Eventual Super Bowl Winners: What should be done.

Long time Chief’s fan dating back to when they came to KC and I’m very pleased with what Clark Hunt has done, Pioli and Coach Haley.

I believe that this team “now” has the foundation for a championship team with one major exception. Matt Cassel

I like Matt a lot as a person and I do recognize his dedication and leadership qualities as they relate to this team. However, he just does not possess the overall physical and mental capacities to further lead this team and I really feel that some of the harsh criticism needs to be tempered down.

I feel sorry for Matt but he’s been able to play the game, he’s done well for himself financially and hopefully he could find a good back up (maybe even starting) position where he will be valued. He just is not the QB that will take this team to a Super Bowl.

He is who he is and I respect Haley for supporting his QB and not throwing him under the bus but at some point Coach, you must do what is best for the team, it’s future and your future. Matt needs to go and hopefully, a good trade can be worked out. KC ought to be able to get good value for Matt right now with all of the injuries and other needs for QB’s.

I believe that the Chief’s should start playing Stanzi right now to find out just what he’s got and to see if he is possibly the long term answer. With a defense that is starting to come around, hopefully a running game can develop and this team can still have a beneficial, building season. If we loose most or all of our games under Stanzi, then the obvious situation will present itself and we will have a very good, drafting position and the strong possibility of taking Andrew Luck. This would turn a negative into a huge positive.

Then for next year, this team would have hopefully, a very strong, maturing defense; a potential franchise QB and an experienced, young backup QB. It would then be my suggestion that the Chief’s find an old veteran as number three to help develop potentially both Luck and Stanzi.

Under the above scenario the Chief’s would gain value for Cassel, possibly have extra picks to go along with maybe the 33rd, 65th and other draft positions. I would suggest these picks be used to bolster the offensive line and possibly a strong, run-stopping middle linebacker.

Under this approach, and with our injured players coming back, we would be building for next year but still using this year to see just exactly where we are. It is my opinion that between Clark, Pioli and Haley; the Chief’s still have one of the best young group of leaders in the NFL, but a crisis is happening and a few major changes need to be made. I think the time is now.

You add an experienced Stanzi to this team, a decent trade for Cassel, Luck and a couple of other high draft choices, our returning injured players, some key free agents and the experience that this team will gain throughout this year and I believe we will have a group that can legitimately challenge for the Super Bowl.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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