LIONS not that impressive, but the Chiefs were THAT BAD!


Ask the Ravens about getting six turnovers.  They blew out the Steelers on those turnovers... and this week, the Titans took it to them.  They lost the turnover battle this week, and blew a perfect week one win. 

and so I begin...tunovers kill.  We all know it.

I lurk around here a lot, even if you look at when I signed up, it doesn't tell the whole story, just like I hope this post tells more of the story of what we are seeing ont he field.  I feel like I know many of you already, I don't post much (can't from work) but it was time I actually wrote.  Its what us lawyers do all day anyway!

I know we are all feeling crappy, I had to excuse myself and go home I was so upset over yet another Chiefs debacle.  However, the worst thing was hearing it from my Lions fan friend about how great the Lions were today.  Not true.

Granted our Chiefs were blown out, but I wan't to defend the proposition that Detroit wasn't all that impressive.  Sure they won, and they can enjoy 2-0 in Prideland, maybe even treat themselves to the Lion King in 3-D and dance around singing, "I can't wait to be King..."  Have fun with that.

The Chiefs got beat and the only people they really have to thank is the ... you guessed it, Kansas City Chiefs.  Hayley took responsibility again... as well he should, because we had some things going DESPITE the loss of Jamaal Charles.

My argument after the break...

Six Turnovers.  Let that sink in, and one was especially bad because it cancelled out the ONLY Chiefs turnover at a crucial part in the early game when the Chiefs were about to unleash the rushing attack.  That can't be much worse and this is the reason we lost.  One momentum shift lost and 5 other drives stopped due to turnovers.  Matt Cassel with the clock that never goes off while I'm screaming GET RID OF THE BALL!  Dexter McCluster still not understanding, "GET WHAT YOU CAN AND PROTECT THE FOOTBALL."  Those turnovers killed our offense more effectively than any defensive mistake.

The Passing Game was a liability.  Turnovers.  Receivers not getting the ball in their hand.  Ball sailing on Cassel.  Clock off in Cassel's head.  I don't know who to blame for this one.  I want to stay on Cassel's team, and if I were coaching you probably have no choice but to keep his confidence from imploding, but you know WHEN YOUR RUNNING ATTACK IS AVERAGING ALMOST AS MUCH AS YOUR PASSING ATTACK, run the damned ball.  Losing Jamaal was a blow, and I'm no NFL offensive coordinator.  I just know the numbers were favoring the running game and the passing game is out of whack.  I'd like to kick Jonathan Baldwin in the nuts.  Yeah I will give him a free shot afterwards. 

Defense accomplished their main goal - stopping the run.  You can blame the Defense for giving up 48, but they only gave up 411 total yards, and kept the Detroit running game under 100 yards total.  Follow that with...

D got some pass pressure and defended the pass.  10 passes defensed, 6 QB hits, and 3 tackles for loss.  I will go out on a limb and say that the Chiefs front 7 got better pressure on Stafford than the vaunted Suh and company got on Matt Cassel (with the exception of a couple of plays, one being the aforementioned GET RID OF IT play). 

Flowers got the best of the matchup with Megatron.  Flowers with 2 passes defensed, mainly big plays - with one end zone defense.  I know Johnson had two TDs, but 29 yards total  so he wasnt a big vertical play threat.  Chalk up his TDs to the short field.  Like I said, the runovers were killers, and I think barring those, Flowers had a great day versus Johnson.  Maybe not the best ever, but enough to say that Megatron didn't rip us apart.  For the most part I thought the coverage was mostly good.  They are a tough offensive team.

The safeties weren't as bad as advertised.  Yes, they did give up that TS to Burelson that looked chumpish.  But look at the numbers - McGraw with 2 PDs.  Him and Jersey Shore with 5 solo tackles - McGraw was the teams leading tackler with 10.  DJ played middle coverage with 3 PDs.  Detroit TEs has 2 receptions.  One for a TD... but ONLY TWO.  Crennel's scheme worked to cover the middle quite well considering what Buffalo did. 

