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Hello, and thank you for being a contestant on: Name! That! QB! Draft! Profile!

This is the new wacky game where you, the contestant, gets to read 5 qb draft profiles and guess which one is Andrew Luck’s.

The answers to each qb profile are located in the comment section. Do not forget to play through the bonus round as well. Good Luck (no pun intended)!



XXXXXXX Excellent size. Good all-around athlete. Top competitor. Legitimate tough guy. Has tremendous poise. Really stands in against the rush. Well respected by his teammates and coaches. Mature and confident without being cocky. Has improved by leaps and bounds and became a franchise-type player on the college level in 'xx. Even in xx three losses, he put up big numbers and got his team into the endzone. Excellent passer with a very strong and generally very accurate arm. Has good timing and anticipation of receiver. Makes some incredible throws and can really thread the needle. Can throw every pass in the book and really zing the deep out. Sets up well and has a lightning-quick release. Generally throws a nice, tight spiral. Can throw the touch passes. Reads coverages and shows good judgment. During the 'xx regular season had a 42-7 touchdown-to-interception ratio. Played very well against teams from major conferences and in the biggest and best games on his team's schedule. Made his teammates better players and got the ball into the endzone.


XXXXXXX is one of the most polished passers to come out of the college ranks since Peyton Manning. His ability to read defenses is second to none at the college level. XX even gave him the opportunity to call audibles at the line of scrimmage any time he wanted because of his ability to see what was developing. He has excellent timing with his receivers, and can put the ball on the money in any situation. His career completion percentage is just under 65%. XXXXXXX has excellent touch and can float it in, or sling it into coverage if needed. He is also a good athlete for a player his size, and shows solid mobility inside the pocket. He is not a threat to run it, though he did run for six touchdowns this year, but he can avoid the rush and throw on the run once outside the pocket. What sets XXXXXXX apart though is his leadership ability. He's played in big games every year, and more often than not, he came out on top. He will not make mistakes to cost you the game, and comes through when the game is on the line.


What stands out immediately about XXXXXXX is that he has one of the quickest throwing motions since Dan Marino. When XXXXXXX lets it fly his passes are laser fast and accurate—truly beautiful. Aside from that, XXXXXXX has quintessential NFL measurables; he is 6’4” and 230-plus pounds, very intelligent and instinctual. has wonderful footwork in his drop backs and when throwing the football. XXXXXXX has light and graceful feet that give him unexpected mobility, allowing him to almost glide through the pocket to avoid would-be sackers (he was sacked only six times in 200x). XXXXXXX has a very strong arm, he is not all release; he can easily drive the ball down the field and has little trouble fitting the ball into tight windows.


XXXXXXX biggest strengths are his intelligence and the efficiency he plays with. He sees the field very well and makes smart decisions. He will rarely make a bad decision on the field. He is a very accurate passer, displays a solid arm, but he is also extremely mobile. He can escape the pressure, but he can also make plays with his feet when things break down. He is a leader, and a hard worker. He already earned his bachelor’s degree during his true sophomore season.


XXXXXXX has an unreal combination of skills. First off, he is absolutely massive, and legitimately could play on an NFL defensive line with his size. He is an excellent athlete for his size as well. XXXXXXX also has an absolute cannon of an arm, and will be one of the elite in the league as soon as he’s drafted. On the field, he has grown each season, and there’s no reason to see him stopping now. As a passer, he is accurate and efficient, and there is no throw he cannot make. XXXXXXX is a pocket passer, but has the athleticism and mobility to elude the rush or run for yardage when the opportunity presents itself. Despite all his physical talent, his biggest asset may be his ability to get his team to rally around him. He has proven to be a quality leader, and can make plays in big games.

Congratulations if you were able to distinguish Andrew Luck’s draft profile from any of the other qb draft profiles. I’m guessing you could not as they all sound the same.

You can play the bonus round for fun anyway.

