Luck plus Chuck (y)...

So I am still supportive of Pioli (although its hard to know if it is his fault for not doing more or Clark's for not allowing him to do more) but I  am done with Haley.  His ego has cost us Gailey and Weiss and it is no wonder we are the worst offense in recent memory.

This regime is all substance and no style which was a breathe of fresh air after the Carl Era of PR move after PR move BUT in order to have no style you need to win and they have not done that.  It is time to make a splash and get the best candidate available for HC and then get the best QB to come around in years.

I do not think we need to tear the team down and rebuild I actually think we have a lot of young talent (thanks Herm for leaving us some talent) but we do not have the QB and we do not have the Coach.

I think Gruden would be the best option not only because I think he has done a great job every place he has gone but he also knows how to develop a QB.  We could keep MOST of the coaching staff in place (all on defense) and even Muir to run the O Line (which will make the transition much easier).

Insert Luck at QB.  I do not think we will be favored again this season but if we do not end up with the first pick I would mortgage the future to trade UP and get the first pick.  This is the perfect chance as the number 1 pick will not make a fraction of what they used to make and we have yet to develop our own starting qb EVER.  Other than Brees all the other great teams that have success over time have drafted and developed a star qb.  This is a QB league and if you watched Big Ben, Manning, or Rogers you have seen QBs with average at best lines make super bowl runs.  Yes i know we need a right tackle but it can wait to round 2 or Free Agency.

You think adding Chucky and Luck would sell some tickets?  You think we would then have the nucleus and stability to really become a legit Super Bowl contender?  I still have faith in Clark/Pioli but it is time to either go for the best available QB and HC or watch 20,000 fans a game root on a loser.

I am not advocating pulling a Philly dream team spending spree rather keep our core intact (which Pioli has done a good job of) and add the final pieces but be very aggressive in getting Gruden and Luck and make it happen in whatever means possible!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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