Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 9/20

Good morning. Much like last Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs are taking it on the chin. Today it's not the Detroit Lions dealing the damage, but local and national media. Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news.

Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt and general manager Scott Pioli have yet to make any public statements about Haley, his job security or the disaster that this Chiefs season has become.

If Haley is concerned about his future in Kansas City — the four-year contract he signed in 2009 runs through next season — he wouldn’t say so on Monday.

Chiefs' Haley Feel the Heat After Two Ugly Losses from KC Star

The Chiefs can be sure that nobody is feeling sorry for them because they’ve made no friends...

...Fair or not, Haley has developed a reputation in some football circles — stress some — for being overbearing, immature and a bully. He fired his first offensive coordinator 13 days before the first game and co-existed with his second one for only one season.

Haley’s time in Kansas City includes belittling a Pro Bowl veteran before he’d ever coached a game, refusing to shake hands with Broncos coach Josh McDaniels last year in Denver and regularly banishing players to "fat camp" during the preseason

Chiefs Have Done Themselves No Favors In Building Ill Will from KC Star

The Chiefs received information back on Jamaal Charles’ injured left knee Monday afternoon and the damage is significant enough to send the All-Pro running back to injured reserve. Charles will miss the rest of the 2011 season...

...A corresponding roster move is expected prior to Wednesday’s practice.

Chiefs Will Send RB Jamaal Charles to Injured Reserve from The Mothership

The Chiefs were going to be terrible with or without Jamaal Charles, so his injury only made headlines because everyone needed to run to check who in their league spent a first-round pick on him. Without fantasy, his lost season would have been truly irrelevant. Sorry, Eric Berry.

NFL 2011: The Kansas City Chiefs' Sad Cavalcade of Torn Knee Ligaments from Slate

The Chiefs are without their best defensive player, Eric Berry, and their best offensive player, Jamaal Charles, for the rest of the season. This means two other players on the Chiefs will now be referred to as "best." That's a misnomer waiting to happen. Let's go with "least bad."

Andrew Luck Worth Sacrificing Season from ESPN

The Chiefs have been outscored 89-10, scoring the fewest points and yielding the most. Their psyches are bruised and, even worse, so is their lineup. AFC West winners a year ago, they look more like AFC worst this season.

"You can't do certain things and win in the NFL, or even have a chance to win. We once again did a bunch of those things," coach Todd Haley said, referring in great part to nine turnovers; last year, the Chiefs were a plus-9 in turnover differential and had a total of 14 giveaways.

0-2 Start No Way To Defend Division Crown from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Charles' fantasy owners have no good recourse. Sure, if you're in a league where Ben Tate is somehow still kicking around on the waiver wire, by all means grab him. But in most leagues the best you're going to do is Thomas Jones, who presumably takes over as Kansas City's top back. But Dexter McCluster got work on gadget-ish plays out of the backfield (to the tune of 12 touches Sunday), so this will likely be a partial platoon.

Instant Impressions: Week 2 from ESPN

We already know what the Lions got in Martin Mayhew and yesterday’s game helps to show what the Lions didn’t get in Scott Pioli. The Chiefs were a surprise team last year but are already one of the most disappointing teams of 2011. It might be a lot to say after just two weeks, but the Lions and Chiefs look like teams headed in the opposite direction.

Martin Mayhew Has Outperformed Scott Pioli From The Very Beginning from Sidelion Report

Christian Okoye, Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson, Jamal Charles, next? The Chiefs play the San Diego Chargers in Week 3 and then the Minnesota Vikings Week 4 and Indianapolis Colts in Week 5. Minnesota and Indianapolis are two of the weakest teams in the NFL this year and it’s not a stretch to say that if Kansas City doesn’t beat one of them before their Week 6 bye that they will be at a real risk of not winning a game this season.

Monday Morning NFL Round-Up: Newton, Tebow, Brady and More from Opposing Views

The Chargers are focusing on so much more than just the turnovers as they make corrections going forward after Sunday’s loss in the New England countryside...

...They have given the ball away five more times than they’ve taken it through two games, a worse turnover differential than all but the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs (both minus-7).

Notebook: Turnovers Not the Only Thing, Just the Biggest from The San Diego Union-Tribune

Final thought on the Chiefs: With Chan Gailey doing such a good job in Buffalo, that adds fuel to the thinking by some that Kansas City coach Todd Haley is in trouble. Haley couldn't get along with Gailey in 2009 and couldn't get along with former offensive coordinator Charlie Weis last season. If Haley doesn't do something promising the rest of the season, there could be a lot of fingers pointed at him.

Week 2 Winners, Losers: Fitzpatrick Off To Fast Start from Yahoo! Sports

There's been a lot of recent debate over whether the Peyton Manning-less Indianapolis Colts now qualify as the NFL's worst team, and the perennial powerhouses have made a case with two brutal outings to begin 2011. Still, that dubious distinction unquestionably belongs to a haphazard Kansas City Chiefs outfit that's been outscored by a deplorable 89-10 margin over the first couple of weeks and lost their best offensive player, running back Jamaal Charles, to a suspected torn ACL in Sunday's 48-7 debacle at Detroit.

Romo Gets A Hard-Earned Measure OF Redemption from The Los Angeles Time

Unfortunately, the Tide has three players on what may be the worst NFL team in the history of professional football, the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are NFL’s version of Ole Miss.

Bama in the NFL - Week 2 from Capstone Report

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