Now, onto the bonus round…

Can you tell me each NFL teams’ starting qb and where he was drafted?............I didn’t think so, so here you go:

Arizona Cardinals – 2007 R2 pick 4 Kevin Kolb
Atlanta Falcons – 2008 R1 pick 3 Matt Ryan
Baltimore Ravens – 2008 R1 pick 18 Joe Flacco
Buffalo Bills – 2005 R7 pick 36 Ryan Fitzpatrick
Carolina Panthers – 2011 R1 pick 1 Cam Newton
Chicago Bears – 2006 R1 pick 11 Jay Cutler
Cincinnati Bengals – 2011 R2 pick 3 Andy Dalton
Cleveland Browns – 2010 R3 pick 21 Colt McCoy
Dallas Cowboys – Undrafted 2003 Tony Romo
Denver Broncos – 2005 R4 pick 5 Kyle Orton
Detroit Lions – 2009 R1 pick 1 Matthew Stafford
Green Bay Packers – 2005 R1 pick 24 Aaron Rodgers
Houston Texans 2004 R3 pick 27 Matt Schaub
Indianapolis Colts – 1998 R1 pick 1 Peyton Manning (1995 R1 pick 5 Kerry Collins)
Jacksonville Jaguars – 2011 R1 pick 10 Blaine Gabbert
Kansas City Chiefs – 2005 R7 pick 16 Matt Cassel
Miami Dolphins – 2008 R2 pick 27 Chad Henne
Minnesota Vikings 1999 R1 pick 2 Donavan Mcnabb
New England Patriots – 2000 R6 pick 33 Tom Brady
New Orleans Saints – 2001 R2 pick 1 Drew Brees
New York Giants – 2004 R1 pick 1 Eli Manning
New York Jets – 2010 R1 pick 5 Mark Sanchez
Oakland Raiders – 2005 R1 pick 25 Jason Campbell
Philadelphia Eagles – 2001 R1 pick 1 Michael Vick
Pittsburgh Steelers – 2004 R1 pick 11 Ben Roethlisberger
San Diego Chargers 2004 R1 pick 4 Philip Rivers
San Francisco 49ers – 2005 R1 pick 1 Alex Smith
Seattle Seahawks – 2006 R2 pick 32 Tavaris Jackson
St. Louis Rams – 2010 R1 pick 1 Sam Bradford
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 2010 R1 pick 17 Josh Freeman
Tennessee Titans –1998 R6 pick 34 Matt Hasselbeck
Washington Redskins – 2003 R1 pick 21 Rex Grossman

Super bonus round!!!

Can you name all of the 1st round qbs, including their draft position, dating back to 1998 who are no longer starting qbs in the NFL?

………………..Nice try, here you go:

2007 pick 1 Jamarcus Russell, pick 2 Brady Quin

2006 - pick 1 Vince Young, pick 2 Matt Leinart

2005 (I really want to put Alex Smith here but Ill give him a pass since he technically is still a starter, pick 1)

2004 - pick 22 JP Losman

2003 - pick 1 Carson Palmer, pick 7 Byron Leftwich

2002 - pick 1 David Carr, pick 3 Joey Harrington, pick 32 Patrick Ramsey

2000 - pick 18 Chad Pennington

1999 - pick 1 Tim Couch, pick 3 Akili Smith, pick 11 Daunte Culpepper, pick 12 Cade McNown

1998 -  pick 2 Ryan Leaf

Thank you for playing!

Ok, I wanted to compile this information in hopes to snuff out the “Suck for Luck” campaign.

Every year it seems there is a can’t miss qb in the upcoming NFL draft. This year, in response to the Chiefs’ extremely slow start, many fans are hoping that the Chief’s tank the whole season in hope that we get a shot at drafting Andrew Luck.

I think that is a huge mistake. One can come to several conclusions from the data I have compiled, but the conclusion I have come to is that you are just as likely to draft a Tim Couch or Ryan Leaf in the first round as you are a Peyton Manning.

Every post I read, no matter the topic, a suck for luck advocate pops up. It seems that these suck for luck guys, if they could choose, would have us lose every game from here on rather than see us go 8-8, if they had the choice. From the information I compiled, I say that would be a total riverboat gamble. I say be careful what you wish for because Andrew Luck is just as likely to turn out to be David Carr or an Alex Smith as he is a Peyton Manning.

Finally, if we are bad enough to be in a position to take Andrew Luck, and he is still the top qb available, I say take him. No one is saying Luck wouldn’t be a good qb, its just that some of us are real fans who want to see this team do well.

Now, I believe there are tons and tons of conclusions that can be drawn from this data to support both sides of the argument. So, hopefully this can be a post to contain the Luck argument as I am sick of reading about it in every other post.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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