Cassel to blame, Give me a break

We need a team and coaching staff before an elite QB

First off this is my first ever FanPost in which I try to provide my thoughts on the team.

I like many Chiefs fans have watched these first two games in disgust.  What shocks me about what's coming from the Chiefs fans is the immense blame being put on Cassel. I know Cassel has his issues with reading through his progressions, the deep ball, etc. but we are getting beat by 30+ points a game and you are blaming our QB? The fans are expecting our QB to strap the team on his back and gain 30+ points a game by himself. How can he do this when our running backs are fumbling, and our receivers are not catching and causing more interceptions than our QB has. I guess the Cassel should just run the ball himself and start catching his own passes then maybe we can win. Not even Brady could save this team and I will try and explain this thinking below. There are three main reasons this team is well to put it bluntly sucking and that is defense, coaching, and lady luck.

What the hell happened to our defense? Let's face it last year one of the main reasons we made it to the playoffs was our defense and a weak schedule. Our defense has completely disappeared and is now the worst in the league. We are not tackling well, getting zero turnovers and letting any QB throw all over us. No matter how good your offense is if you can't stop the other team from scoring all the time you will lose. I am wondering where our leaders are at on defense and what did the coaches do to screw it up? I'm not sure what changes they made that has changed this defense up but CHANGE IT BACK! Our defense is sloppy, ineffective and well lifeless. Kind of hard for our QB to win the game when our playbook is cut in half from such a big deficit. For having such big talent this defense is being embarrassed and that is not typical of the Chiefs.

Whatever you did this offseason coaches obviously didn't work so you might want to try a new approach. First the free agents have done nothing for this team thus far. I have yet to see any impact from our free agents this year and that's not a good thing. I'm afraid some bad choices were made with free agents or maybe our coaches are just not utilizing them enough. The coaches are obviously failing in preparing this team as well. The players look unprepared and the coach's look perplexed on how to fix it in game to give us a chance. Really not sure why this is happening either but every other team's players have us beat on every level when it comes to preparation. You would think our coaches would have heard of the 7 P's: piss poor preparation precedes piss poor performance. The coaches are the people to blame for this mess and that includes them all Clark, Piloi, Haley, Muir and Crennel. No one is safe if we continue down this path of self-destruction. I'm not sure what the issue is but the offseason grade is beginning to look like an F to me.

Lady Luck:
We must of pissed off the football gods because lady luck has decided to go against us this year.  Last year we were the team with the positive turnover differentials and a complete healthy team. This year we have multiple stars going down with season ending injuries and have been bitten by the turnover bug. You cannot blame anyone for the injuries they happen and it's always a chance every time they are on the field. We just have gotten unlucky in that department. To me turnovers are half luck and half skill. I also see more receivers and running backs causing turnovers than our QB. Receivers are not catching well and letting the ball deflect off of them or slip right through their hands into the opponents hands. This to me is caused by a failure on the receivers end and a little luck for the defenders. Right now lady luck is all against the Chiefs.

Overall this team is a mess but I'm not quite ready to clean house yet it's only been a couple of games but now the notice has been posted. Haley and the coaches better do something quick or they will be walking out the door. We need to see some improvement from this team, period. But please Chiefs fans say something more intellectual than we need a better QB. If you watched any of the games you would realize we would be losing these games even with an elite QB. Call me a Cassel homer if you want but no QB can do enough to win for a team performing this bad. So while you fans prepare for the Luck campaign, I will be hoping to get our team back because in the end they are the problem and no single person can take all the blame for these losses. One elite QB will not win these games for us either.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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