Forget LJ... Is TJ KC's new 2.7?

  This is only my second post.  My first post, was on this same subject, and was heavily criticized.  I wish to re-visit the subject though, to see what the majority of Chiefs fans feel about it now... One blogger on here responded to my post last year about TJ by saying, "If and when he looks anything like 2.7 come say August 2011, then yes let the comparisons flow right on in and I will join the ranks of the 'realist' camp."  Well, we've made it past Aug 2011, so it's time to re-evaluate... My opinions, comparisons, and poll, after the jump...

  First, let's look at the facts, in black and white.  I've gathered the rushing stats for Thomas Jones, going back to last December.  I have not included any pre-season stats in my argument, since I was so heavily criticized for doing so last time around... These are the last 8 regular season games, and the one playoff game against the Ravens.  Below, are the Chiefs opponents, and the rushing totals for Thomas Jones:

12/05/2010 vs. Denver, 11 carries for 53 yards

12/12/2010 @  San Diego, 3 carries for 1 yard

12/19/2010 @ St. Louis, 22 carries for 62 yards

12/26/2010 vs. Ten, 12 carries for 26 yards

01/02/2011 vs. Oakland, 10 carries for 17 yards

01/09/2011 vs. Baltimore, 5 carries for 15 yards

09/11/2011 @ Buffalo,  2 carries for 3 yards

09/18/2011 @ Detroit,  12 carries for 40 yards

09/25/2011 @ San Diego,  14 carries for 31 yards

Now, if you add it all up, that's 102 carries for a whopping 273 yards.  Do the math, and it comes to 2.68 yards/carry.

  Thomas Jones did not contribute anything special in the final month of the season last year.  Thomas Jones has not produced anything special this season, and with JC down, we need something special!  The only thing I see Thomas Jones providing for our team, WAS a break for Jamaal Charles

  Now Charles is down, and we need someone else to step up and produce.  We shouldn't expect anyone to fill Jamaal's shoes and give us the same stats we love getting from Charles.  But, should we have to be content with Thomas Jones putting up the same numbers we were so distraught with getting from Larry Johnson!? 

  We'll never know the exact details of the fight between Baldwin and Jones, but the end result was one of our "locker room leaders," losing his cool resulting in our number 1 draft choice ending up on the shelf.  I'm sure Baldwin was just as much to blame for the incident as Jones, but c'mon man, this guy is supposed to mentor these young guys, and it's not the first negative locker room incident for Mr. Jones. 

  Dexter showed us Sunday that he is our best chance to fill in for Charles, when it comes to an explosive homerun threat.  He can't carry a full workload at RB though.  But I think 10 carries a game need to go to Dexter.  And why not Let McClain see an increased role?  I would like to see Le'Ron get twice as many carries as TJ.  In our last two games, we have run the ball 29 times, and 27 times.  If we run the ball 30 times a game, I want to see McCluster get 10 of those carries.  Give McClain 15 touches, and let TJ run 5 or 6 times a game, preferably on short yardage downs only.  Le'Ron is known for wanting the football... Let's try giving it to him.  Hell, what are we afraid of?  He might only average 3 yards/carry... That's more than we're getting now!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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