Why this is good for the Chiefs

The sky is NOT falling...Did anyone think the Chiefs had a realistic shot at the playoffs this year? If you did, you clearly didn't look at the schedule. Look, the Chiefs had a great year last year, no doubt about it....But, and had some really good games. However, the expectations were WAY too high going into this year. Let's not forget how we won a few of those games last year...

We played a cream puff schedule...We beat up on Arizona, Seattle, St. Louis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, San Francisco

We barely beat the Bills and Browns....So, those are 8 of our 10 wins...and then a couple of home wins against the Chargers and Broncos

My point is...we had a nice year last year...but, I think we all knew we couldn't compete against the Patriots, Eagles, Colts(Manning's Colts), Steelers, Ravens...etc. 

When we played good teams last year...we got beat (minus the first game of the year)...and we got beat bad at the end of the year by the Raiders, Chargers, Ravens and now these first 2 games. 


This is a great reality check for the Chiefs front office....they good to proud of themselves and thought they were better than they were. If the Chiefs go 7-9 this year and Cassel has another 20 TD and 10 INT season...then, we bring back the same crap again...just like the 90's with our backup QB's putting up average seasons....


NOW...we can have a reality check...have a shot at an ACTUAL FRANCHISE QB...which we realistically have never had....


You know....if your gonna have a bad year...this is the year to do it. Andrew Luck a....enough said. 


The reason we haven't won a Superbowl since 69...or a playoff game since 92 (I think), is because we don't have or never have a franchise QB. I'm tired of it.....Even if we were a good team, we probably would have a difficult time making the playoffs with this schedule....This schedule calls for a franchise QB. Without one, your screwed. 


I think Pioli and Haley have continued to think Cassel is that guy...but, this year will show what he truly is against top competition...I embrace this year...Is Andrew Luck the answer? Probably...but, we need to get the upper management to see that Cassel is not the answer...and to be working towards a real replacement. 

I for one, am a happy fan that this team is sucking so bad...because I didn't think they were that good last year...and, It pained me to see it because I knew that meant another year of Matt Cassel chucking terrible throws and forcing passes to Dwayne Bowe (he just stares down his WR's) 

Now...this will expose Cassel...and maybe put us in a position to get Luck...And, if Luck is what people say he is...then we will finally be able to build a real team that can contend for the super bowl...not just an occasional division winner...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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