ATTENTION: Kansas City Chiefs Head Office

Mr.Pioli or Mr.Haley,

   I would like to offer my services, and become a member of "the right 53".As a die hard Kansas City Chief fan since the age of 6, I BLEED Red and Yellow. I am 25 years old, in decent shape,  and could contribute a lot to this team.  I would be a viable replacement for many different positions. I am a person of high moral fiber with great leadership quality's. Please read attached:


-Currently I work as a front desk concierge at an apartment complex. One of my main duties is to hand residents their packages they have ordered.  Since 90% of the play book is not used, I would be extremely good at handing the ball off on any of the 6,345 draw plays you run a game. This I could do no problem. 

-I will be honest and tell you that my arm strength is mediocre, and my accuracy is not that good.  Apparently this will not be an issue judging by your current QB. I promise I will eat my vegetables and work harder at this every week. Even if I don't show improvement, there will be no consequences right?

-In my 25 years of life I have a 100%  success rate when putting my hat on my head.




-I used to be a garbage man in Philadelphia and would kick the trash truck lever when it got stuck. No, I didn't I lied. 

-But seriously you guys, you paid succop $1.2 million for three years? I would be honored to take league minimum, to be able to put on a chiefs jersey and go shank 63 yard  chipshot field goals for the team. It truly would be a privilege, and free up a little bit of cap space that you never use.



Offensive Coordinator

-If for some reason you don't want me as a member of the right 53, I would gladly offer my services as a coach. All right I cant take it anymore.  Bill and Todd, in all honesty WHATTTTTTTT WAS THAT playcalling today?  1937 wants thier play calling swag back. Did you guys think that if you kept running the same draw play 876323 times in a row, eventually the chargers D head's would explode? How many more negative yardage screen passes will have to occur, before you try something else?Has Hellen Keller possessed you when you make these decisions? Do you smoke rocks? Do you not see the results of the plays you call? Will you guys Wine and Dine the entire fanbase atleast, before you screw us? I honestly am at a loss of words. The offense today was literally offensive to me.

In conclusion

What a frustrating game to watch.  Even with our star players out, we should have won.  Shout out to the  Defense today, at least you guys played with heart. My game ball goes to you. You kept us in the game, and gave us several opportunities to win it.  More importantly, you gave me hope. Deep down there is still a fight in you.  The show must go on. I still believe in and support you chiefs.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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