Losing Starters to IR may be a good thing - NOT!!!

2 Down (Moeaki, Berry) - 5 more to go and I smell a SUPERBOWL baby! Didn't the Green Bay Packers loose 7 starters last year by Week 2 and they won the big game?

Green Bay Packers starters on IR in 2010 by week 2
Nick Barnett ILB
Morgan Burnett SS
Brandon Chillar ILB
Jermichael Finley TE
Ryan Grant RB
Justin Harrell DE
Mike Neal DE

Oh wait, they have an ace in QB and we have a ummmmm ..... nevermind. 

If someone told you that Mike McCarthy (ex-chiefs assistant) and Ted Thompson (the GM that wont let Favre return to the Packers) was smarter and better than Pioli + Haley, would you buy it in 2005? I didn't think so. So now if I said Pioli and Haley is not the answer, would you buy it? Probably not. Aaron Rodgers was actually rank 1 or 2 of top QBs coming out in 2005 but he slipped all the way to pick #24. In 2005 we were all happy cuz we had Priest and a young LJ with a mega O-Line consisting of Shields, Waters and Roaf. Everyone had man crush on Trent Green. Had KC drafted Rodgers in 2005 instead of our pick #15 for Derrick Johnson, fans would be screaming WTF!!! Trent has 5 more years, how can we waste a pick to take a rookie QB from Cal. blah blah blah. Thing is, you need to build a team around a QB, a real one. Not some cast-off understudy from the Patriots. Until Kansas City develop and groom a promising QB they draft, chances are... we gonna get the same old bull shit year after year, regime after regime.

Pioli is just a smarter speaker plus he's an awesome media person, PR skills are immaculate. How is he spinning any shit different from King Carl? His reasoning and philosophy just seem newer to our ears, his fresh PR savvyness make us go ...hmmm, quite true. He is also bringing in guys he had connections with, he is also fucking up on our top draft picks. Wasn't that something King Carl use to do? Hiring every freaking person he's ever been associated to, taking care of his so so colleagues that helped him to where he is today. Scott Pioli is the same way, just a different spin on how its done. On Pioli's draft picks - Eric Berry don't exactly count, he was a can't miss player from freshmen year in college until the draft. Tyson Jackson, Alex Magee, Donald Washington? Dexter McCluster, Javier Arenas? Jonathan Baldwin? WTF, we need O-Line!!! How da fuck do u pick a WR that had a history of character issues when our need at O-Line was so glaring

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