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There are maybe 30 to 40 running backs and maybe 5 fullbacks in this league that could run for 1,000 yards under the right system and solid blocking. I think we have 2 or 3 of those guys still on our roster. To think we will be as good at running the football without Charles as we will with him is insane, but to think that we still have potential to be at least a top 10 rushing offense is not far fetched at all. Blocking the run has not been a problem either as Richardson has remained off of our radar the first 2 games and Lilja and Albert have been the best 2 players on our roster thus far. The running game is not a problem. So we have just eliminated one of the four facets of playing football from scrimmage from being seen in a negative light.

The 2nd problem is obviously our passing game. The passing game looked improved in comparison to last week, scary huh? Good news is 2 of our 3 interceptions were off of deflections by our own WRs. The other good news about that is, it wasn't really our star receiver's fault because he was being tackled before the ball even touched his hands. You always want to see your stars being productive and Dwayne Bowe was doing just that against double and triple teams. This is great news that he can get going EARLY in the season. On the flip side, Steve Breaston has been far from productive. People may say this is because Cassel only locks onto one wide receiver per play, but I personally believe it is because Breaston has not gotten open. In New England, Cassel had no problem spreading the ball around so lets just cease from blaming this part of the game on Cassel. Other good news is we still haven't lost a game with Jonathan Baldwin yet (pun intended). I think Baldwin should be prepared to start as soon as he comes back. Why you might ask? Well last year Todd Haley picked up Kevin Curtis off the street only 4 or 5 days before our playoff matchup against the Ravens and he started with very little knowledge of our system. Baldwin has had 2 months with Haley and almost 5 months with Cassel studying the system and getting used to the Chiefs offense, and he has far more talent than Kevin Curtis. Bringing back Baldwin should make Steve Breaston's job easier as a slot receiver, make Cassel's job easier as a QB, and keep 8 and 9 men out of the box. Besides turnovers,Matt Cassel performed well and if those two deflected picks are caught, we still are in the football game. We have to eliminate turnovers in the passing game as we have given up more points off turnovers than we have from the opposing team actually starting from the 20 yard line. 2 of 4.



Now we have stopping the run. The good news is that the Chiefs played solid against Jahvid Best and kept the run contained when the game was still in reach. There were still a few problems with making the tackle at the line of scrimmage, especially with our d-line but we have several players subbing in and out so hopefully Crennel will be able to determine who is the most effective in a week or so. Derrick Johnson looked great again getting pursuit and jetting through the offensive line to stop runners in the backfield. We all understand the atrocity Brandon Flowers, Sabby Piscatelli, and Jon McGraw have been against the pass, but at least they have did good work when they had to make a play on the runner. Overall the run defense looks solid and should improve as the season progresses.

Last but not least is without a doubt the worst aspect of our team, and that is pass defense. Most fans going into the season saw our cornerback tandem along with Eric Berry and a growing Kendrick Lewis to be the best unit on our football team, and oh were they wrong. For me to explain the positive about this unit, I must point out the negatives first. For starters our 50 Million Dollar Man Brandon Flowers has probably given up more touchdowns in the first 2 games than any other defensive back in the league. I'm only recalling four (Donald Jones, Stevie Johnson, Tony Scheffler, and Calvin Johnson) but there might be even more. Jon McGraw, Sabby Piscatelli, and Kendrick Lewis looked horrible in the first game against the Bills. Although they still were far from making the secondary the best unit on our football team, there was obvious improvement shown in the Lions game. A few simple ways the Chiefs can stop giving up yards, is to actually line up at the line of scrimmage. You can't be so hellbent on stopping the deep ball. When you have corners lining up 8 yards off the line of scrimmage, that A, gives the receiver a chance to catch a screen or short cross for at least a feasible amount of yardage, or B gives the receiver time to gain speed and control the direction in which the corner moves simply off of momentum. So I think a lot of our problems against the pass could be solved right then and there.

The next liability is obviously Brandon Flowers. He's too slow to stop a small, speedy, average receiver like Donald Jones, Nate Burleson, Jacoby Ford, Percy Harvin, Davone Bess, Johnny Knox, ect. and we face(d) all of the aforementioned receivers. He's too short to stop a tall receiver on a consistent basis like Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Louis Murphy, Malcolm Floyd, Plaxico Burress, or Vincent Jackson whom we all face(d) this season. He is more suited for defending average sized players such as Reggie Wayne, Brandon Lloyd, Greg Jennings, Chad Ochocinco, Deion Branch, Santonio Holmes, Roy Williams, and other receivers of that size whom we all face this season. So what we do is we let him take on those average sized guys one on one, and simply give him safety or linebacker help whenever he faces a tall guy or a speedy receiver. Utilize his strengths. That means never, EVER, let him lineup with a tight end. Let Carr take on the duties of using his strength at the line of scrimmage on the smaller receivers so they can't pick up speed so easily and let him matchup with the tall guys. Now for the good news of the passing game, we haven't allowed 300 yards passing in either game. Giving the ball up and penalties have been the main reasons the opposing teams have been getting good field position. Stop fumbling, stop throwing picks, and maybe grease the ref's palms every now and then and you have eliminated a huge problem. 

Summary: Stop turning the ball over, don't abandon the run, and utilize the strengths of your defensive backs for every matchup. Our problems are mostly self-inflicted (and referee affiliated), so skill isn't necessary the issue, its preparation. The Chiefs gotta stop shooting themselves in the foot on offense and and take some of the pressure off their defense. We will improve, when you are playing this horrible there is nowhere to go but up.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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