At this point you might be saying... but MjrMajor (no I was never in the military, its a catch-22 reference... if you haven't read it... please do... )  this might be some kool-aidish homerism.  Remember, my point is NOT that Deroit sucked... they did what they needed to do, but they weren't that impressive.  My point is that The Chiefs were that bad... my main sub point is that the OFFENSE was that bad.  You can look at the score and say the D lost it... again.

But it really I say nay... see I knew this going in and so should you...

Detroit was going to score some points.  They were going to complete some drives.  They have a great young quarterback and a variety of weapons.  Stafford hit 7 different receivers, and Nate Burelson and Titus Young had some great drive sustaining catches.  I think Megatron had a clutch catch, but overall the Detroit offense was opportunistic.  That was the problem, we gave them too many damned opportunities.  Detroit ran 70 plays... to the Chiefs 53.  39 passes, for a 7.5 yard average with an average NFL completion rate of 61%.  Nothing stellar.

The Chiefs were running the ball incredibly well.  Even after the Jamaal injury.  5.6 yards a touch average.  The vaunted front 7 of the Lions were getting pushed around.  Detroit commmited 8 to the box and was still getting gashed int he run game.  But then...

Penalties killed the Chiefs nearly as bad as turnovers. A special teams penalty that extended a drive (no points at least).  A penalty for 12 IN THE HUDDLE that pushed a 4th and 1 to a 4th and 6 and a punt.  Defensive penalties (some questionable) that extended Detroit drives twice in key situations, including that nightmare on the first drive.  I want to know why some flags werent thrown for holding more (I saw two rodeo takedowns...) BUT... ok.. can't whine about the refs. 

It was bad enough that Chiefs penalties gave the Lions FOUR FIRST DOWNS, or 16% of the Lions first downs.. yeah...nearly 20% of the Lions first downs were by Penalty.  Congratulations Todd.

So five drives stalled by turnovers.  One drive sustained by a Chiefs turnover (leading to a score) and four more Lions drives sustained by penalty and you have a 10 drive swing on that combination.  (Note - Detroit gave us one by penalty - so call it 9 drive swing if you absolutely must.

5 + 1 + 4 - 1 = The Chiefs imploded by a combination of turnovers and penalties,


An average Lions effort (below average run, average in passing) was good enough to beat an ABYSSMAL offensive passing game.  The result, an average defensive effort, where they did what they needed to do to slow down the Lions great offense was wasted.  A great rushing effort was thrown out the window in favor of letting Dwayne Bowe show StoneHands again, Matt Cassel forget to throw it away and a 68% completion percentage for 133 yards results in a 44.5 passer rating.

I watched this game... rewound a bunch of it and I am here to tell you that the D wasn't as bad as the score.  Romeo's unit didn't play the best game ever, and let's face it they needed a perfect game to help dig the team out.  They are not an elite defense, but they held the Lions in check most of the day.  Yeah they gave up 21 fourth quarter points, but can you blame them for breaking at some point?  Seriously. 

Detroit didn't play as well as they did against the Buccaneers, but when the other team will hand you the game, stopping itself and giving your offense life you don't have to play any better really.  A pretty good defensive effort from a D reeling from a key injury with questionable depth was wasted by offensive incompetence.  Hats off to the Pride, but don't jump on the Lions Superbowl bandwagon just yet.

I don't know what you think, but that's what I think.  I suffered through Todd Blackledge, Herm Edwards, and the 1980s with this team and its been worse.  

Today it was pretty bad.  But the Lions weren't all that impressive.  Go ahead and say scoreboard - I think I granted that argument when I started.  If that is the end all of football to you... so be it.  Changes need to be made.  Quickly.  Get on it Todd - the Chiefs are beating themselves as well as the other team is!


NOTE:  the suckforluck  "The College QB Who Shall Not Be Named" crowd really should be ashamed of themselves.  This is Kansas City people, you don't ever want to lose, especially two games into the season.  Maybe ashamed is a little strong, but holy crap folks... be real fans.  This isn't San DIego... or Oakland and we sure as hell don't take out billboards about starting quarterbacks.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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