The Right 53 or 61

There is a lot of talk about the right 53 when it comes to the functioning of the roster, this is expanded to the 'right 61' if you also take into account the practice squad.   The Chiefs are handling their 53/61 rather oddly.

1) the make up of the roster is strange

2) Given the injuries we have seen it would be expected to see significant churn at the bottom of the roster and therefore on the PS as well. 

Many positions have pretty much the expected number of bodies at them (includes PS)  QB-3, LB- 9, Specialists - 3, CB - 6, S-5.   It is the other positions that seem off

  • TE- 2 very short especially considering one of them is an off the street 34 year old. 
  • OL- 12.  A full dozen.  I know many are not happy with the starting five but 7 additional spots used?
  • WR- 7. All on the active roster.  I thought we were a running team.  Lots of guys for not much production. Urban 1 catch, Colbert 2 catches, Copper 2 tackles,  No returns.  Brandon Flowers has caught the same number or more passes from opposing quarterbacks than 5 of our WR have from our own QB (for more yards too). 
  • RB - 5.  Number not really that odd but given that 2 of them (Bannon & Battle) are not offensive threats this seems very light. Especially low when considering the concerns over wear and tear on Jones (how much more can he take before before performance REALLY falls off) and McCluster (how many touches can he really take before he breaks).
  • DL - 9.  Eight on the active roster.  May not seem strange but we run a 3-4 not a 4-3 and we often have only 2 DL on the field.  Need AP stats guys to help on this but if we average < 3 linemen playing per snap,  8 on the active roster is a large number.

Bottom of the roster churn, there has not really been much.  Almost all has been in response to guys going on IR and the other moves can not really be classifed as trying to improve the roster

  • Langford onto the roster when Berry went to IR 
  • O'Connell cut but his place was taken by a 34 year old guy who did not play last year.  slight improvement but tough to look at this as significant roster improvement.  
  • When they elevated Horne, I thought he would take McCluster touches in the return game but this was not the case.  Returns went to Arenas.  I am fine with Arenas returning but we lose Charles to IR and we elevate Horne to do... what?
  • Signing of Maneri.  I do not know enough about this guy as a player to make any criticism but it strikes me as odd that he has been on the roster for all three games and the Mothership still does not have a uniform number for him.  If the team doesn't commit to a number for three+ weeks how much of an asset to the roster can he be?

When a team is struggling, the bottom of the roster and the practice squad tend to turn over as the team tries to find someone with an upside, the proverbial diamond in the rough.  We are not seeing this.   Why?  We have significant gaps and lack of depth at S/LB/RB and yet we have 62% of the PS comprised of OL. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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