Haley Needs to Go, Pioli Needs to Spend

Haley has definitely had his share of bumps and bruises to the start of his head coaching career. First the debacle with firing Chan Gailey after the preseason of his first year, only to call the offensive plays himself, which ended poorly. Then the handling of Dewayne Bowe. This preseason it was clear that his plan was different than that of many of his peers as the Chiefs were man-handled game after game. Then there was yesterday, where he and the other coaches were outsmarted, outcoached, and dominated in every facet of the game.


But it gets even worse than that....


I'll give it to Haley, he hasn't exactly been handed the greatest collection of talent that this world has ever seen. A lot of that falls on Pioli, which I will get to more on later, but his record speaks for itself.

Haley, in his 33 meaningful games as an NFL coach, is a respectable 10-7 against teams with a record under .500. He is, however, a laughable 4-13 in games against teams .500 or better. Furthermore, he is 0-7 against teams that won 10 or more games, getting outscored 215-97, which is an average of 30.7 to 13.8 per loss. This is atrocious and speaks to his inability to gameplan against good teams, coaches, and quarterbacks. He fails to adjust to what teams are trying to do against him, both on offense and defense. Part of this is due to his lack of an elite quarterback to run his offense. Cassel showed what he could do last year against bad teams, but in his last 3 games(Oak, Bal, Buf), which were all at home mind you, he is 42/87 for 304 yards, 1TD and 6 INTs, for a whopping QB rating of........ 31.96. Not gonna win a whole lot of games like that, even with the number one rushing offense in the NFL.

Haley has to go, not only because of his horrible record, but because he was never prepared to be a head coach in the first place. He continually loses his players respect for how he treats them, and it's clear his relationship with Pioli is whaning. He can't coach a big game, and he needs to exit stage left.

Another reason he needs to go is because there are some excellent coaches waiting in the wings. I know we've all heard this over and over, but Bill Cowher and Jeff Fisher are both available, and both would be an upgrade over what we have now. Both would request a lot of personell control and both should get it, because they know they game and they've earned the right to demand that. Pioli should check his ego and hire either of them.

My dad used to joke with me that you should marry the first time for love and the second time for money. Pioli loved his first hire, but if he wants to keep making the green and keep putting the butts in the seats, he needs to open up the checkbook and give one of these coaches big money.

And while we are talking about spending money, it wouldn't hurt him to spend some money on the players as well. Our lack of depth in the preseason was apparent as Green Bay and Tampa ran rough shot with their backups all over us. Last year we were the healthiest team in the NFL and depth wasn't as big of an issue, but this year that's not the case and it's clear his inability to address that in the offseason is grossly obvious. Right Tackle and Left Defensive End are big holes in our starting lineup. Richardson and Tyson Jackson are getting man handled and they're not getting better. It hurts us substantially on both sides of the ball and Pioli not spending money is why. We are 30 million under the cap for the, what, second, third, fourth year in a row. How can we expect to compete when we are leaving all that cash on the table.

At some point Pioli has turned into Allard Baird and it hurts to watch. Pioli says he has the green light to spend but he doesn't do it. Either he's lying or the free agents don't want to come because of Haley's reputation. Either way something has to give, otherwise we are primed for more rebuilding, more top draft picks, and Pioli/Hunt are in risk of losing the fan base for good. I for one can't stomach many more like yesterday.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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