I watched the game, backed up some plays, tracked analysis all game, but I think this Week 3 Edition of Major Analysis is pretty easy.  Last week was, "Lions not too impressive, Chiefs that horrible."  This week yelds up a different storyline, although did you see how Minnesota handled the Lions, still not impressed folks.

Here is what I want to say.

1. TURNOVERS TURNOVERS TURNOVERS - Very simple.  They turn the game one way or another.  The Chargers turned it over and it killed drives, but didn't yeld points, which ended up killing the Chiefs this week. This has to be the most singly important thing to happen to this team this year.  51 points of the 89 they've given up were off turnovers, this week we get the balance of them, can't take advantage, and it killed our attempt at a comeback.

Johnson leaves an INT on the field... turnovers killed us again, but at least we cut them out, except for that awful, idiotic, stupid, Pee Wee level INT thrown in the last minute... (I yelled...loudly)

This leads me to the following... and I will start the debate... 

2. FIRE RYAN SUCCOP - There has to be some veteran that can hit field goals out there.  Last weekend Succops' F*(CKUP did not end up costing the team, but stalled crucial momentum.  This week, it cost us.  We're going for the win with a tie game otherwise.  Yes, I know that changes the game so I can't say that is TRUE, but in a game this close every point counted.  Kickers key is confidence, I think his is shot, even if its not, its time to workout someone else and give is a serious consideration.  Colquitt an kickoff, his leg is fine.

3. BENCH MATT CASSEL - I was doing my statistics research to justify what I want to say in my heart.  Someone needs to spark this passing game.  I think Stanzi or Palko could hit the passes that Cassel hit, that they could hand the ball off and more importantly, act like an NFL quarterback and GET RID OF THE BALL.  throw it at the top of your drop, can't get any worse.  Ok, I can't see downfield, and you can now go do that stat research I DIDNT go do, BUT I will play my trump card.

This coach has consistently benched people who couldn't perform, Dwayne Bowe and Derrick Johnson are better players for it.  Maybe Matt Cassel will be.  I don't think our backups are long term answers... maybe Stanzi will emerge though, who knows.  However, I do know Matt Cassel needs to ride the pine and get his Tiger Blood back or something.  I don't want to hear him at a presser either, frakkin rah rah stuff, take the blame Matt and say you sucked it up this week.  This one is on YOU. 

That's my stance in this debate.  I agree he did throw for 7.5 a pass, and his passer rating was good, but it just didn't seem inspired, and he missed some open receivers and Dwayne Bowe and Steve Breaston made some GOOD CATCHES. Check out those highlights.

NOTE:  I said bench... let him take Minnesota off.  We can beat them, and the backups can generate his level fo stats. 

4. THOMAS JONES FOR FULLBACK! - aka RIDE THE MCCLAIN TRAIN PLEASE -  Thomas Jones is a stong man, but he will never tear an ACL because he doesn't know how to cut.  Let him lead block and hit somebody, he likes to fall into people anyway.  McClain looked shiftier, has proven he can play tailback and should be on the field blocking for McCluster anyway.  So just leave him in when you pull McCluster out.  Seriously.  He looked better.  Yes I know McClain had 2 yards on 2 carries... he just looked better, and Jones' 2.2 isn't going to cut it. 

5. GAME BALL - DEFENSE - A great 4th down stand, 2 sacks - 2 hits and lots more pressure.  Hali, Belcher had great games.  Johnson left an INT on the field, argh.  However, Phyllis looked uncomfortable all day long.  So did Matt Cassel, but I digress...   Anyway, I thought our defense played well overall.  Communication looked especially better, whatever they were doing worked. 

6. SMART PERSON AWARD - ?  Whoever rememebered we had wideouts in the second half.  if you listen to Steve Breaston after the game, he said they have to consistently go to the wideouts to get them in the game flow.  I agree Steve... Those changes felt very Hayley like.  If I knew it was, I'd add FIRE BILL MUIR (at least as a playcaller)

7. DoppelGanger Award - Dexter McCluster - He doesn't run as strong as Charles, but he runs frakkin quick and they are running most of the Charles plays to him.  The one exception seems to be the stretch play that Charles ran so well, probably a result of the strong running.  Although I did see him hit someone and he picked up a couple blitzes.

 San DIego didnt look good on offense today... our defense looked like it could play today.  At times our quarterback looked good, only to look bad on the next play.  Same with the run game.  We need consistency from the run game (Read as:  No more Jones - he needs to block for our tailbacks) and our quarterback needs to... I dunno... find his mojo again (Read as:  Yeah I think he had it once, I know many of you don't).

Thats what I think... thanks for reading! 

NOTE:  The suck for luck crowd should still be ashamed of themselves.  Go to the damned game next weekend... and wear red.  When San Diego fans are in fear their team will be leaving, we still have one worth supporting.  Go Chiefs.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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