Make it or Break it

I'm a die-hard Chiefs fan, always have been.  Grew up 10 minutes from Arrowhead in the peak of DT58's dominance and there was nothing better than the sea of red, #1 crowd noise, a top defense, and home of the chiefs.  So don't count me in with the Suck for Luck stuff going around.  


That said here's how I see the rest of this season playing out...  Hint, it's all based on psychology.

The Chiefs are 0-1, we remember how that one played out.  We're down Berry, Moeaki, and if you care Siler.  Also still without our #1 pick, Baldwin.  The team has a case of the dropsies currently and just as bad, the inability to make a tackle.  This does things to team attitude, either 1. they man up, get pissed off and come out and roll some heads in Detroit or 2. they roll over and play dead with the excuse we lost some young stars it's not our fault.  I'm thinking that option number 1 is what we see....which is great news, or is it?


If you go all in on something, really really all in, and you lose, what happens?  You are completely devastated.  Whether that's monetarily or mentally or both, devastated.  I think the Chiefs come out and play lights out against Detroit.  There's just one problem.  We have a tough time with strong up front D-lines (see last year Oakland, Baltimore and this year Bills (Williams and Dareus count)) and what does Detroit have...a strong D-line.   Do we match up with Detroit, yes I think so, and I think we can win, but they also have Stafford and Megatron, and Suh, and even if we play lights out, Detroit is on the way up and they could also play lights out and win at home.  This would be a total loss to our Chiefs players in terms of their mental toughness.  If you lose hard and then give the next game literally everything you've got and you lose, you start to develop a defeatist attitude, saying why try if all we're going to do is lose anyway.  We've seen it here before, but we also had a massive lack of talent at that time.  


So again we have two scenarios, 1. Chiefs win in Detroit.  2. Chiefs lose in Detroit.  I'm assuming we play with tons of heart in this game, the lack of it I won't even argue because if that happens then we're f***ed anyways.


Scenario 1:  Win at Detroit, Regain Confidence, Record 1-1

Future wins: vs Minn, @ Indy, vs Miami, vs Denver, vs Oakland

Future losses: @SD, @NE, @ Jets, vs Packers

Future 50/50's:  @Oak, @Denver, vs SD, vs Pitt, @Chicago

This leaves a 9-7 to 8-8 probable record.  Probably not good enough for the playoffs, but good enough to build upon and add in new players and get back injured players and make a strong push in 2012.


Scenario 2:  Lose at Detroit, Lose all Hope, Defeatist Attitude, Record 0-2

Future wins: none are locks

Future losses: @SD, @Oak, vs SD, @NE, vs Pitt, @ Chicago, @ Jet, vs Packers

Future 50/50's: vs Minn, @ Indy, vs Miami, vs Denver, vs Oakland, @ Denver

This leaves a probable 3-13 to 4-12 record.  If we go 0-8 I will join the suck for luck campaign, but not until then.


**So what does this mean?  It means that, as expected, this week means a LOT to this Chiefs team.  Win and we're back on track.  Lose, and it could derail the entire rest of the season.  I know you say it's only game 2 but the cumulative effect this could have on our team's psyche is immense and very difficult to overcome.  Let's pray Scenario 1 plays out.  Go Chiefs!!



Extra note, my early predictions on Chiefs first round pick for 2012 include:

1. Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa (this guy will be legit and somewhere around the range we are picking)

2. Vontaze Burfict, ILB, Arizona State (this guy is a beast but has to learn to control the mental side of the game)

3. Alemada Ta'amu, DT/DE, Washington (BIG BIG boy, I am a huge fan of Powe, but let's face it, D-line wins games and nothing is more important to the 3-4 than a NT to beast it up)

4. Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama (obviously Jones will need replacing, personally I'd rather see a play for Michael Bush from Oakland and use the draft pick on a bigger need)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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