season is NOT over by any means, anything can and WILL happen. Heres a little pick-me-up scenario I thought would be a little fun

Raiders 2-1

Chargers 2-1

Broncos 1-2

Chiefs 0-3

Get a good look at that, it'll be the last time we see it. I'm being very optimistic, but just roll with me(beats the hell outta this "skys falling/suck for luck" next year talk right? The Vikings are coming into town this week, and it provides a great test, but good matchup as well. The last time the were in Arrowhead they were absolutely embarrased, nothing less than blood will due for that fired up crowd. Chiefs win close(depending which half of that SD gameplan they decide to use). SD hosts Miami and also squek one out, with the Raiders losing to the Patriots and the Broncos giving my fantasy QB Rodgers some big points in a Packer ass whipping.

Chargers 3-1

Raiders 2-2

Chiefs 1-3

Broncos 1-3

Before the bye the Chiefs roll into a place in just as much, if not more, trouble. I say the Chiefs tee off in the dome on whoevers starting at QB and we(hopefully Baldwin being back for this) get the offense rolling(as much as we can without JC and Tony)into the bye. Chargers win another in Denver and the Raiders get outgunned at Houston.

Chargers 4-1

Raiders 2-3

Chiefs 2-3

Broncos 1-4

Boy did that bye help?! Hopefully our continuity is clicking by the time we have to roll in the blackhole, cuz we're gonna need it. We gave away the game last year there, we wont this year. Chiefs win close while the Chargers finally fall at NYJ and Brandon Marshall gets revenge on the Broncos.

Chargers 4-2

Chiefs 3-3

Raiders 3-4(Raiders win at Cleveland during our bye)

Broncos 1-4

And here it is, Halloween, all hallows eve. Coming off a huge win in Oakland, the Chiefs head back home to Arrowhead running off 3 straight since seeing SD and gained some rythem(hopefully) and momentum heading into this HUGE monday night game. This right here IS our season, and we will not take it for granted(again, pending which gameplan they "continue" to use) I think we thank the Chargers for turning around our once dismal looking season as we take it to em for 60 mins and take back what's rightfully ours, the divion. After that win I could care less what's going on in the world, but Denver loses to Detroit and Oakland wins at Cleveland.

Chiefs 4-3

Chargers 4-3

Raiders 4-4

Broncos 1-5

How bout that? Now are YOU ready for some f**kin football!!! =)

*all views in this post contain 100% accurate facts*

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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