The Lost Boys

            In case you haven't noticed yet, we suck. It isn't just "one" game anymore. We were blown out for our first two games, and those were suppose to be our easy ones. With every player that makes this team move getting injured, the climb is going to be an uphill battle like no other. Playoffs? Ugh. Considering about only 3% of teams who start 0-2 make the playoffs, its almost close to calling it a bust. But what happened to us? We were suppose to be better this year. We brought in a few receivers for Cassel, even brought in Zorn. Our rookies from last year got the first season under their belt and were more prepared. Our number 1 rushing offense was pretty much still in tact. So what and when did this team start becoming lost? Jump, duck, dive, or climb, but follow somehow, and I'll explain what I feel happened.

       Though these are grown men, in football, they are just boys. They get their feelings hurt (T.O.), their confidence slips from time to time, they need curfews to make sure they aren't out doing things to put this team in bad spot, they need specific laws that doesn't allow them to even eyeball a gun in fear of shooting someone, or god forbid, themselves. Basically, they need a dad. Someone that pats their back when they do good, and discipline them when they are bad. That guy would be Haley. Now, as soon as these kids stop respecting Haley, they stop playing for him and stop responding. We will leave Pioli and Hunt out of it, since hunt will not fire himself and Pioli I don't see getting fired over 1 coach not working out.  Ok, back to Haley. Do they respect Haley?

 To answer that question, we go back to last year. Well, we can go further but I'm lazy, so that's as far as I'm going. First, we get our asses handed to us against the Raiders. Then, after winning the division and getting a home playoff game, we face the Ravens. Everything seemed like it was the way we wanted it to go, then after the first half, we get away from our game plan. WE STOPPED RUNNING THE BALL. Why in the hell did that happen? but again, why does Haley do a lot of stuff he does. So we lost big ,AGAIN, but hey, we made the playoffs.

 This year was the year. Yea we have a harder schedule, but we were going to be better for sure. WRONG. Our first round draft pick breaks thumb in a fight with our veteran running back was the first sign of something getting lost. I understand fights happen during camp, but you never see another team mate breaking a top draft pick QB's arm. I know I don't know the whole story, but I know the outcome. We already had a short camp, now Baldwin is out 2 games, maybe even more. Just seems things were getting out of control and nobody stepped up to take the lead. 

 Then we hear Haley went to Lil Wayne concert. The media made this huge story like Haley was never suppose to have a night out or something. That wasn't my issue. My issue was why was he there. Was he trying to look "cool" to his players so he can get some respect? If thats the case, it would actually backfire. People like other people to be themselves. If Haley was using it as an elementary trick to fit in, he failed. No, it's not because he is white. If Haley went to a slipknot concert I'd be saying the same thing. I highly doubt Haley listens to any of those kind of music. The media could have went either way with that story, but they seem to love bashing Haley. His whole style and the way he goes about things apparently seems to rub people the wrong way.

 Speaking of his style, where did the old Haley go? This year he is speaking different, holding his composure, and even shaving lately. What happened? I am all for the new change, but the problem is, the old way was working. Our team suddenly looks very soft. Maybe there is more to it, I don't know, but it isn't helping. On top of that, he can't seem to let go of the reigns on play calling, and it is hurting us. I will not put blame on Bill Muir because I don't feel he even has much of a say with Haley. Wait, I will put blame somewhat on Muir. Hey Bill, Next time you wanna fall asleep, do it off camera. You're making us look like a bunch of a-holes.

 Injuries. Dreaded injuries. This will make any coach look bad and they were to be expected this year, due to lack of normal off season practices. Seems it hit us extra hard though. It happens and I will not do much crying over it. I bring them up because it is going to throw another loop in Haley's struggle to not get fired. After the first loss this year, I said how how Haley gets this team to respond will show a lot about the character and the coaching of this team. Well, we seen it and it isn't pretty.  Good coaches can get these guys to come out with intensity, with fire in their eyes. I saw a bunch of little boys lost without direction.  Back in the day with Marty, when we got our asses handed to us, the team we played next game feared us. They knew it was going to be some hard hitting and embarrassment going on. Look at the Steelers yesterday. They got beat down by the Ravens, then come out yesterday and shut out the Seahawks. It's what good coaches do. Haley didn't and hasn't.

So to sum this all up, I feel Haley has lost the team. Injuries or not, we seen it during preseason. We heard it through the media. Now, there is no hiding from it. Yea, it would help if we had Brady or Manning. Or if our first round pick could contribute. But hey, that's football. Happens to teams all the time. Good ones overcome it, bad ones don't. I will not make suggestions on what coach should come here, but I do think we need a switch if this year continues like it is. I really like Haley and always supported him, as I did with Cassel, but when things go bad you start from the top. I blame Pioli on the fact that he is doing what he did with the Patriots and just bringing in players that are solid but nothing game changing. The problem is, we are not the patriots and Haley isn't Bill. In defense of Haley though, he did get some of our guys out of their rut and had them playing top notch football. But it's hard to say if last year had more to do with Weis being here  then Haley. Weis's departure is hurting us more then people think. Haley needs to prove me wrong. If these players respect Haley, will see it in our remaining games through their play. Til then, they are just lost boys.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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